Yakiniku Juju Menu and Prices updated 2021


Yakiniku Juju Menu

Yakiniku Juju Menu and Prices



House Salad $3.00
Sunomono Salad $6.00
shrimp, crab, seaweed, tofu and cucumber with vinegar sauce
Radish and Cucumber Salad $3.00
Spicy Tuna Salad $4.00
Watercress with Spicy Miso Dressing $4.00
Spicy Tuna Salad
home-made tuna salad

Cold Appetizer


Moro – Cucumber $3.00
cucumber sticks with special refreshing miso paste dipping sauce
Edamame $3.00
boiled young soy beans
Cold Bean Curd $4.00
chilled tofu
Squid Guts $4.00
salted squid guts
Blue Roll $8.00
shrimp, crab, watercress, seaweed wrapped with cucumber with miso – vinegar sauce

Warm Appetizer


Yakitori and Shrimp and Vege Skewers Set $15.00
roasted and caramelized with yakitori sauce
Su – Ebi $9.00
shrimp tempura caramelized with pan – Asian style sauce
Seafood Jap Chae $15.00
stir fried glass noodles with a variety of seafood and vegetables
Shrimp Pancake $9.00
Kimchee Pancake with Squid and Scallions $9.00
Dumpling Platter $12.00
any choice of three kinds from these shrimp syumai $4.00, fried squid dumpling $6.00, crispy shrimp spring roll, edamame steamed syumai $4.00, vegetable and noodle dumpling $6.00, kimchee dumpling w
Takoyaki – Octopus Ball with Teriyaki Sauce $5.00
Pork or Squid Saute with Kimchee $7.00
Chicken Kara – Mari $8.00
fried chicken caramelized with sweet and hot chili sauce
Popcorn Suji $7.00
sweet teriyaki – glazed beef suji served with hot pepper sauce

Kimchee Appetizer


Kimchee Combination $12.00
Boksum – Chinese Cabbage Kimchee $6.00
Radish – Cubed Radishes $6.00


Ice Cream – Green Tea or Red Bean $3.50
Jell – O – Green Tea or Coffee or Yuzu Orange Ricotta Cheese Cake $3.75
Chocolate Loving Spoon Cake $3.75


Kalbi BBQ Kimchee Don $12.95
cooked sliced rib eye and kimchee over rice
Bulgogi BBQ Don $12.95
thin sliced sirloin pre – marinated in popular Korean style home made sauce over rice
Wasabi Steak $19.95
tender sirloin beef steak with special BBQ sauce and tint of wasabi flavor
Pork Tenderloin Ginger Steak $18.95
pork tenderloin marinated with Korean hot pepper and ginger sauce
Seafood Risotto $18.95
shrimp, scallop, squid, mussel clams and enoki mushroom cooked in tasty seafood stock
Chicken Teriyaki $12.00
Salmon Teriyaki $18.95
roasted salmon with teriyaki sauce
Kimchee Fried Rice $11.95
fried rice with kimchee, vegetables and pork in hot spicy sauce
Shrimp Fried Rice $11.95
Pork Fried Rice $11.95
Chicken Fried Rice $11.95
Vegetable Fried Rice $11.95
Kimchee Noodle $11.95
Japanese style ramen with kimchee, vegetables and pork in miso based hot soup
Kimchee Tofu Casserole $11.95
spicy Korean style hot pot filled with tofu, vegetables and pork
Seafood Casserole $15.95
assorted seafood and vegetables with spicy miso broth
Bibim Bop $12.00
steamed rice topped with assorted veggies and ground beef
Kimchi or Tofu Bibim Bop $12.00
steamed rice topped with kimchi or tofu assorted veggies and ground beef
Seafood Bibim Bop $16.95
steamed rice topped with assorted of seafood and vegetables

Juju Special Entrée


Juju BBQ. Set $12.95
cooked rib eye or sirloin and fresh vegetables with special marinated BBQ sauce
Chicken BBQ Set $10.95
chicken and fresh vegetables with BBQ sauce
Vegetable BBQ. Set $8.95
Juju Sukiyaki Set $13.00
thinly sliced prime beef or chicken, noodle and vegetables with juju’s special thick and sweet soy based sauce
Juju Kimchi Ssukiyaki Set $13.00
thinly sliced prime beef, chicken or pork, glass noodle, kimchi and vegetables with juju’s special thick and sweet soy based sauce

Juju Rolls


SK Roll $6.00
sauteed squid with kimchee
Ocean $5.50
tiger shrimp, cucumber, masago and lettuce
Red and White $6.00
squid marinated with hot and chill sauce
Sweet Octopus $5.50
octopus caramelized with sweet teriyaki sauce
CC $5.00
crab, cucumber, masago and lettuce
Chicken $5.00
cooked tender chicken with teriyaki sauce
Beef $5.50
cooked tender sirloin with BBQ marinated sauce
Pork $5.50
pork marinated with spicy bean sauce
Sausage-radish $5.00
sausage and Japanese sweet radish with mayo sauce
Kimchee $4.50
spicy cabbage kimchee
Sweet Potato $4.50
mashed sweet potato with lettuce
Watercress and Mushroom $4.50
marinated with ponzu sauce
Juju Temaki $4.50
rice with spicy bean paste wrapped with lettuce and thinly cooked beef
Shiokara $4.00
marinated squid guts with scallions

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