YoYo Sushi Menu and Prices updated 2021


YoYo Sushi Menu

YoYo Sushi Menu and Prices



Agedashi Tofu $6.95
Lightly fried tofu.
Albacore Tataki $12.95
Seared lightly grilled albacore.
Beef Tataki $15.95
Seared lightly grilled beef.
Ahi Tuna Poki $11.95
Ahi tuna with bonito & onions in special spicy sauce.
Beef Kushiyaki $8.50
Charbroiled beef & vegetable on bamboo skewers.
Chicken Yakitori $7.95
Charbroiled chicken and green onions on bamboo skewers.
Clam Sakamushi $11.95
Manila clams steamed in a broth of garlic and sake.
Edamame $5.50
Sweet buttery soybeans healthy and fresh.
Fresh Oysters (2pcs) $5.50
On the half shell with spicy sauce.
Green Mussel $9.65
Baked green mussel with house spicy sauce.
Grilled Scallops $10.95
Grilled scallops served with creamy wasabi sauce.
Grilled Lobster Tail $14.95
Grilled lobster tail served with creamy wasabi sauce.
Gyoza $6.50
Steamed and grilled japanese pot stickers.
Hamachi Kama $13.95
Jaw area of yellowtail broiled with salt.
Hiyakko Cold Tofu $6.95
Cold tofu with dried shaved bonito served with sesame soy.
Ika Sugatayaki $11.95
Grilled charbroiled whole squid.
Kaki Fried Oysters $8.95
Breaded and deep fried served with special sauce.
Rack Of Lamb $9.95
Grilled lamb.
Soft Shell Crab $8.50
Dipped in batter and lightly fried.
Spicy Tuna Crunch $10.95
Spicy tuna tartare served with crispy chips.
Spinach Oshitashi $6.95
Cooked spinach served cold with delicate soy dressing.
Shrimp Tempura $9.50
Shrimp dipped in batter and fried lightly.
Tempura Mix $9.95
Shrimp and assorted vegetables dipped in batter and fried lightly.
Vegetable Tempura $9.50
Assorted vegetables dipped in batter and fried lightly.



Miso Soup $2.25
Fermented soy bean paste served with tofu, nori and green onions.
Clam Miso Soup $4.50
Fermented soy bean paste served with manila clams.
Steamed Rice $2.25
Fragrant steamed white rice.
Shshi Vinegared Rice $2.75
Fragrant vinegared white rice



Green Salad $3.95 – $4.95
Mixed greens w/ house dressing.
Calamari Salad $11.95
Fried calamari and mixed greens.
Crab Meat Salad $11.95
Shredded crabmeat and mixed greens.
Hawaii Salad $9.50
Tuna, masago, onions in special spicy sauce.
Seaweed Salad $6.50
Marinated Seasoned seaweed.
Sunomono $6.50
Cucumber in vinaigrette sauce.
Seafood Sunomono $8.50
Octopus, kani, cucumber in vinaigrette sauce.

Soups – Noodle Soup


Beef Udon $13.50
Beef and vegetables.
Chicken Udon $12.95
Chicken and vegetables.
Nabeyaki Udon $14.95
Shrimp tempura, chicken and vegetables.
Seafood Udon $15.95
Shrimp, scallop, mussel and vegetables.
Tempura Udon $13.95
Shrimp and vegetable tempura.
Sansai Udon $12.95
Assorted vegetables.



Served with miso soup, salad and rice.


Chicken Teriyaki $11.95
Boneless & skinless chicken with teriyaki sauce.
Beef Teriyaki $13.95
Tender cut choice of beef with teriyaki sauce.
Salmon Teriyaki $13.50
Fresh filet of salmon grilled with teriyaki sauce.
Saba Shioyaki $12.95
Fresh filet of mackerel broiled with salt.
Pork Tonkatsu $13.50
Breaded fried pork cutlet.
Chicken Katsu $12.95
Breaded fried chicken cutlet.
Misoyaki Sea Bass $17.95
Sea boss marinated in miso sauce.
Shrimp Tempura $13.95
Shrimp dipped in batter and fried lightly.
Tempura Mix $13.50
Shrimp and vegetables dipped in batter and fried lightly.
Vegetable Tempura $12.50
Assorted vegetables dipped in batter and fried lightly.


Lunch Bento Box

Served with miso soup, salad and rice, choose one item from each group.


