X.o. Cafe & Grill Menu and Prices updated 2021


X.o. Cafe & Grill Menu

X.o. Cafe & Grill Menu and Prices

Dim Sum & Snacks & Appetizers


Steamed Shrimp Dumpling $5.95 – $3.95
Steamed Shrimp & Park Dumpling $5.95 – $3.95
Turnip Cake $2.95
Tara Cake $2.95
Steamed Sticky Rice w. Park & Presented Egg Wrapped in Lotus Leaves $2.95
Steamed Squid w. Shrimp Sauce $3.95
Steamed Chicken Feel w. Black Bean Sauce $4.95 – $2.95
Steamed Spare Ribs Tara Roots w. Black Bean Sauce $5.95
Steamed Spare Ribs & Chicken Feel w. Tara $3.95
Pan Fried Sticky Rice Cake $4.95
Sticky Rice w. Chinese Sausage $3.95
Braised Duck Feel $3.95
Steamed Seafood and Ham Dumplings $4.95
Shrimp Roll w Preserved Eggs $4.25
Steamed Dumpling $3.95
Pan Fried Dumpling (Peking Style) $4.95
Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings $5.95
Pan Fried Fish Cake $5.95
Fish Balls w. Park & Ham in Soup $6.95
Fish Balls w. Park & Mam w. Curry Sauce $5.95
Deep Fried Fish Balls w. Curry Sauce $5.95
Braised Stew Beef (Belly) $6.95
Curry Stew Beef (Belly) $6.95
Crispy Beef Stew (Belly) $6.95
Beef Stew (Belly) w. Chinese Turnips & Broth in Casserols $6.95
Spare Ribs w. Taro Root in Casserole $4.95
Braised Beef Mussel $6.95
Cold Beef Mussel w. Jolly Fish $8.95
Jelly Fish w. Preserved Duck Egg & Ginger $8.95

Vegetarian Dim Sum


Snow Pea Leaf Dumpling $3.95
Watercress Dumpling $3.95
Scallion Pancake $1.75
Steamed or Fried Mind Bun $2.00
Spring Rolls (3 Pcs) $2.95
Steamed or Pan Fried Bean Curd Skim Stuff w. Mushroom & Assorted Vegetables $3.95
Steamed Rice Noodle Dumpling Stuffed w. Pickle & Vegetables $4.95
Steamed or Fried Bun w. Cream Paste $2.00
Scallion Pancake w. Curry Sauce $2.00

Hot Drinks


Milk Tea (Hong Kong Style) $1.00
House Coffee $1.00
Coffee & Milk Tea $1.00
French Coffee $1.50
Lemon Tea $1.00
Lemon w. Honey $1.00
Ginger Honey Concentrate $1.50
Gfran Honey Concentrate $1.50
Red Date Honey Concentrate $1.50
Ovaltine $1.00
Horlicks $1.00
Soda $1.00
Cappuccino $1.95

Cold Drinks


Ice Cold Milk Tea $1.95
Ice Cold Coffee $1.95
House Blind Coffee Shake w. ke Cream $2.95
Ice Cold French Coffee $2.95
Red Bean w. Ice Cream $3.95
Grass Jello w. Ice Cream $3.95
Pina Coloda $2.95
Red Bean Ice Slush $2.95
Lychees Ice Slush $2.50
Longan Ice Slush $2.50
Pineapple Ice Slush $2.50
Coconut Gel Ice Slush $2.50
Coconut Ice Slush $1.95
Gold Ginger Honey Concentrate $1.95
Gold Gfron Honey Concentrate $1.95
Cold Red Date Honey Concentrate $1.95

Taiwan Style Sago Drink (Bubble Tea)


