Xaga Sushi & Asian Fusion Menu and Prices updated 2021

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Xaga Sushi & Asian Fusion Menu and Prices



Shu Mai $6.00
Steamed japanese shrimp dumpling
Spicy Rock Shrimp $9.00
With spicy creamy sauce
Crispy Calamari $9.00
With chili sauce
Fried Jumbo Soft Shell Crab $10.00



Vegetable Tempura App $7.00
Chicken Tempura App $8.00
Shrimp Tempura App $9.00



Gyoza $6.00
Pan fried pork japanese dumpling.
Yakitori (3pcs.) $7.00
Chicken on skewer.
Crisp Duck Roll (3) $9.00
With plum sauce
Chicken Lettuce Wrap $10.00
Beef Negimaki $10.00

Appetizers (Vegetable)


Vegetable Spring Roll (4) $5.00
With plum sauce
Edamame $5.00
Steamed soy bean
Age Tofu $6.00
Fried tofu
Vegetable Gyoza $6.00
Steamed vegetable dumpling.
Shiitake Mushroom Asparagus $7.00
With soy sake sauce.
Grilled Eggplant $8.00
With thai chili sauce

Sushi Bar Starter


Sushi Appetizer (5 pcs) $10.00
Sashimi Appetizer (9 pcs) $11.00
Tuna Tataki $12.00
Black Pepper Tuna Tataki $12.00
Spicy Tuna Bowl $12.00
Spicy Tuna Cracker $12.00
Tuna Tartar $12.00
Salmon Tartar $12.00
Spicy Tuna Pizza $13.00
Tuna Flower $14.00
Yellowtail w. Jalapeno in Ponzu Sauce $14.00
Mitch Special $14.00
O Toro caparccio $25.00



Miso Soup $3.00
Hot & Sour Soup $3.00
Seafood Soup $6.00
Home Made Shrimp Wonton Soup $6.00
Tom Yom Soup $6.00



Mix Green Salad $4.00
With ginger dressing
Seaweed Salad $6.00
Avocado Salad $6.00
Kani Salad $6.00
Salmon Skin Salad $7.00
Toasted crispy salmon skin on garden green served w. jalapeno dressing.
Tuna and Mango Salad $12.00
Red tuna mix w. mango, garden green. Served w. mild spicy citrus and soy onion dressing.
Chef Sashimi Salad $13.00
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white fish with mix green, daikon soba served with wasabi sesame dressing.
Lobster Mango Salad $12.00
King Crab Mango Salad $20.00

Noodle Soup


Nabe Yaki Udon $12.00
Tempura Udon Soup $12.00
Seafood Udon Soup $14.00
Seafood Soba Soup $14.00


Sushi and Sashimi Entree

Choice of green salad, miso soup, hot& sour soup.


Maki Combo $14.00
California roll, yellowtail scallion roll, tuna roll.
Tekka Don $22.00
Spicy Maki Combo $15.00
Spicy crunch tuna roll, spicy crunch salmon, spicy crunch yellowtail.
Chirashi $19.00
Assorted fishes over sushi rice
Unagi Don $20.00
Grilled eel over sushi rice
Sushi Dinner $22.00
3 Tuna, 3 salmon, 1 yellowtail, 1 fluke, 1 strip bass and 1 tuna roll
Sashimi Platter $21.00
18 Pcs of assorted sashimi
Sashimi Dinner $24.00
23 Pcs of assorted sashimi
Sushi & Sashimi Dinner $24.00
Assortment of sushi and sashimi, 1 california roll
Sushi Dinner for Two $45.00
20 Pcs of sushi, dragon roll and spicy girl roll
Sushi & Sashimi Dinner for Two $50.00
10 Pcs of assorted sushi, 21 pcs of assorted sashimi, 1 dragon and 1 california roll w. masago.


Teriyaki Entree

Served w. miso soup or salad & white rice.


Tofu Teriyaki $13.00
Mixed Veggie Teriyaki $13.00
Chicken Teriyaki $16.00
Salmon Teriyaki $18.00
Shrimp Teriyaki $20.00
Rib Eye Steak Teriyaki $20.00
Combination Teriyaki $21.00


Tempura Entree

Served w. miso soup or salad & white rice.


Mixed Vegetable Tempura $13.00
Chicken Vegetable Tempura $16.00
Shrimp Vegetable Tempura $19.00

Fried Noodles


Pad Thai Vegetable $10.00
Pad Thai Chicken $12.00
Pad Thai Duck $13.00
Pad Thai Shrimp $14.00
Yaki Udon Vegetable $10.00
Yaki Udon Chicken $12.00
Yaki Udon Duck $13.00
Yaki Udon Shrimp $14.00
Yaki Soba Vegetable $10.00
Yaki Soba Chicken $12.00
Yaki Soba Duck $13.00
Yaki Soba Shrimp $14.00

Fried Rice


Vegetable Fried Rice $10.00
Duck Fried Rice $11.00
Chicken Fried Rice $11.00
Hawaiian Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice $14.00
King Crab Fried Rice $15.00
Shrimp Fried Rice $13.00
Plain Fried Rice $9.00
No vegetable but with egg

