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Xo Express Menu

XS Espresso is a place to get your morning coffee fix, satisfy your late-night dessert cravings and everything in between! With 15 locations across Sydney and Newcastle, (with more on the way!), you are never too far away from your next meal with us.

Xo Express Menu and Prices

Sea Food Entrees


Red Snapper $16.90
Flounder $15.90
St. Peter $17.90
Chilean Sea Bass $18.00
baked in teriyaki glaze sauce
Melange Of Seafood $17.00
shrimps, scallops, salmon, snails in thai seasoning sauce
Stuffed Trout $16.00
fillet of trout with portobello mushrooms, crab meat & grated asiago cheese



No Name Dessert $13.50
Tiramisu $6.50
Napoleon Cake $7.50
Ny Cheesecake $6.50
Cake “Romantik” $11.50
Cottage Cheese Pancake “Syrniki” $9.50
Cake “Angelika” $7.50

Dessert Crepes


Hazelnut Butter $5.95
Strawberry $7.50
Blueberry $7.50
Mango $7.50
Cherry $7.50
Mixed Berries $8.50
Add Vanilla Ricotta $2.50



Homemade Fruit Punch (Compote) $2.50
Cola, Sprite, Seltzer $2.50
Spring Water $1.75
Mineral Water $0.25 – $3.00
Soda “Dushes” $4.00



Casadie $6.95
Eggs Benedict $7.50
Chicken And Mushroom $7.50
Chicken Mushroom And Three Cheeses $8.50
Chicken, Bacon And American Cheese $8.50
Chicken, Ham And Swiss Cheese $8.50
Chicken And Mixed Vegetables $8.50
Duck In Cream Of Mushroom Sauce $9.00
Ham, Asparagus And Three Cheeses $8.50
Ham, Mushrooms And Swiss Cheeses $8.50
Roast Beef, Mushrooms In Mushroom Gravy $9.00
Rabbit, Mushrooms, 3 Cheeses $9.00
Snails And Portobello Mushrooms In A Garlic Butter Sauce $8.50
Tongue With Mushrooms And Roasted Peppers $9.50
Salmon, Mushroom And Rice $10.95
Salmon, Mushroom And Three Cheeses $10.95
Salmon And Mixed Vegetables $10.95
Shrimps And Mixed Vegetables $10.95
Shrimps, Asparagus And Three Cheeses $10.95
Shrimps In Garlic Butter Sauce $10.95
Turbot (White Fish) And Mixed Vegetables $11.95

Vegetable Crepes


Portobello Mushroom, Roasted Pepper And Asparagus $7.95
Eggplant, Tomato And Fresh Mozzarella $9.00
Mixed Mushrooms And Onions $11.50

Milk Shakes


Cola Float $4.00
Tropical Fruits $6.00
mango, banana, strawberry and milk
Espresso $4.00
chocolate syrup, skim milk, ice cream
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry $4.50


Create Your Own Crepe

chicken, duck, roast beef, rabbit, salmon, shrimp snails, turbot and veal tongue mixed with: mushrooms, portabello mushrooms, sweet peppers, sweet peas, eggplant, garlic, onion, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, asparagus eggs omlet, bacon, ham, prosciutto, s


Cheeses $11.95
mozzarella, feta cheddar, parmesan, fresh mozzarella or mix walnuts, almonds, created crepe. for extra $4 mix the protein group

Freshly Squeezed Juices


Apple, Carrot, Orange, Beet, Celery $4.50
Grapefruit $5.00
Mixed $6.00

Main Entrees


Filet Mignon In Holland Sauce $22.00
aged filet mignon grilled to perfection
Veal Chop In An Old-Time Damyglace Sauce $23.00
roasted veal chop in an old-time spice & beef stock glaze
Baby Rock Of Veal $18.00
with roasted garlic
Lamb Chop $26.00
marinated & cooked in traditional way
Pork Tenderloin $18.00
pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, sauteed in mushroom sauce
Duck Breast $18.00
smoked & marinated in garlic with portobello mushroom
Pork Shanks $17.00
marinated slowly roasted and finished with a glaze
“Rapsodia” $12.50
dough baked ball stuffed with chopped chicken and mushrooms sauce
Chicken “Tabaka” $12.50
Schnitxel “Ministersky” $10.90
Veal Liver “Gomelsky” $15.90
Brixol (Pork) $10.90
Lamb Leg $15.90
with vegetables
Pork Leg $13.90
with cabbage
Potato Pancakes (Dranniki) $8.90
sour cream, bacon, mushrooms, shkvarki
Beef “Stroganoff” $10.90
Shish Kebab $11.90
pork, pork ribs, chicken, chicken hearts
Lamb, Lamb Ribs, Veal Liver $12.90
Lyulya Kebab $9.50
Grilled Vegetables $7.90
Duck “Vensky” $15.90
Steak $30.00

International Organic Coffee


Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Arabic $2.00 – $2.50
Iced Tea And Coffee In Variety $2.50
of flavors (house special)
Regular Coffee $1.50
Coffee Latte $4.00
1/3 espresso 2/3 steamed milk
Macchiato $4.00
a shot of espresso topped with milk foam
Cappuccino $5.00
1/3 espresso 1/3 milk 1/3 foam
Con Pana $4.00
a shot of espresso with a whipped cream

Side Dishes


French Fries, Rice Pilaf, Baked Potato, Mixed Vegetables, cole slaw $3.00
Israeli Cus-Cus $5.00
Home Fries $6.50
Home Fries With Shitaky Mushrooms $8.50
Mashed Potatoes $4.00
Buckwheat Kasha (Grechka) $4.00



Smoothies $4.00
strawberry, raspberry, peach, banana, pina colada, cappuccino



Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Arabic $3.00 – $4.00
Jamaica Blue Mountain $6.00 – $7.50
Espresso Decaf $3.00



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