Vikhyat Indian Cuisine Menu and Prices updated 2021


Vikhyat Indian Cuisine Menu

Vikhyat Indian Cuisine Menu and Prices

Dining Menu – Thanda or Garam

Masala Tea $1.50
Ginger Tea $1.50
Cardamon Tea $1.50
Coffee $1.50
Sweet or Salty Lassi $1.50
Mango Lassi $2.95
Falooda $2.50
Iced Tea $1.25
Soft Drinks $0.95
Coke, diet coke, sprite

Dining Menu – Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetable Samosas (3) $3.95
Aloo Pakora $3.95
Aloo Papdi Chat $4.50
Maru Bhajia $4.50
Chilli Pakora $4.50
Vegetable Hara Bhara Kebab $4.95
Vegetable Cutlets $4.95
Aloo Mint Tikki $4.95
Mixed Pakora $4.95
Methi Pakora $4.95
Paneer Pakora $4.95
Samosa Chat $4.95
Chilli Mogo $4.95
Aloo Wada $4.95
Paneer Samosa (3) $5.95
Paneer Aloo Tikki $5.95
Paneer Tikka $6.95
Chilli Paneer $7.95

Dining Menu – Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

Kheema Samosas (3) $4.95
Chicken Pakora $6.95
Chicken Pakora $7.95
Fish Pakora $7.95
Kali Chicken $7.95
Jeera Chicken $7.95
Chicken Lollipop $7.95
Chilli Chicken (Dry) $7.95
Ginger Chicken $7.95
Chicken “65” $7.95
Fish “65” $8.95
Tandoori Chicken $8.95
Lamb Sheekh Kebab $8.95
Fish Tikka $8.95
Chilli Shrimp $8.95

Dining Menu – Soups

Tomato $1.50
Dal $1.50
Vegetable $1.50
Chicken $2.50
Mushroom $2.50

Dining Menu – Vegetarian Specialties

Paneer Tikka Masala $7.95
Cottage cheese lightly-fried cooked in tandoor sauce w/moghulai spices
Paneer Jalfreize $7.95
Fried cottage cheese w/bell peppers, onions, herbs & spices
Paneer Bhurzi $8.95
Grated cottage cheese w/tomatoes in a rich masala sauce
Palak Paneer $7.95
Cottage cheese cooked w/spinach and fresh spices
Mutter Paneer $7.95
Cottage cheese cooked w/sweet peas, and authentic spices
Paneer Makhani $7.95
Cottage cheese lightly-fried cooked in spices, herbs & butter sauce
Paneer Karahi $7.95
Paneer cheese cooked in a spicy gravy with chunks of bell peppers & onions
Malai Kofta $7.95
Seasoned grated cottage cheese & potatoes deep-fried, cooked in a tasty cashew sauce
Vegetable Kofta $7.95
Grated potatoes & mixed vegetables rolled and deep-fried, cooked in cashew sauce
Navratan Korma $7.95
Mix vegetables cooked mughlai style, lightly sweet yet spicy w/cardamons flavouring
Bhindi Du Piaza $6.95
Fried cut okra cooked w/bits of onion & tomatoes in genuine punjabi style spices
Chana Masala $6.95
Chickpeas cooked in a special rich spicy gravy
Vegetable Curry $6.95
Mix vegetables cooked in a onion gravy
Vegetable Numaish $6.95
Mix vegetables cooked w/baby corn in a northwestern style with herbs & spices
Baigan Ka Bharta $7.95
Roasted crushed eggplant cooked perfectly with spicy masalas
Aloo Gobi $6.95
Lightly boiled cauliflower and potatoes with tomatoes and our special blend of spices
Kaju Curry $7.95
Cooked with onions in a mesmerizing cashewnut sauce
Jeera Aloo Bhaji $5.95
Chunks of potatoes cooked with cumin seeds with a slight sweet ‘n sour sauce taste
Aloo Palak $5.95
Chunks of potatoes cooked w/spinach for a mouth-watering taste
Dal Makhani $5.95
Mixture of lentils cooked on low heat, tossed w/ginger, tomatoes, onions & spices
Dal Fry $5.95
Fried split lentils with garlic tadka
Dal Palak $5.95
Split peas cooked w/spinach & spices
Bombay Aloo $5.95
Chunks of potatoes cooked with tomatoes in a curry gravy
Beans Curry $5.95
Beans cooked in a flavorful onion gravy
Corn Curry $6.95
Corn cooked in a flavorful onion gravy
Butter Corn $7.95
Corn cooked in butter and pepper with spices
Bhindi Chana $7.95
Fried sliced okra and chick peas cooked w/bits of onion & tomatoes in genuine style spices
Aloo Mutter $6.95
Lightly boiled sweet peas and potatoes cooked with tomatoes & spices
Cabbage Sambhar $5.95
Lightly cooked cabbage & bell pepper with a touch of herbs & spices

