Yoshino Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Yoshino Restaurant Menu

Yoshino Restaurant Menu and Prices

Shabu-Shabu Bar – Appetizers


Tempura $5.75
Yakitori $5.75
Yaki Gyoza $5.75
Fried Calamari $5.75
Yoshino Lobster $5.75
Shimeji $5.75
Age Dashi Tofu $5.50
Sushi $5.75
Sashimi $5.75
Beef Sashimi $8.25
Kaki Fry $6.25
Chawan Mushi $5.75

Special Rolls (Maki) Fom Sushi Bar


Dragon $9.50
tempura shrimp, eel, avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe, sesame and sweet sauce
Matt’s Special $9.00
tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, salmon, hot and sweet sauce
Snappy $9.00
tempura shrimp, calamari steak, crab, avocado, cream cheese, flying fish roe, hot & sweet sauce
Gold Rush $9.50
tempura crab, eel, cream cheese, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, sesame, flying fish roe, orange sauce and sweet sauce
Rainbow $9.60
california roll with tuna, salmon, shrimp, white fish, and avocado
Las Vegas $9.00
smoked salmon, cream cheese, shrimp. deep fried in tempura batter with hot and sweet sauce
Crunchy $9.00
tempura shrimp, crab, avocado. deep fried in tempura batter with hot & sweet sauce
Alaskan $9.00
crab salad, salmon, avocado, flying fish roe, sweet sauce and orange sauce
John’s Special $9.50
tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, salmon, tuna, hot and sweet sauce
Snow White $9.00
tempura shrimp, crab, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, hot and sweet sauce
Watt’s Special $9.00
tempura shrimp, crab, with avocado on top, hot and sweet sauce
Tiger $9.00
tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado on top, sweet sauce & sesame
Tiger Eye $9.00
calamari steak, shrimp, smoked salmon, yama gobo. deep fried in tempura batter with sauce
Yoshino $9.50
spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, with salmon, yellow tail on top



Ice Cream $1.75
green tea, vanilla and red beans
Plum Wine Ice Cream $2.75
Fresh Fruits $2.75
Green Tea Cheesecake $2.75

Extra Plates


Calamari $7.50
Shabu-Shabu Beef $10.75
Shrimp $8.25
Scallops $8.25

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