House Special Milk Tea w. Sage $2.95
Coffee & Milk Tea W. Saga $2.95
Coronut Milk Tea w. Sago $2.95
Taro Milk Tea w. Sago $2.95
Sesame Milk Tea w. Sago $2.95
Green Tea w. Sago $2.95
Fresh Mango w. Ice Cream & Sago $4.95
Fresh Papaya w. Ice Cream & Sago $4.95
Fresh Watermelon w. Ice Cream & Sago $4.95
Fresh Honey Dew w. Ice Cream & Sago $4.95
Fresh Banana w. Ice Cream & Sago $4.95
Fresh Strawberry w. Ice Cream & Sago $4.95
Fresh Kiwi w. Ice Cream & Sago $4.95
Papaya or Banana w. Ice Cream & Tapioca Float $4.95

Fresh Squze Fruit Juice


Fresh Squze Orange Juice $2.95
Fresh Squze Carrot Juice $2.95
Fresh Squze Papaya Juice $2.95
Fresh Squze Banana Juice $1.95
Fresh Squze Strawberry Juice $2.95
Fresh Squze Watermelon Juice $2.95
Fresh Squze Honey Dew Juice $2.95
Fresh Squze Kiwi Juice $2.95
Fresh Squze Orange & Carrot Juice $2.95
Fresh Mango Juice $2.95

Special Dessert


Pancake w. Dried Peanut & Sesame Paste $4.95
House Special Pancake w. Red Bean $4.95
House Special Pancake w. Chinese Sausage & Pork $4.95
Cheese Cake $2.95
Mango Pudding $2.50
Red Bean Pudding $2.50
Fresh Coconut Pudding $2.50
Peanut Filed Guinous Dumpling $2.25
Doubled Bailed Egg Pudding (Hot or Cold) $2.95
Egg White & Milk w. Ginger Sauce Pudding (Hot or Cold) $2.95
Egg Custard Pudding w. Ice Cream $3.95
Fried Ice Cream $2.95
Fried Banana w. Honey & Peanut $2.95
Double Boiled Egg Custard w. Fresh Mango $3.95
Any Kind of Ice Cream $2.00
(red bean, greentea, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)
Snow Frog w. Papaya (Hot or Cold) $3.95
Black Sesame Paste $1.95
Red Bean & Lotus Seed $2.95
Snow Frog & Lotus Seed $3.50
Red Bean Of Lotus Seed w. Sesame Ball $2.95

Beef, Chicken, Pork


Beef w. Broccoli $8.95
Beaf w. Orange flavor $10.95
Pepper Steak $8.95
Beef w. Ginger & Scallion $10.95
Chicken w. Broccoli or Mixed Vegetables $8.95
Sliced Chicken w. Spicy Sauce $8.95
Sesame Chicken $8.95
General Tso’s Chicken $8.95
Chicken w. Garlic Sauce $8.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.95
Kung Pon Chicken $8.95
Diced Chicken of Cashew $8.95
Sweet & Sour Pork $8.95
Crispy Spare Ribs w. Orange Sauce $8.95
Pork Chap Peking Style $8.95
Salt Baked Pork Chop $8.95
Deep Fried Spare Ribs w. Dry Garlic $8.95

Thai Speciality Spicy & Sour


Green Mussel w. Spicy & Sour Sauce $7.95
Manila Clams w. Spicy & Sour Sauce $8.95
Lobster w. Spicy & Sour Sauce
Tong Chay w. Spicy & Sour Sauce $7.95
Bean’s Leal w. Spicy & Sour Sauce $8.95
Fish Filet w. Spicy & Sour Sauce $8.95

Vegetable & Bean Curd


Braised Bean Curd w. Black Mushroom $7.95
Diced Pork w. Pickle w. Spicy Tofu $7.95
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables $6.95
Fried String Bean w. Diced Pork $7.95
Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce $7.95
Spicy Eggplant w. Diced Meal $7.95
Broiled Snow Pea’s Leaf $6.95
Broiled Chinese Vegetable $4.95
Broiled Chiense Broccoli $4.95
Brailed Tong Chay w. Bean Sauce $5.95
Broiled Lettuce $4.95