Dining Menu – Chicken Specialties

Choice of one
Chicken Tikka Masala $8.95
Boneless chicken skewed in tandoor and sauteed in a rich homemade sauce
Chicken Makhani $8.95
Bonless tandoori chicken cooked in spices, herbs and butter sauce
Chicken Vindaloo $8.95
Tangy, spicy sauce w/chunks of potatoes. Great for those having a passion for spicy food
Chicken Nilgiri $8.95
Bonless chicken cooked in a mint and cilantro sauce
Chicken Jalfreize $8.95
Bonless chicken cooked with onions & peppers with a touch of ginger & garlic and various fresh herbs
Chicken Korma (Mild) $8.95
Bonless chicken cooked in a mughlai style, lightly sweet, yet spicy with cardamons flavouring
Methi Chicken Malai $8.95
Boneless chicken cooked in cashew-nut gravy with rich spices
Karahi Chicken $8.95
Boneless chicken cooked in a mughlai style, w/bell peppers, tomatoes & onions
Chicken Bhuna $8.95
Boneless chicken cooked in various herbs & spices with a touch of gravy and yogurt
Chicken Dhansak $8.95
Bonless chicken cooked w/lentils and in a sweet ‘n sour masala gravy
Rara Chicken $8.95
Bonless chicken & minced chicken combined in a traditional bombay style w/herbs & spices
Chicken Du Piaza $8.95
Bonless chicken marinated & cooked with onions in a rich gravy
Chicken Saagwala $8.95
Bonless chicken cooked in delicious spinach & rich spices

Dining Menu – Gosht Specialties

Choice of one
Vindaloo Gosht $9.95
Tangy & spicy sauce w/chunks of potatoes. Great for those having a passion for spicy food
Rara Gosht $9.95
Boneless meat and minced meat are combined with traditional bombay style with herbs & spices
Karahi Gosht $9.95
Meat cooked in a northwestern style with bell peppers, tomatoes & onions
Karahi Keema Mutter $9.95
Minced meat with sweet peas & tomatoes in northwestern style with rich herbs
Bhuna Gosht $9.95
Meat cooked with chopped onions , bell peppers , tomatoes & yogurt, with rich spices
Dabba Gosht $9.95
Meat cooked bombay style with cashew gravy & covered w/grated eggs
Saag Gosht $9.95
Meat cooked in a delicious spinach & rich spices
Mutton Methi Malai $9.95
Goat meat cooked in a cashew nut gravy, with rich spices
Nilgiri Gosh $9.95
Meat cooked with mint and cilantro sauce
Mutton Du Piaza $9.95
Meat marinated and cooked with onions in a rich gravy
Goat Curry $9.95
Goat meat in a delicious rich spices

Dining Menu – Our Chef’s Specialties

Tandoori Mixed Grill $13.95
Small pieces of meat kebab, chicken & shrimps cooked in a special Indian masala sauce garnished with onions, chillies and tomatoes
Lamb Kofta Curry $9.95
Ground lamb meat balls cooked In a traditional spicy sauce
Egg Keema Masala $6.95
Hard boiled egg chopped with spices and cooked in a genuine gravy
Vegetable Manchurian $5.95
Balls made of cabbage, bell peppers and finely chopped onions cooked in with soya sauce & spices
Chicken Curry $8.95
Chicken cooked in traditional moghulai style
Nargisi Kofta $9.95
Hard boiled eggs rolled in minced chicken, deep fried & cooked in a masala gravy
Lamb Curry $9.95
Boneless meat cooked in delicious rich spices

Dining Menu – Seafood Specialties

Choice of one
Shrimp Curry $9.95
Large shrimps cooked in an original north indian herbs
Shrimp Vindaloo $9.95
Tangy & spicy sauce w/chunks of potatoes. Great for those having a passion for spicy food
Shrimp Jalfreize $9.95
Large shrimps cooked with onions & peppers with a touch of ginger & garlic and various herbs
Shrimp Du Piaza $9.95
Large shrimps marinated & cooked with onions in a rich gravy
Shrimp Special $9.95
Large shrimps cooked in a tandoor sauce in moghulai style. With authentic herbs
Fish Curry $9.95
Chunks of fish cooked in a fresh curry and spices
Fish Masala $9.95
Fish cooked in north indian herbs

Dining Menu – Miscellaneous Dishes

Rice La Jawab – Steamed Rice $1.50
Rice La Jawab – Green Peas Pulao $1.95
Rice La Jawab – Vegetable Pulao $2.50
Rice La Jawab – Kashmiri Pulao $2.95
Biryani Ka Jalwa – Vegetable Biryani $6.95
Biryani Ka Jalwa – Egg Biryani $7.95
Biryani Ka Jalwa – Chicken Biryani $8.95
Biryani Ka Jalwa – Mutton Biryani $9.95
Raita, Salad & Papad – Raita $1.50
Raita, Salad & Papad – Green Salad $1.50
Raita, Salad & Papad – Masala Papad $1.25
Naan & Roti – Butter Naan $1.25
Naan & Roti – Garlic Naan $1.50
Naan & Roti – Keema Naan $1.95
Naan & Roti – Bullet Naan $1.50
Naan & Roti – Onion Kulcha $1.50
Naan & Roti – Laccha Paratha $1.50
Naan & Roti – Aloo Paratha $1.95
Naan & Roti – Vegetable Stuffed Paratha $2.50
Naan & Roti – Roomali Roti $1.95
Naan & Roti – Tandoora Roti $1.25

Dining Menu – Desserts & Drinks

Gulab Jamun $1.50
Rasmalai $1.95
Gajar Ka Halwa $1.50
Rice Kheer $1.95
Ice Cream $2.50
Any available
Kulfi $1.50

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