Cooked Rolls


California $5.00
Kani, avocado & cucumber.
Salmon Skin Cucumber $5.00
Florida $6.00
Kani, shrimp, cucumber, avocado.
Boston $6.00
Shrimp, lettuce, mayo w. cucumber.
Futo Maki $5.00
Kampyo, oshinko, kani, egg, tobiko, avocado, cucumber.
Shrimp Avocado $6.00
Eel Avocado $6.00
Eel Cucumber $6.00
Shrimp Tempura $7.00
Tiffany Roll $7.00
Deep fried crab avocado roll w. spicy sauce.
Chicken Tempura $6.00
King Cali $13.00
King crab, avocado, cucumber.
Steamed Lobster Avocado $13.00

Spicy Rolls


Spicy Tuna $6.00
Spicy Salmon $6.00
Spicy Yellowtail $6.00
Spicy Crab $6.00
Spicy Scallop $7.00
Spicy Shrimp $6.00
Spicy Crunchy Tuna $7.00
Spicy Crunchy Salmon $7.00
Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail $7.00
Spicy Crunchy Crab $7.00
Spicy Crunch Scallop $7.00
Spicy Crunchy Shrimp $7.00

Vegetable Rolls


Cucumber $4.00
Avocado $4.00
Sweet Potato Tempura $4.00
Avocado & Cucumber $4.00
Vegetable Roll $5.00
Cucumber, avocado, pickle, lettuce, daikon, yamagobo.
AAC $4.00
Asparagus, avocado & cucumber
Peanut Avocado $4.00



Served w. white rice


Sauteed Asian Vegetable $11.00
Sauteed Broccoli $11.00
Sauteed Eggplant & Tofu $11.00

Cooked House Design Special Roll


Spider Roll $11.00
Soft shell Crab
Dragon Roll $13.00
Eel & cucumber w. avocado on top.
Long Island Beach Roll $13.00
Shrimp tempura roll w. avocado on top.
Snow Mountain Roll $14.00
Shrimp tempura cucumber w. home made lobster salad, caviar on top.
Dynamic Roll $16.00
Fresh lobster, cucumber caviar roll, w. smoke salmon and spicy mayo on top.
The X Roll $16.00
Lobster King Roll $16.00
Lobster tempura, avocado, cucumber, lettuce.

Uncooked House Design Special Roll


Naruto Roll $11.00
Very thin cucumber wrapped w. yellowtail, salmon, tuna, asparagus.
Tuna & Salmon Wrapper $12.00
Tuna & salmon cucumber, avocado & lettuce wrapped in a rice paper
Spicy Tuna Naruto $12.00
Very thin cucumber wrapped w. spicy crunch tuna & avocado.
King Spicy Roll $12.00
Spicy crunch tuna roll w. avocado on top.
Mango Roll $13.00
Tuna, avocado inside, topped w. mango & home made mango sauce
Volcano Roll $13.00
Deep fried smoke salmon, crab & avocado roll w. hot spicy mayo & masago on top.
Hewlett Roll $16.00
Spicy octupus cucumber w.eel avocado on top
Rainbow Roll $13.00
Merrick Roll $16.00
Spicy crunch king crab avo.w.black pepper tuna on top mango salsa sauce
Pink Lady Roll $13.00
Spicy crab, eel, avocado, tobiko, wrapped in a pink soy paper.
Manhattan Roll $13.00
Chicken tempura w. spicy crunch tuna on top.
Red Head Roll $13.00
Shrimp tempura, crunch spicy tuna on top.
Crazy Tuna Roll $13.00
Crunchy spicy tuna inside, outside w. black pepper tuna & avocado, scallion, caviar.
Soho Roll $13.00
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tobiko, avocado in a green soy paper.
Spicy Girl Roll $13.00
Crunchy spicy tuna &spicy yellowtail, crunchy spicy salmon & tobiko on top.
Tuna Trio Roll $13.00
Spicy tuna crunch, red and white tuna on top.
Crispy & Spicy Roll $13.00
Deep fried crab, shrimp & asparagus roll w. spicy crunch tuna, tobiko & scallion on top.
Super White $13.00
Spicy white tuna, crunchy sliced white tuna & red tobiko on top.
NY Autumn $13.00
Tuna, smoke salmon, avocado on top w. fresh salmon and wasabi tobiko.
Benjamin Roll $14.00
Spicy crunchy tuna, spicy crunchy yellowtail, cucumber w. spicy crunchy shrimp, avocado, tobiko & scallion on top.
Canada Roll $14.00
Spicy salmon, crunchy w. sliced salmon on top & red tobiko on top.
Dinosaur Roll $16.00
Caribbean Roll $14.00
Eel, spicy crunch tuna, avocado, topped w. 4 kinds of caviar.
Special Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll $16.00
Crispy Rice Roll $13.00
Fantastic Roll $14.00
Eel avocado, spicy crunchy tuna & spicy crunchy crab, tobiko & scallion on top
Lover Roll $14.00
Xaga Roll $14.00
Soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumber, topped w. spicy crunch tuna, black tobiko on top.
Phoenix Roll $16.00
American Dream $14.00
Spicy tuna, slamon, whtie fish seaweed salad w. crab meat tempura on top.
The X Roll $16.00
Louis Roll $15.00
Eggplant tempura, spicy tuna, lobster salad w. salmon on top, no rice.
Mystic Roll $16.00
Pink Sandwich $15.00
Spicy tuna, avocado, crab, egg, lobster salad & tobiko on top.
Roll 101 $17.00