Broad Noodle, Mai Fun, Pan Fried Noodles


Beef Chow Fun $7.95
Beef Chow Fun w. Black Bean Sauce $8.95
Scrambled Egg & Shrimp, Scallop w. Broad Noodles $11.95
Singapore Mai Fun $8.95
Har Moon Chow Mai Fun $8.95
Preserved Salt Fish w. Mai Fun $8.95
Shredded fish Cake Celery w. Mai Fun $8.95
Eggplant Rice Noodle w. Garlic Sauce $7.95
House Special Seafood Crispy Noodles $11.95
Vegetable Crispy Noodles $6.95
Roast Pork, Beef or Chicken w. Chinese Vegetables Crispy Noodles $8.95
Beef Straw(belly) w. Chinese Vegetables Crispy Noodles $8.95
Noodles w. Yellow Scallion & Soy Sauce $6.95
Fried Udon w. Terriyaki Sauce $8.95

Fried Rice & Lo Mein


Yong Chow Fried Rice $7.95
Mixed Meal Fried Rice w. Tomato Sauce $7.95
Seafood Fried Rice $7.95
House Special Fried Rice $7.95
Shrimp Fried Rice $7.95
Roast Pork or Beef or Chicken Fried Rice $6.95
Vegetables Fried Rice $5.95
Water Eel Fried Rice $8.95
Salted Fish Fried Rice $8.95
Roast Pork or Beef or Chicken Lo Mein $6.95
Shrimp Lo Mein $7.95
Vegetables Lo Mein $5.95
Seafood Lo Mein $11.95


Prime Ribs Udon Noodle Soup

(choice of udon, dai long, spicy udon) 55c extra for hot & spicy


Udon w. Crystal Clear Shrimp Wonton $5.95
Udon w. House Special Sauce Roast Pork $6.95
Udon w. Assorted Seafood $7.95
Udon w. Pork Chop Cutlet $5.95
Udon w. Grill Chicken Cutlet in Teriyaki Sauce $7.95
Udon w. Sirloin Steak $7.95
Udon w. Shrimp Tempura $7.95
Udon w. Slice Beef $7.95
Udon w. Salmon $7.95
Udon w. Fresh Water Eel $7.95

Baked Fried Rice or Spaghetti in Casserole w. Cheese


Baked Pork Chop w. Cheese Over Rice in Casserole $5.95
Baked Chicken Kew w. Cream Sauce Over Rice in Casserole $5.95
Baked Chicken Kow w.Portagal Sauce Over Rice in Casserole $5.95
Baked Minced Beef Over Rice in Casserole $5.95
Baked Hams w. Cheese Over Spaghetti in Casserole $6.95
Baked Assorted Seafood w. Cheese Over Rice in Casserole $6.95
Baked Grouper Fish w. Cheese Over Rice in Casserole $7.95
Baked Filet of Sole in Cream Sauce Over Rice in Casserole $8.95
Baked Jumbo Shrimp w. Cheese Over Rice in Casserole $8.95
Baked Seafood & Pork Chop w. Cheese Over Rice in Casserole $8.95
Baked Mash Potato w. Minced Beef & Cheese in Casserole $6.95

Dishes on Rice or Spaghetti


Sauteed Frog on Rice Wrapped w. Lotus Leaf $8.95
Sauteed Chicken on Rice Wrapped w. Lotus Leaf $6.95
Sauteed Seafood on Rice Wrapped w. Lotus Leaf $8.95
Chinese Sausage on Rice Wrapped w. Lotus Leaf $6.95
Braised Stew Beef (Belly) w. Chinese Vegetables on Rice $4.25
Braised Duck Feel w. Chinese Vegetable on Rice $4.95
Spare Ribs w. Black Bean Sauce on Rice $4.25
Curry Stew Beef (Belly) on Rice $4.95
Tomato w. Beef on Rice $4.95
Sliced Beef w. Chinese Vegetables on Rice $4.95
Scrambled Egg w. Shrimp on Rice $5.95
Shrimp w. Broccoli on Rice $5.95
Chicken or Beef w. Broccoli on Rice $4.95
Grill Chicken Teriyaki Sauce w. Rice $8.95
Japanese Style Chicken Cutlet or Pork Chop w. Rice $4.95
Japanese Style Grouper Fish w. Rice $5.95
Japanese Style Shrimp w. Rice $7.95
Japanese Style Roast Chicken Leg w. Ginger Sauce on Rice $4.25
Spicy Curry Chicken Over Rice $5.95
Grouper Fish w. Curry Sauce Over Rice $5.95
Corn Beef w. Curry Sauce on Rice $6.95
Shrimp Tempura on Rice $7.95
Fried Sliced Fish w. Corn Sauce on Rice $5.95
Short Ribs w. Red Wine on Rice $5.95
Short Ribs w. Japanese Style Black Pepper Sauce on Rice $5.95
Escargot French Style w. Spaghetti $6.95
Assorted Seafood w. Garlic Sauce w. Spaghetti $6.95
Fresh Water Eel w. Teriyaki Sauce Over Rice $7.95
Grill Pork Chop Over Rice Taiwan Style $4.25
Grill Chicken Over Rice Taiwan Style $4.25
Corn Beef Over Rice $6.95
Beef w. Teriyaki Sauce Over Rice $7.95


