Zen Japanese & Asian Fusion Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Zen Japanese & Asian Fusion Restaurant Menu

Zen is not just a meal. It’s also art that can be experienced by all five senses. From our décor to our wait staff and cuisine, Zen allows for a totally immersive dining experience. We promise the use of only the highest quality seafood and fresh ingredients, all served to you in a uniquely relaxed environment.

We have been honored to have hosted guests during some of the most spirited and joyous times in their lives, including graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and many memorable moments in between. We hope to share a few moments with you.

We look forward to seeing you.

Zen Japanese & Asian Fusion Restaurant Menu and Prices

Appetizer From Our Kitchen


Edamame $3.95
broiled green soy beans
Ebi Shumai $4.95
Japanese dumpling served steamed
Edamame Shumai $4.95
Japanese dumpling served steamed
Agedashi Tofu $4.95
deep-fried tofu with chef’s homemade sauce
Shrimp Tempura $8.95
fresh shrimp deep-fried in light batter
Vegetable Tempura $5.95
fresh vegetable deep-fried in light batter
Yakitori $5.45
two skewers of chicken broiled with our own tenyaki sauce
Steam Dumpling $4.95
meat and vegetables dumpling served steamed
Scallop Teriyaki $7.95
grilled scallop served with our own tenyaki sauce
Ohitashi $4.95
broiled fresh spinach marinated with our chef’s sauce
Beef Tataki $9.95
a selection of tender sliced beef with our chef’s sauce
Tuna Tataki $9.95
thin sliced and blackened tune served with our chef’s sauce
White Tuna Tataki $9.95
thin sliced and blackened white tuna served with our chef’s sauce
Soft Shell Crab $11.95
crispy soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce
Green Mussel $8.95
broiled green mussel served with spicy juicy sauce
Shrimp Wrap $8.95
shrimp tempura, lettuce, cucumber and spicy sauce rolled in rice paper
Dynamite Scallop $8.95
broiled scallop served with homemade spicy sauce
Deep Fried Uni $11.95
deep fried and shise lead rolled in seaweed served with chef’s sauce
Grilled Whiting Fish $5.45
grilled whiting fish marinated with miso sauce



Bibimbap $12.95
served with hot pepper paste, rice and mixed vegetables
Stone Pot Bibimbap $15.95
served with hot pepper paste, rice and mixed vegetables in a hot stone pot
Seafood Bibimpap $16.95
mixed combination of seafood served with hot pepper paste, rice and mixed vegetables
Vegetable Bibimbap $12.95
mushroom and vegetables served on bed of rice with chef’s special sauce
Kyodon $13.95
thin sliced tender prime rib eye marinated with homemade sauce served on bed of rice
Tendon $14.95
shrimp and vegetable tempura served on bed of rice
Unadon $19.95
broiled eel and rice with special sauce
Chirashi $19.95
sashimi topped on a bed of sushi rice
Chicken Katsudon $14.95
deep-fried breaded chicken, egg and onion with our chef’s special sauce
Fish Katsu $14.95
deep fried whiting fish with side vegetables and our chef’s special sauce

Appetizer From Our Sushi Bar


Sushi $7.95
5 pieces of sushi
Sashimi $9.95
8 pieces of assorted raw fish
Takosu $5.95
octopus with our homemade ponzu sauce
Sunomono $5.95
assorted fish with our homemade ponzu sauce
Dynamite $9.95
grilled mixed seafood with spicy sauce
Spicy Tuna $7.95
fresh tuna with hot sauce
Spicy Tako $7.95
fresh octopus with hot sauce
Spicy Salmon $7.95
fresh salmon with hot sauce



House Salad $4.45
green spring salad with our homemade house dressing
Seaweed Salad $4.45
marinated seaweed
Seafood Salad $8.95
mixed seafood with vegetable



Miso Soup $1.95
miso with tofu and seaweed
Seaweed Soup $2.95
seaweed with clear broth
Dumpling Soup $3.45
dumpling with clear broth
Vegetable Soup $2.45
mixed vegetable with clear broth



Steamed Rice $1.00
Sushi Rice $2.00



Hand Dipped Ice Cream $3.50
choice of green tea, azuki red bean or ginger
Mochi Ice Cream $4.00
strawberry and green tea ice cream wrapped in soft sweet rice pasta
Tempura Ice Cream $5.50
ginger ice cream wrapped in pound cake and fried in our light tempura batter topped with whipped cream
Dessert of the Day
price varies, please ask server. Don’t forget to ask your server about our fresh dessert, special of the day



Fluke (Hirame) $2.50
Tuna (Maguro) $2.75
Salmon (Sake) $2.50
Shrimp (Ebi) $2.50
Eel (Unagi) $3.50
Yellowtail (Hamachi) $2.75
Octopus (Tako) $2.50
Red Snapper (Tai) $2.25
Smoked Salmon $2.75
Squid (Ika) $2.25
Mackerel (Saba) $2.25
Surf Clam (Hokkiagai) $2.50
Sweet Shrimp (Amaebl) $3.25
Scallop (Hotategal) $3.25
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) $2.75
Egg (Tamago) $2.25
Crab Stick (Kani) $2.25
Salmon Roe (Ikura) $3.25
Sea Bass (Suzuki) $2.50
Sea Urchin (Uni) $4.00
Sea Eel (Anago) $3.25
Inari $2.25
Fatty Tuna (Toro)