Roll & Hand Roll


Salmon $5.00
Yellowtail Scallion $5.00
Tuna $5.00
Alaskan $6.00
Salmon, avocado, cucumber.
Philadelphia $6.00
Smoke salmon, avocado and philadelphia cream cheese.
Passion $6.00
Yellowtail, cucumber, avocado.
Mexican $6.00
Tuna, cucumber, spicy sauce & crunchy.
White Tuna Avocado $6.00
Tuna Avocado $6.00
Black Pepper Tuna Avocado $6.00
Salmon Avocado $6.00
Sunshine Roll $6.00
Tuna, yellowtail, cucumber.
Christmas Tree Roll $7.00
Tuna, salmon, avocado, green seaweed powder caviar outside.
Tokyo Roll $7.00
Chopped shrimp & crab meat, spicy mayo, crunchy & caviar.
Rock & Roll $7.00
Tuna, yellowtail inside w. caviar & scallion outside.
Yummy Roll $7.00
Spicy yellowtail, fluke, white tuna & crunch caviar outside.
Toro Scallion Roll $13.00
Fatty tuna.


Asian Fusion From Kitchen

Served w. white rice


Crispy White Meat Sesame Chicken $15.00
Crispy White Meat General Tso’s Chicken $15.00
Chicken or Beef or Jumbo Shrimp in Brown Sauce $15.00
Choice of broccoli, eggplant or asparagus in brown sauce.
Chicken or Beef or Jumbo Shrimp in Garlic Sauce $15.00
Choice or broccoli, eggplant or asparagus in garlic sauce.
Thai Curry Chicken or Beef or Jumbo Shrimp $15.00
Eggplant, okra bean curd, string bean & fried potatoes in spicy curry sauce.
Black Pepper Steak Cubes $17.00
Pineapple Steak $17.00
Jumbo Shrimp & Chicken in Peanut Sauce $18.00
Shrimp & chicken, sauteed w. shitake mushrooms, snow peas, pepper & asparagus.
Spicy Mango Chicken $15.00
With mango and snow pea in chefs spicy sauce.
Spicy Mango Shrimp $20.00
Wok Glazed Ginger Sauce Chicken or Beef $15.00
Pepper, mushroom, asparagus & squash
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp w. Walnut $20.00
Ginger Duck $22.00
Double Delight $24.00
Jumbo shrimp & sea bass w. thai red chili sauce.
Grilled Chilean Sea Bass $25.00
With orange miso sauce.
Chilean Sea Bass w. Black Bean Sauce $25.00
Steamed chilean sea bass w. black bean sauce.
Curry Seafood $25.00
Jumbo shrimp scallops lobster & asian veggie in mild curry sauce.


Xaga Dinner Bento Box

Served w. miso soup, mix green salad, fried shumai, potato tempura. choice of sushi roll: California, tuna, eel &cucumber.


Chicken Teriyaki Box $18.00
Salmon Teriyaki Box $18.00
Shrimp Teriyaki Box $20.00
Pieces of Sushi Box $18.00
Pieces of Sashimi Box $20.00
Rib Eye Steak Teriyaki Box $20.00
Sushi or Sashimi A la Carte


Mackerel $2.00
Spanish Mackerel $2.00
Egg $2.00
Crab $2.00
Masago $3.00
Shrimp $3.00
Strip Bass $3.00
Fluke $3.00
Squid $3.00
White Tuna $3.50
Tobiko $3.00
Scallop $3.50
Octopus $3.00
Smoke Salmon $3.50
Black Pepper Tuna $3.50
Ikura $3.50
Tuna $3.50
Salmon $3.50
Yellowtail $3.50
Eel $3.50
Yellowtail Belly $5.00
Jumbo Sweet Shrimp $5.00
King Crab $7.00
Sea Urchin $7.00
Toro $10.00



Sushi Rice $3.00
White Rice $2.00
Brown rice $2.00
Spicy Mayo (2 oz) $0.50
Eel Sauce $0.50
Teriyaki Sauce $0.50
Mayo $0.50
Wasabi Mayo $0.50
Hot Sauce $0.50
Pozu Sauce $0.50
Crunchy $0.50



Saporro $5.00 – $8.00
Kirin Ichiban $5.00 – $8.00
Kirin Light $5.00
Japanese Soda(regular) $3.50
Japanese Soda (peach) $3.50
Japanese Soda (Strawberry) $3.50
Japanese Soda (Orange) $3.50
Coke (Can) $2.00
Diet Coke (Can) $2.00
Sprite(Can) $2.00
Ginger Ale $2.00
Ginger Ale $4.00 – $8.00
Voss (Sparkling) $4.00 – $8.00

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