Steamed Lo Mein (Hong Kong Style)

served w. a side of soup


Braised Stew Beef Lo Mein $4.95
Braised Black Mushroom w. Oyster Sauce Lo Mein $4.95
Sliced Beef w. Chinese Vegetables Lo Mein $4.95
Curry Beef Stew (Belly) Lo Mein $4.95
Braised Duck Feet Lo Mein $4.95
Braised Beef Mussel Lo Mein $4.95
Sliced Ginger & Scallion Lo Mein $3.95
Vegetables Lo Mein $3.95
Lo Mein w. XO Sauce $4.95
Sliced Beef w. Ginger & Scallion Lo Mein $4.95

Congee in Casserole (Rice Soup)


Dried Scallop w. Gingko & Dried Bean Thread Congee $4.95
Sliced Beef Congee $3.95
Preserved Duck Egg w. Lean Pork Congee $3.95
Broiled Chicken Congee $3.95
Broiled Frog Congee $6.95
House Seafood Combo Congee $6.95
Snow Frog w. Chicken Congee $4.95
Prawn & Sliced Fish Congee $6.95
Beef, Squid & Pork Combo Congee $3.95
Dane Fish w. Lettuce Congee $3.95
Minced Beef Congee $3.95
Fresh Clams w. Chicken Congee $4.95
Abalone w. Clam Congee $6.95
Sliced Fish Congee $4.95
Pork Balls Congee $3.95
Pig’s Blood Congee $3.95
Abalone & Chicken Congee $6.95
Fried Dough $0.80


Soup, Noodle in Soup (Per Bowl)

choice (mai fun, silver noodle, broad noodle, egg noodle)


Wonton Soup (Shrimp and Pork) $4.25
Dumpling Soup (Shrimp & Pork & Parsley) $4.25
Noodles w. Braised Beef Musle $4.25
Noodles w. Chinese Vegetables $3.25
Noodles w. Slice Beef $4.50
Noodles w. Wonton (Shrimp & Pork) $4.25
Noodles w. Beef Stew (Belly) and Wonton $4.95
Noodles w. Shrimp & Parsley Dumplings $4.25
Noodles w. Bamboo Pits & Shrimp Wonton $4.95
Noodles w. Fish Ball & Beef Ball $4.25
Noodles with Beef Stew (Belly) $4.25
Noodles w. Seafood Combo $6.95
Noodles w. Duck Feet $4.25

Seafood and Steak (Dishes)


Filet Mignon w. (1) Black Pepper Sauce (2) Garlic Sauce (3) Mushroom Sauce $18.95
Sirloin Steak w. (1) Black Pepper Sauce (2) Garlic Sauce (3) Mushroom Sauce $15.95
Filet Grouper w. Assorted Seafood $14.95
Grill Chicken Cutlet w. (1) Black Pepper Sauce (2) Garlic Sauce (3) Mushroom Sauce $8.95
Grill Pork Chop w. (1) Black Pepper Sauce (2) Garlic Sauce (3) Mushroom Sauce $8.95
Salmon w. Black Pepper Sauce $10.95
Grill Salmon Steak French Style $9.95
Grill Salmon w. Teriyaki Sauce $9.95