Vegetable Roll


Cucumber Roll $3.95
Asparagus Roll $4.25
Avocado Roll $4.95
Veggie Futo Maki Roll $6.95
Mushroom Roll $6.95
Plum Cucumber Roll $4.50
Spinach Roll $4.50
Kampyo Roll $4.50
sweet squash
Pickled Radish Roll $4.50
Cucumber & Avocado $4.25
A.A.C. Roll $4.50
avocado, asparagus & cucumber

Original Roll


California Roll $4.50
crab meat, avocado & cucumber
Manhattan Roll $6.50
crab meat, cucumber, avocado & mayo
Tuna Roll $4.50
Salmon Roll $4.50
Spider Roll $9.75
deep fried soft shell crab
Yellowtail & Onion $4.75
Eel & Avocado Roll $7.75
Eel & Cucumber Roll $7.75
Shrimp California $5.95
shrimp, avocado & cucumber
Salmon Skin Roll $6.50
Teriyaki Salmon Roll $6.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.50
Philadelphia Roll $6.50
smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese
New York Roll $6.50
tuna, salmon, cucumber & cream cheese
Boston Roll $6.75
tuna, cucumber & avocado
Alaska Roll $6.75
salmon, cucumber & avocado
Sunday Morning Roll $7.50
salmon, cream cheese with deep fried

Spicy Roll


Spicy Shrimp Tempura $6.95
Spicy California Roll $4.95
Spicy Salmon Roll $6.75
Spicy Shrimp Roll $6.25
Spicy Scallop Roll $8.50
Spicy Caterpillar Roll $14.95
spicy tuna roll with avocado & flying fish egg on top
Dynamite Roll $8.50
mixed cooked fish with spicy sauce
Spicy Eel Roll $7.95
Spicy Tuna Roll $6.75

Special Roll


Sakura Roll $15.95
spicy salmon with salmon on the top
Rainbow Roll $13.95
California with 5pcs raw fish on the top
Dragon Roll A $13.95
California roll with eel & avocado on the top
Dragon Roll B $14.95
shrimp tempura with eel & avocado on the top
Alaskan King Crab $17.95
king crab, cucumber & mayo
Kinky Roll $16.95
cream cheese, eel, smoke salmon, salmon skin and cucumber
Rocky Roll $15.95
eel roll deep fried topped green onion, tobiko & two special sauce
Engine #5 Roll $14.95
California roll with spicy tuna on top
Engine #6 Roll $15.95
asparagus, shrimp tempura & spicy tuna on the top
Lobster Tempura Roll $21.95
9 oz lobster, tempura flakes with spicy mayo
Orange Roll $14.95
California roll and spicy salmon on the top
Ruby Roll $15.95
spicy tuna roll and tuna on the top
Add Tobiko $0.75
Add Avocado $0.50
Add Cucumber $0.50
Add Spicy Sauce $0.50
Extra Sushi Rice $0.50

Hand Roll


Salmon Skin Roll $4.95
Sea Urchin Roll $6.95
Salmon Roll $4.95
Spicy Tuna Roll $4.95



Salmon $17.95
broiled fresh norwegian salmon with our homemade terriyald sauce
Chicken $14.95
broiled chicken breast with our homemade teriyaki sauce
Beef $17.95
broiled rib eye with our homemade teriyaki sauce
Shrimp $19.95
broiled shrimp with our homemade teriyaki sauce
Tofu $13.95
tofu and vegetables lightly sauteed in our homemade teriyaki sauce



(fresh vegetable and seafood deep fried in light batter)


Vegetable $12.95
Shrimp $16.95
Seafood Combination $18.95
Calamari $14.95

Noodle & Stir Fried


Tempura Udon $12.95
thick noodles in clear with shrimp and vegetable tempura
Vegetable Udon $10.95
thick noodles in clear broth with vegetables
Shrimp Yaki Soba $12.95
stir fried egg noodles with shrimp and vegetables
Sweet Potato Noodle $12.95
stir fried limpid noodles with assorted vegetables



(all wraps are rolled with rice, vegetables and leaf lettuce in a spinach flour shelf and served with a side of Asian vegetables)


Shrimp Tempura Spicy $12.95
Beef $12.95
Shrimp and Sweet Bacon Spicy $12.95
Chicken and Mushrooms Spicy $11.95
Vegetable $10.95
Soft Shell Crab $12.95

Large Tray


Sushi A $59.95
24pcs sushi, 1 tuna roll, 1 special roll either rainbow, dragon or engine
Sushi B $99.99
42pcs sushi, 1 tuna roll, 1 special roll either rainbow, dragon or engine
Sashimi A 40pcs $59.95
Sashimi B 70pcs $99.99
Sushi & Sashimi Combo A $59.99
Sushi & Sashimi Combo B $99.95
24.pcs sushi. 26pcs sashimi
Zen Special Boat $99.95
12pcs sushi, 26pcs sashimi, 1 special roll either rainbow, dragon or engine

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