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Caffe Paradiso Menu

You’re always welcome at Caffé Paradiso. We have treated our guests like families for over twenty years, because that is the only way we can conduct business. We offer traditional Italian cuisine, based on the generations’ recipes. Every dish is for us a memory and we are pleased to share it with you. We are happy to welcome you and to taste a true Italian lunch.

Caffe Paradiso Menu and Prices:


Tutto Caffe – Decafinato

All Coffee Available In Decaf


Espresso $1.90
Espresso Macchiato $1.90
Cappuccino $3.50
Mocha $3.50
Americano $3.25
Caffe Latte $3.25
Latte Macchiato $3.25
Chai Latte $3.25
Hot Chocolate $3.50
Iced Espresso $2.75
Iced Cappuccino $4.25
Iced Mocha $4.25
Iced Coffee $2.75
American Coffee $1.90


Tea $2.50

For Additional Flavors, Please Ask Server.


English Breakfast
Earl Grey


I Dolci

For Additional Desserts, Please Ask Server.


Tiramisu $8.50
Cannoli $3.25
Frutta Di Bosco $5.00
Chocolate Hazelnut $4.95
Profiterole $4.95
Mille Fogie $4.95
Tartufata $4.95
Chocolate Mousse $4.95
Chocolate Fondant $4.95
Cheesecake $4.95
Baba Rum $3.75
Biscotti $2.35

I Gelati


Cioccolato $6.50
Pistachio $6.50
Vanilla $6.50
Fragola $6.50
Zuppa Inglese $6.50
house creation
Cappuccino $6.50
award winner
Frutta Di Bosco $6.50
Granita Di Lemone $6.50
Nocciola $6.50
Alfocato $7.25
with choice of liqueur
Bacio $6.50
Cookies ‘N Cream $6.50


International Coffees $7.95

All Coffes Topped With Whipped Cream


Italian Coffee
Brazilian Coffee
espresso blended with flavor xo cafe
Charbroiled Nuts And Berries
blended with charbond and di sunomo
Keoke Coffee
coffee with kahlua and grand marnier
Dutch Coffee
coffee with mozart chocolate liqueur
Nutty Irishman
coffee with francesca hazelnut and bailey’s
coffee with stock brandy and coffee liqueur
Greek Coffee
espresso with ouzo and metaxa
Jamaican Coffee
cappuccino with coffee liqueur
Roman Coffee
espresso with molinan sambuca
Parisienne Coffee
blended with grand marnier
Irish Coffee
coffee with bailey’s
Mexican Coffee
coffee with coffee liqueur
Turkish Coffee
espresso blended with tuaca
After Eight
hot chocolate with cream de menthe

Le Birre


Amstel Light $4.75
Heineken $4.75
Corona $4.75
Peroni $4.75
Budweiser $3.75
Sam Adams $4.75
Bud Light $3.75



Paradiso-Tini $9.50
absolut, campari, sogno di sorrento limoncello with a splash of orange juice
Espresso Martini $9.50
absolut, coffee liqueur, baileys and espresso
Watermelon Martini $8.50
3 olives watermelon, fresh watermelon juice and a splash of dekuyper triple sec
Appletini $8.75
absolut, dekuyper sour apple pucker and sour mix
Cosmopolitan $8.75
absolut, dekuyper triple sec and a splash of cranberry juice
Chambord Mixed Berry Martini $9.00
finlandia cranberry, three olives cherry, chambord and a splash of cranberry
Chocolate Martini $9.00
three olives chocolate with mozart chocolate liqueur, garnished with an orange peel
Island Girl $9.00
bacardi limon, midori with a splash of roses lime and pineapple juice and dekuyper blue curacao float
Golden Margarita $9.00
sauza gold, citronge by patron, oj and sour mix
Hot Tub $9.00
absolut, chambord, grand marnier and sour mix
Lemon Pucker Up $8.50
sogno di sorrento limoncello and a splash of club soda
Ferrari Martini $9.00
absolut, grand marnier and a splash of cranberry juice
Bellini $9.00
absolut apeach, dekuyper peachtree and peach nectar
Foxy Lady $9.00
absolut, dekuyper watermelon pucker and orange curacao with a splash of sour mix
Lemon Drop Martini $9.00
absolut citron, sour mix with a lemon garnish and a sugared rim

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