Lunch Bento Box $12.95
Group A
Chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, saba shioyaki, pork tonkatsu, chicken katsu.
Group B
California roll, gyoza, tempura, tuna sashimi, agedashi tofu, hiyakko cold tofu.


Sushi Bar Lunch

Served with miso soup and salad.


Sushi Yoyo $15.95
6 Pieces nigiri, 6 pieces california roll.
Sushi Mix $17.95
6 Pieces nigiri, 4 pieces maguro sashimi.
Nigiri Mix $16.95
10 Pieces of assorted nigiri sushi chef’s choice.
Sashimi Yoyo $19.95
Tuna 4 pieces, yellow 4 pieces and salmon 4 pieces served with rice.
Chirashi Sushi $20.95
Assorted sashimi served over vinegared sushi rice.
Maki Sushi $14.95
6 Pieces takka maki, 6 pieces kappa maki, 6 pieces california roll.


Donburi (Over Rice)

Served with miso soup and salad.


Chicken Don $11.95
Chicken, vegetables and egg.
Pork Katsu Don $12.95
Breaded fried pork cutlet, vegetables and egg.
Tempura Don $12.50
Shrimp and assorted vegetable tempura.
Unagi Don $16.95
Broiled filet of eel.


Served with rice.


Chicken Sukiyaki $15.95
Chicken, tofu and vegetables cooked in sukiyaki sauce.
Beef Sukiyaki $16.95
Beef, tofu and vegetables cooked in sukiyaki sauce.
Seafood Sukiyaki $18.95
Assorted seafood and vegetables cooked in sukiyaki sauce

Cold Noodle

Zaru Cold Soba $10.95
Buckwheat noodle served with dipping sauce.
Tempura Soba $12.95
Soba served with tempura.


Maki Sushi

(Specials Rolls)


Aloha Roll $11.95
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, mango topped salmon, w/ masago.
Crunchy Roll $9.95
Spicy tuna, cucumber, tempura bits w/ masago.
Yo Yo Spinner Roll $11.95
Shrimp tempura, topped spicy tuna, cucumber w/ masago.
Cherry Blossom Roll $11.95
Salmon, avocado topped tuna w/ masago.
Dynamite Roll $9.95
Crab, avocado, topped mix fish spicy sauce baked to perfection w/ masago.
Ufo Roll $13.95
Crab, avocado topped with bay scallops, spicy sauce baked to perfection w/ masago.
Golden California Roll $7.95
Ca roll deep fried topped w/ masago.
Crazy Ebi Roll $11.95
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado topped ebi w/ masago.
Dragon Roll $11.95
Shrimp tempura topped unagi, avocado, cucumber w/ masago.
Yo Yo Roll $11.95
Unagi, avocado, mango topped salmon w/ masago.
Crazy Monkey Roll $11.95
Crab, avocado topped unagi w/ masago.
Fisherman Roll $11.95
Crab, avocado topped salmon, spicy sauce baked to perfection w/ masago.
Fuji Volcano Roll $12.95
Spicy tuna roll deep fried topped crabmeat w/ masago.
Daisy Roll $12.95
Hamachi, topped albacore tuna mayo sauce baked to perfection w/ tobiko.
Caterpillar Roll $11.95
Unagi, cucumber topped avocado w/ masago.
Sunshine Roll $11.95
Ca roll topped with fresh salmon and thin slices of lemon w/ masago.
Happy Roll $10.95
Crabmeat, unagi, avocado, wrapped sliced cucumber w/ masago.
Crispy Yo-Nuggets $7.95
Spicy tuna deep fried w/ spicy sauce.
California Roll $5.95
Crab, avocado.
Sex On The Mountain Roll $13.95
Ebi, unagi, avocado topped spicy scallops.
Ice Mountain Roll $11.95
Spicy tuna roll topped crabmeat w/ masago.
Bullet Roll $11.95
Shrimp tempura roll, cucumber topped avocado, mayo w/ spicy sauce.
Rainbow Roll $11.95
Crab, avocado topped w/ tuna, hamachi, salmon w/ masago.
Golden Philly Roll $9.95
Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried topped w/ masago.
Spider Roll $9.95
Salt shell crab, avocado, cucumber w/ masago.
Fire Cracker Roll $8.95
Ebi, avocado, cucumber, kani spicy sauce w/ masago.
Hawaii Roll $7.95
Tuna, avocado w/ masago.
New York Roll $7.95
Ebi, avocado, cucumber.
Alaska Roll $7.95
Salmon, avocado w/ masago.
Spicy Scallop Roll $7.95
Scallop, cucumber, spicy sauce.
Godzilla Roll $7.95
Hamachi deep fried, spicy sauce.
Chicken Teriyaki Roll $7.95
Chicken teriyaki, cucumber, vegetables.
Deluxe California Roll $6.95
Extra crab, avocado w/ masago.
Fried Ebi Roll $7.95
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, crab, avocado, w/ masago.
Maui Roll $7.95
Tuna, mango.
Philadelphia Roll $7.95
Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese.
Salmon Skin Roll $7.95
Grilled salmon skin.
Krispy Roll $7.95
Tuna, hamachi, salmon, deep fried w/ masago.
Bomb Roll $7.95
Tuna, hamachi, seaweed, spicy sauce, w/ masago.
Spicy Salmon Roll $6.95
Salmon, cucumber, spicy sauce.
Rock And Roll $6.95
Unagi, avocado, cucumber.
Spicy Tuna Roll $6.95
Tuna, cucumber, spicy sauce.
Tekka Maki $5.95
Fresh tuna.
Nege Hama Maki $5.95
Yellow, scallions.

