Vic’s Pizza & Hoagies Menu and Prices updated 2021


Vic’s Pizza & Hoagies Menu

Vic’s Pizza & Hoagies Menu and Prices

Specialty Pizza

Extreme Veggie $7.65 – $15.99
white or red sauce, traditional crust, topped with spinach, black olives, mushroom, tomato slices, onion and green pepper.
Great White $5.85 – $12.10
a blend of cheeses, olive oil, Italian spices, fresh garlic and tomato slices.
Spinach $6.90 – $14.04
a blend of cheeses, olive oil, spices, fresh garlic, tomato slices and feta cheese.
Spinach Chicken $7.65 – $15.99
our spinach topped with our customers favorite seasoned grilled chicken breast.
Meat Lovers $7.65 – $15.99
steak, sausage, pepperoni, a blend of cheeses, green peppers and onions.
Buffalo Chicken $7.65 – $15.99
creamy mix of hot sauce and ranch topped with our flavorful cheese and tender chicken breast.
Spinach Bacon $7.65 – $15.99
vic’s sauces layered with spinach, a blend of cheeses and topped with bacon. (red sauce)


Lamb or Chicken $4.49
Greek Chicken Pita $4.59
a vic’s specialty. tender chicken, feta cheese and black olives baked then piled high with lettuce, tomato and drizzled with a smooth Greek dressing.

Calzones and Wedgies

Italian, Steak, or Veggie $7.25
calzones come with sauce. wedgies come with lettuce, tomato and dressing. no sauce.


plain, hot bbq, cajun dry rub (like mom’s seasoned roasted chicken) smoke house (vic’s signature sauce with a buttery mosquito flavor or new teriyaki
Dozen Wings $6.99
Half Dozen Wings $4.25
Chunky Blue Cheese $0.75
Ranch or Celery $0.50


Classic Italian or Meatball $4.59 – $7.99
Steak or Vic’s Cheeseburger $4.59 – $7.99
Chicken Parm Hoagies $4.89 – $7.99
Fish $5.29
6-8 oz piece of cod brushed with egg wash and coated with a lite breading
Chicken Bacon Ranch $4.89 – $7.99
Buffalo Chicken $4.89 – $7.99

Panini Grilled Sandwich

Egg Salad $4.09
Capicola and Provolone $4.99
Tuna Melt $4.79
Chicken, Provolone, and Mushrooms $5.49
our 1 selling panini (no toppings required

Salads- with Breadstick

salads with breadstick made fresh to order every time
Garden $4.10
Greek $6.29
Chicken-Spinach $6.29
Xtra Fries or Dressing $0.50
Gyro Salad $6.29
our tossed salad served with gyro meat, cucumber dressing and warm pita bread
Steak $6.29
Tuna Plate $5.49
Fries or Extra Dressing $1.00


Fries $1.60
Stuffed Potato Skins $4.49
Cheese Sauce $0.60
Mushrooms $3.10
Chicken Tenders $3.99
Provolone Wedgies $3.99
Zucchini Planks $3.69
Breadstix $2.99
includes vic’s sauce
Breadstix with Cheese $3.99
includes vic’s sauce
Bruschetta $3.99

Pizza-Traditional Cheese

our sauce is prepared with fresh spices, garlic, and secret blend of sun ripened tomatoes our crust is crunchy and brushed with a wash of olive oil infused with garlic and secret spices
Small 10 Inches 4-Cuts $5.15 – $0.80
Additional Toppings
black olives, sausage, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, pepperoni, spinach, hot peppers, feta, steak, bacon, chicken priced as double topping
Medium 12 Inches 8-Cuts $8.14 – $1.25
X-Large 16 inches 12-Cuts $10.29 – $1.60

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