Ramen Ezogiku Menu and Prices updated 2021


Ramen Ezogiku Menu

Ramen Ezogiku Menu and Prices


Tomato Cold Ramen
Tomato ramen coming back with popular demand. this time will be served cold soup. Very refreshing, healthy, and hearty for summer.
Goma Miso Cold Noodle
Chilled noodle with ezogiku’s signature miso sesame vinaigrette sauce. The sauce is different from our regular cold noodle which comes with classic shoyu vibaigrette sauce. goma miso sauce has very r
Sesame Chicken Bowl
Juicy and crispy sesame chicken (karaage). Sesame chicken rice bowl is popular at waikiki locations and pearl city. It’s been tested for three months now. Chicken is juicy marinated with special made
Tomashio (Tomato Shio) Ramen
Olive oil sauted tomato with hint of garlic over shio based ramen. Very refreshing italian style ramen.

Sapporo Ramen

Ezogiku’s signature ramen selections. Sapporo ramens are ezogiku’s original ramen line and soul of ezogiku’s ramen. Miso ramen, especially represents ezogiku and origin of ezogiku. This is the only line of ramen still served in tokyo locations.
Miso Ramen
Shio Ramen
Shoyu Ramen

Specialty Ramen

Ramen with unique toppings of your choice. For people who prefer vegetable or meat lover, choice is yours. These ramens were developed in hawaii and not served in tokyo locations.
Chuka Ramen
Wonton Ramen
Charsiu Ramen
Chicken Vege Ramen
Ankake Ramen
Seafood Champon
Cold Noodle


Ezogiku’s non-soupy noodle dishes. Yakisoba is stir fried soft noodle with pork and vegetables. Ankake yakisoba comes with crispy deep fried noodle with seafood and vegetables. Perfect for non-soupy noodle lovers.
Ankake Crispy Noodle

Rice Dishes

Rice dishes are other options for ezogiku customers. Fried rice is very popular among japanese people and one of ramen’s “must have” companions. Curry rice is also very popular among hawaiii locals.
Fried Rice
Ankake Rice
Beef Curry Rice
California Roll


Ramen’s “must have” companion like french fries for hamburger. Gyoza is also ezogiku’s signature side dish and 2 seller menu item next to miso ramen. You can make 4pc. gyoza combo with any ramen of your choice.

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