Vegetarian Maki


Vege Tempura Roll $7.95
Fried sweet potato, avocado, cucumber.
Futo Maki $7.95
Sweet egg, seaweed, vegetables.
Avocado Maki $4.95
Avocado slices.
Asparagus Maki $5.95
Sake Maki $4.95
Fresh salmon.
Kappa Maki $4.95
Oshinko Maki $4.95
Pickled radish.
Shitake Maki $4.95
Black mushrooms, carrot.
Spinach Roll $5.95
Cold spinach, peanut sauce.
Nege Maguro Maki $6.95
Tuna, scallions.



(Hand roll) or create your own.


California $5.95
Crab, avocado.
Hamachi $5.95
Yellowtail, green onion, vegetables.
Salmon Skin $5.95
Grilled salmon skin, vegetables.
Spicy Tuna $5.95
Spicy tuna, vegetables.
Spicy Salmon $5.95
Spicy salmon, vegetables.
Unagi $5.95
Broiled eel, avocado, vegetables.



(Slice of raw fish)


Albacore $8.50 – $18.95
White tuna
Hamachi $8.50 – $18.95
Yellow tail.
Maguro $8.50 – $18.95
Sake $8.50 – $18.95
Sashimi Regular $23.95
14 Pieces assorted.
Sashimi Lovers $34.95
21 Pieces assorted.
Sashimi Deluxe. $65.95
45 Pieces assorted.



(Fish over rice) order comes as pairs.


Albacore $5.00
White tuna.
Ama Ebi $8.50
Raw sweet shrimp.
Ebi $4.00
Cooked shrimp.
Hamachi $5.00
Yellow tail.
Hirame $4.50
Hokkigai $4.00
Surf clam.
Hotategai $5.00
Ika $4.00
Ikura $5.00
Salmon roe.
Inari $4.00
Tofu skin.
Kani $4.00
Crab meat stick.
Kani Salad $5.00
Crab salad.
Maguro $4.50
Masago $5.00
Smell fish roe.
Quail Eggs $1.25
Saba $4.00
Sake $5.00
Smoked Sake $5.00
Smoked salmon.
Spicy Hotategai $6.00
Spicy scallop.
Tai $5.00
Red snapper.
Tako $5.00
Tamago $5.00
Sweet egg.
Tobiko $5.00
Flying fish roe.
Toro $9.50
Fatty tuna.
Unagi $5.00
Broiled eel.
Uni $8.50
Sea urchin.
Wakame $4.00
Seaweed salad.



Green Tea Ice Cream $4.00
Mango Ice Cream $4.00
Vanilla Mochi Balls (2) $3.50
Strawberry Mochi Balls (2) $3.50
Mango Mochi Balls (2) $3.50
Assorted Mochi Balls (2) $3.50



Sodas (No Refills) $2.00
Coke, diet coke, sprite, strawberry, ginger ale, lemon ice tea, raspberry ice tea, lemonade.
Cranberry Or Orange Juice. $3.95

Beverage – Water


Voss Sparkling Water $4.00 – $6.00
Voss Still Water $4.00 – $6.00

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