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Yaffa Restaurant Menu

From the moment you step through our doors you feel you’ve been transported to a villa in Greece. As your hosts we want you and your family to sit back, relax and let us  present you with our expertly prepared dishes. Our inspiration is that of  the Mediterranean shores with it’s wonderful diverse cuisine and wines.

Yaffa Restaurant Menu and Prices


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an 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more


Zaalouk $6.00
traditional moroccan grilled eggplant salad. tomatoes, preserved lemons, and peppers. served with zaatar-crusted pita bread.
Hummus $5.00 – $9.00
traditional chickpea puree, finished with a cilantro puree, with preserved, lemons and garlic. served with zaatar-crusted pita bread.
Falafel $5.00
the way falafel should be made! moist and crunchy, packed with fresh cilantro and parsley, and served with creamy tahini sauce.
Hummus Falafel Combo $10.00
a combination of our signature hummus and falafel
Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Dates $9.00
medjool dates, stuffed with cabrales cheese, toasted almonds, wrapped with crispy bacon, and drizzled with a balsamic-thyme reduction.
Mussels $10.00
1/2 pound of prime edward island mussels, served with a saffron and white wine cream sauce, with julienne chorizo on top. served with our warm pita bread.
Spanish Tortilla $8.00
caramelized mushroom souffle, served atop grilled baguette with truffle oil manchego cheese.
Chicken Corquettes $8.00
traditional spanish chicken fritters, packed with creamy chicken and a crunchy almond crust. served with roasted red pepper aioli
Harissa Shrimp $10.00
shrimp sauteed with harissa and chorizo, white wine, and finished with cilantro
Moroccan Olive Salad $6.00
a blend of mediterranean olives, red peppers, green peppers, and onion, finished with a harissa preserved lemon vinaigrette. this one is sweet with a little heat. served with zaatar-crusted pita brea
Veggie Platter $14.00
an arrangement of our signature zaalouk, falafel, hummus, olive salad, and roasted beef babaganoush. served with a side of zaatar-crusted pita bread.

Signature Teas By The Pot


Moroccan Mint
fresh mint, green tea, and a splash of orange water great with cinnamaon or saffron infused vodka
Vanilla Bean
madagascar vanilla beans with premium black tea great with vanilla infused vodka
Brazilian Fruit
black tea blended with rich brazilian fruits
California Fields
sweet, aromatic blend of flowers and californian fruit
a sweet, liquor-like chinese fruit with rich black tea
Chocolate Orange Truffle
a rich black tea hints of chocolate an orange peel great with sabra liqueur
Chocolate Mint Truffle
hints of chocolate and mint blended with black tea
Sage Tea
black tea and sage leaves great with beefeater gin
Pear Caramel
a rich tea infused with pear and caramel notes
Wild Blackberries
black tea blended with whole wild blackberries great with 44 north liqueur
Bombay Chai
lively black chai tea with a melange of spicy notes great with voyant chai cream & cinnamon vodka
Green Tea
a classic green tea
Green Tea Tropical
decaf. green tea leaves infused with sweet tropical notes
Camomile Citrus
decaf. an infusion of chamomile, lemons, and oranges
Ginger Twist
decaf. lemongrass and minty fruit with a hint of ginger great with ginger infused vodka and honey
African Nectar
decaf. african rooibos leaves with lively tropical notes
Wild blossoms & Berries
decaf. a wild mixture of forest flowers and berries
Honeybush Organic
decaf. a splash of forest herbs with a touch of honey
decaf. an herbal infusion of chamomile
Pots Of Tea $5.00
Pots Of Liquor-Infused Tea $9.00



Fattoush Salad Yaffa Style $10.00
our version of this traditional arabic salad. a mixture of romaine lettuce, mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, orange, all tossed together with mint-lemon
Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad $10.00
slow-roasted beets, tossed with mixed greens, scallions, and mission figs with a balsamic-thyme vinaigrette.
Soup Of The Day $7.00



Pan Seared Lamb Tenderloin $23.00
truffle mashed potatoes, minted ratatouille, with a zinfandel cherry demi reduction.
Moroccan Spice Rubbed Salmon $18.00
salmon rubbed with an exotic blend of moroccan spices, served atop a saffron-lemon minted chickpea puree and spanish roasted potatoes. served with grilled asparagus.
Duck Breast $22.00
seared, medium-rare duck breast served with roasted duck demi with sherry and figs, served with truffle polenta cake, sauteed garlic spinach and spanish roasted potatoes.
Steer Tenderloin $27.00
a 6-ounce steer tenderloin peppered with grains of paradise, and served with truffle mashed potatoes, and a caramelized mushroom and spanish sherry reduction.
Lamb Tagine $18.00
traditional moroccan lamb shank, braised with dates, sun-dried plums, saffron, ginger, and moroccan spice blend. finished with cilantro, sesame seeds, and chicken, served atop house cous cous.
Quail $19.00
pan-seared quail, moroccan lamb sausage, smokey lentil sauce, roasted potatoes, fried sage.
Snapper $24.00
pan-seared snapper, served atop organic swiss chard, raisins, organic fingerling potatoes, and an almond gazpacho sauce.
Mousakka $15.00
this lasagna-like dish is filled with mediterranean-spiced ground beef, layers of eggplant, and topped with the creamiest bechamel sauce.
Rabbit Confit $23.00
borscht sauce, with a mushroom, and bacon graitin.
Turkish-Coffee Rubbed Venison Tenderloin $27.00
new zealand red deer tenderloin, pan-seared, served with persian rice cake, garlic sauteed baby broccoli, and pomegranite veal sauce.
Trout $21.00
pan-roasted, with imported spanish serrano ham, organic fingerling potatoes, roasted red peppers tomato, caper, and kalamata sauce.
Vegan Tagine $15.00
sauteed seasonal vegetables, with chick-peas, roasted butternut squash, with a date and apricot saffron sauce. served over a bed of cous cous. add sumac marinated chicken for $4

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