Sliced Chicken Wrapped w. Teriyaki Sauce $4.95
Sliced Beef Wrapped w. Teriyaki Sauce $4.95
Grill Salmon Fish Head $5.95
Grill Whole Squid w. Special Sauce $4.95
BBQ Roast Pork Japanese Style $6.95
Pan Fried Dumpling Japanese Style $3.95
Grill Beef Ball w. Teriyaki Sauce $3.95
Fried Chicken Wings w. Teriyaki Sauce $4.95
Baked Salt Chicken Wings Japanese Style $4.95
Japanese Style Fried Crispy Bean Curd $4.95
Crispy Fried Eel Dumplings $4.95
Japanese Style Soft Shell Crab $6.95
Japanese Style Grill BBQ Water Eel $6.95
Salt Baked Clams $6.95
Grill Chicken in Stick w. Honey Sauce $4.95
Baked Clam w. Garlic Sauce $6.95
Raw Fresh Clams in Shell $6.95
Baked Razor Clams w. Cheese $8.95
Baked Escargot French Style $6.95
Baked Scallop w. Cheese & Mayonnaise $6.95
Grill Jumbo Scallop in Shell w. Special Sauce $6.95
Baked Clams w. Cream Paste $6.95
Baked Green Mussels w. Garlic Sauce $6.95
Baked Oyster w. Garlic, Cheese or XO Sauce $6.95
House Special Squab $8.95

Steamed Vermicelli Roll


Beef Stew (Belly) Rice Noodles in Casserole $4.95
Spare Ribs w. Rice Noodles in Casserole $4.95
Beef or Shrimp or Sliced Fish and Crispy Dough Rice Noodles $4.95
Fresh Shrimp Rice Noodles w. Chinese Vegetables $2.95
Dried Scallop w. Rice Noodles $3.95
Sliced Fish w. Parsley Rice Noodles $2.95
Sliced Beef w. Chinese Vegetables Rice Noodles $2.95
Beef Stew (Belly) w. Curry Sauce Rice Noodles $2.95
Spare Ribs w. Black Bean Sauce Rice Noodles $2.95
Crispy Dough w. Rice Noodles $2.95
Steamed Minced Pork Rice Noodles w. XO Sauce $2.95
Chinese Parsley & Preserved Egg w. Rice Noodles $2.95
Dry Shrimp w. Rice Noodles $2.95
Bean Curd Skin Stuff w. Mushroom & Assorted Vegs. w. Rice Noodles $3.95
Shrimp & Fresh Yellow Chives w. Rice Noodles $3.95
Fourth Delight Rice Noodles $5.95



Hot & Sour Soup $1.95
Shrimp & Pork Wonton Soup $4.25
Egg Drop Soup $1.95
Watercress with Clam in Soup $8.95
Slice Salmon with Bean Curd Soup $8.95
Eel with Bean Curd Soup $8.95
Beef with Bean Curd Soup $8.95
Vegetables with Seafood in Soup $7.95



Snails $8.95
Clams w. Black Bean Sauce $8.95
Clams w. Soft and Chili Pepper $8.95
Manila Clam w. Sake $8.95
Sea Scallop w. Black Pepper Corn Sauce $13.95
Shrimp of Cashew $10.95
Fried Frog w. House Special Sauce $14.95
Salted Baked Squid $8.95
Salted Baked Head on Shrimp $8.95
Any Style Lobster
Szechuan Jumbo Shrimp w. Vegetables $12.95
General Tso’s Jumbo Shrimp $12.95
Sweet & Sour Jumbo Shrimp $12.95
Sesame Jumbo Shrimp $12.95
Jumbo Shrimp w. Fresh Mango $12.95
Jumbo Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce $12.95
Jumbo Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce $12.95
Salted Baked Jumbo Shrimp $12.95
Jumbo Shrimp w. Broccoli $12.95
Filet of Sole w. Garlic Sauce $9.95
Filet of Sole w. House Special Salt $9.95

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