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Villa Pazzo Menu

This Villa known as “Villa Pizzo”, was built between in charming villages of Cernobbio and Moltrasio.

It has a very important historical past. On July 9, 1435, Giovanni Muggiasca, a merchant of Como, acquired a vast land that was rich in vineyards and olive groves, not far from town, stretching from the shore of the lake till the peak of the hills, crossing Via Regina, the main road serving the entire Lake Como.

Villa Pazzo Menu and Prices

Antipasti – Appetizers

Carpaccio $12.95
Thinly sliced, raw filet mignon with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, capers, arugula, and shaved parm cheese.
Calamari Allegra $12.95
Calamari dipped in eggs with parmesan cheese then finished with capers, lemon, a pinot grigio wine sauce and a touch of cream.
Faldi di Peperone con Mousse di Tonno $10.95
Marinated, roasted peppers served over a bed of lettuce and topped with tuna mousse and green olives. Then finished off with lemon and extra virgin olive oil.
Carpaccio di Polpo $12.95
Thinly sliced, marinated octopus, served over baby spinach and finished with basil sauce.
Melanzane al Forno $12.95
Twice baked eggplant topped with fresh tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.
Antipasto Misto $15.95
Chef’s selection of fine cheeses, served with figs and grapes.
Prosciutto $11.50
Thinly sliced prosciutto di parma served over roasted pears and finished with a red wine reduction.

Insalata – Salad

Cesare Salad $7.50
Classic cesar salad.
Insalata al Romana $8.50
Spinach, italian bacon and mushrooms tossed in an aged balsamic dressing with shaved parmesan cheese.
Rughetta $8.50
Arugula, tomato and parmegano reggiano, tossed in roman dressing.
Insalata Caprese $9.50
Sliced mozzarella cheese and tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Contorni – Side Dishes

Patate al Forno $4.95
Italian potatoes roasted with pancetta, rosemary, olive oil, garlic and chardonnay.
Broccoletti Aglio e Olio $5.50
Broccoli sauteed in garlic and olive oil.
Spinaci Saltati $5.50
Spinach sauteed with garlic, olive oil and lemon.
Verdura Capricciosa $5.50
Mixed baby vegetables, sauteed with olive oil and garlic.

Primi Piatti – Our Pasta

Penne Pomodoro Basilico $12.50
Penne pasta tossed with italian cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil and garlic.
Rigatoni Ragu di Carne $18.95
Rigatoni pasta tossed in a classic neapolitan meat sauce.
Spaghetti Gricia $17.95
Spaghetti pasta tossed with garlic, olive oil, black olives, fresh cherry tomatoes feta cheeses and basil.
Bucatini al Adante Via $16.95
Bucatini pasta and diced veal tossed with shallots, garlic, olive oil and our fresh tomato basil sauce.
Gnocchi Pesto Genovese $16.95
Gnocchi dumplings sauteed with pesto and fresh tomato sauce, then finished with a touch of cream.
Gnocchi Gorgonzola $16.95
Gnocchi dumplings tossed in a creamy gorgonzola sauce.
Fettuccine con Coniglio $19.95
Fettuccine pasta and roasted rabbit sauteed in olive oil and garlic sauce.
Papardelle con Porcini $18.95
Papardelle pasta sauteed with garlic, olive oil and porcini mushrooms, then finished with a white truffle oil.
Fettuccine Mari Monte $21.95
Fettuccine pasta, italian sausage and shrimp sauteed with green peas and porcini mushrooms in a creamy truffle sauce.
Penne Arabbiata $14.50
Penne pasta in a spicy “roman” tomato sauce.
Pennette al Sugo di Braciola $15.95
Pennette pasta sauteed with roasted pork in a braciola sauce.
Linguine alla Paesana $17.95
Linguine served with roasted rabbit and radicchio in a butter sage sauce.
Bucatini Piccanti al Sugo di Mare $21.95
Diced “fish of the day” sauteed with scallops, calamari, and finished with a spicy cognac sauce.
Linguine e Vongole $17.95
Linguine pasta tossed with fresh clams, garlic and olive oil.
Ravioli di Giorno

Risotto – Italian Rice Entrees

Please allow an extra 20 minutes for preparation.
Paella Veloce Pesce e Gamberi $22.95
Risotto milanese covered with sauteed calamari, diced salmon, jumbo shrimp in a spicy cherry tomato sauce.
Risotto Con Porcini $22.95
Risotto with porcini mushrooms tossed with chardonnay and white truffle oil, then finished with parmesan cheese.
Risotto di Amori $32.95
Risotto sauteed with lobster meat and finished with aged balsamic vinegar in a creamy tomato sauce.

Secondi Piatti – Our Entrees

Arrosto Freddo con Olive e Pomodoro $19.95
Thinly sliced, roasted veal topped with baby celery, black olives and freshly diced tomatoes.
Polpo e Gamberi con Olive Nere $14.95
Grilled shrimp and octopus served over a tomato and black olive salad.
Coniglio Cacciatoria $23.50
Oven roasted rabbit in a white wine sauce and served over polenta.
Scalopinne Limoncello $18.95
Veal scaloppini sauteed in a creamy lemoncello sauce.
Scaloppine Teatro $18.95
Veal scaloppini sauteed with garlic, black olives, capers and fresh tomatoes, then finished with a cognac sauce.
Abbacchio Scottadito $22.95
Slowly roasted baby lamb in a spicy tomato eggplant sauce and served over risotto.
Fileto al Pepe Verde $24.95
Filet mignon sauteed in a green peppercorn brandy sauce.
Baby Veal Chop Favola $32.95
Veal chop sauteed with figs in a barolo wine sauce then finished with truffle oil.
NY Strip Pizzaiola $29.95
Aged ny strip, sauteed with garlic, shallots, black olives and fresh tomato sauce.
T Bone Steak alla Griglia For Two $64.95
Grilled, marinated t bone served with two sides.
Spiedini di Polette $20.95
Skewered meatballs served over polenta pomodoro.
Osso Buco $32.50
Veal shank served over risotto milanese.
Pollo Gorgonzola $17.95
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mushrooms and served in a creamy gorgonzola sauce.
Pollo con Sambuca $18.95
Chicken breast sauteed with fennel and pesto, then finished with sambuca tomato.
Pork Chop Con Porcini $22.95
Pork chop sauteed in a porcini mushroom sauce.
Sweet Bread Milanese $21.95
Beef sweet bread served over arugula and tomato salad.

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