Ukiyoe Japanese Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Ukiyoe Japanese Restaurant Menu

Ukiyo-e” including the depictions, often included “Japanese cuisine,” have been highly praised not only for its rare beauty but its ability to capture and convey the people’s lives of the EDO period in profound detail. In response to the recent addition of “Japanese Cuisines” to the intangible cultural heritage list, an original exhibition, Oishii Ukiyo-e will be open to the public on July 15, 2020. Visitors of the exhibit will be invited to a journey that captures the very essence of the EDO period through visuals, recipes, and actual representations of the techniques that existed during the time.

Ukiyoe Japanese Restaurant Menu and Prices


Rice $2.50
Miso $2.00
Edamame $3.00
Tempura Vege $6.00
Temp Calamari $6.00
Temp Shrimp $6.00
Chicken Gyoza $6.00
Egg Roll $5.00


Served with house salad and steam rice. Choice of 1 item
Lunch $6.50
Vegetarian teriyaki, sweet tofu, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, chicken katsu, spicy pork, spicy chicken
Dinner $7.50
Vegetarian teriyaki, sweet tofu, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, chicken katsu, spicy pork, spicy chicken

Happy Hour – Sushi Rolls

Walla Walla $3.50
Mr. Roboto $3.50
Mrs. Roboto $3.50
California $6.50
Temp/Shrimp $6.50
Temp/Calamari $6.50
Shiitaki Roll $5.50
Philadelphia $7.00
Vegetarian $5.00
Spicy Tuna $7.00
Spicy Salmon $6.00
Spider $7.50
Ruby Crunch $8.00
Caterpillar $9.00

Sushi Rolls

Alaskan $9.50
Real snow crab, cucumber, scallions, avocado topped w/ spicy mayo
Arbor Lodge $9.00
Unagi, cream cheese, cilantro, mango, avocado topped w/ unagi sauce
Baby Dragon $11.50
Steamed sweet shrimp, cucumber, sriracha topped w/ unagi, avocado and drizzled w/ unagi sauce
Boston $8.00
Tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado topped w/ masago and spicy mayo
Calamari $7.00
Tempura calamari, cucumber, scallions, mayo
California $4.00
Imitation crab, cucumber, avocado
Canadian Sea $9.00
Tempura halibut, cucumber, scallion, mayo topped w/ jalapeno masago, spicy mayo
Caterpillar $10.00
Unagi, cucumber topped w/ avocado and drizzled w/ unagi sauce
Chubby Girl $9.00
Real crab, avocado, scallions, cucumber, sriracha all deep fried and topped w/ spicy mayo and masago
Denver $7.00
Tuna, cucumber, sriracha, mayo
Elmo $12.00
Tempura shrimp, asparagus, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado topped w/ tuna, unagi sauce and sriracha
Fat Boy $8.50
Tempura calamari, cucumber, sriracha and scallions, all deep fried and drizzled w/ spicy mayo
Forest Fire $10.50
Tuna, scallions, sriracha, tempura asparagus, cucumber, avocado, top w/ salmon, spicy mayo, green onions
Jumping Spider $8.50
Deep fried soft she crab, cream cheese, jalapeno, scallions, cucumber topped w/ spicy mayo and masago
King of Hawaii $8.00
Tuna freshly tossed in sesame oil and soy sauce rolled with cucumber, avocado, topped w/ crushed macadamia nuts
Lemon Drop $10.50
Seared and seasoned white tuna, avocado, cucumber, topped w/ salmon, lemon juice and ponzu sauce
Let the Good Times Roll $8.50
Tuna, cilantro, mango, avocado
Mai Tai $9.00
Tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, cilantro, cucumber, scallions
Mr. Roboto $4.00
Tempura carrots, cucumber, avocado, mayo
Mrs. Roboto $4.00
Tempura sweet potato, cucumber, avocado, mayo
Mt. Fuji it’s Not a Roll $12.00
Spicy salmon & tuna & green onions exploding off a molded bed of rice w/ real crab inside, served on avocado and garnished w/ masago and spicy mayo lava
Negihama $7.50
Yellow tail, scallions, cucumbers
New Zealand $9.00
Salmon, imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, topped w/ kiwi and spicy mayo
Oregon $11.00
Real crab, avocado, scallions, cucumber and mayo topped w/salmon, masago and spicy mayo
Philadelphia $7.50
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber topped w/ masago
Pink Lady $10.50
Tuna, sriracha, cucumber, scallions topped w/ salmon, spicy mayo
Portland $7.50
Tuna, cucumber, avocado, topped with masago
Rainbow $10.50
Imitation crab, cucumber, avocado topped w/ assortment of fish, avocado
Rock Star $9.00
Tempura unagi, apple, avocado, imitation crab topped w/ avocado, tobiko and drizzled w/ unagi sauce
Ruby Crunch $9.00
Tempura shrimp, avocado cucumber topped w/ honey roasted peanuts, masago and spicy mayo
Salmon $6.50
Salmon, cucumber, avocado
Salmon Skin $7.50
BBQ salmon skin, cucumber, carrots topped w/ dried bonito flakes
Screaming Scampi $10.00
Crunchy shrimp, mango, cucumber, mayo topped w/ spicy masago and spicy mayo
Sexy Sexy $9.50
Salmon, avocado, cucumber, mango topped w/ jalapeno masago, spicy mayo
Shitake $6.00
Shitake mushrooms, cucumber
Spicy Hamachi $7.50
Yellow tail, cucumber, scallions, sriracha
Spicy Salmon $6.50
Salmon, cucumber, scallions, sriracha
Spicy Tai $6.50
Red snapper, cucumber, scallions, sriracha
Spicy Tako $9.00
Octopus, tempura asparagus, sriracha, scallions, wakame salad, mayo topped w/ sriracha
Spicy Tsunami $11.00
Real crab, steamed tiger prawn, scallions, avocado, cucumber topped w/ seared salmon, mayo, jalapeno tobiko and house hot sauce
Spicy Tuna $7.50
Tuna cucumber, scallions, sriracha
Spider $8.00
Tempura soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, scallions
Sunflower Roll $10.50
Seared albacore, sunflower seeds, scallions, mayo, sriracha, cucumber, cilantro, mango topped w/ spic.Mayo, sriracha, sunflower seeds,
Sunshine Roll $10.50
Tempura shrimp, cucumber, mayo topped w/ albacore, masago, scallions and ponzu sauce
Super Crunch $8.50
Tuna, unagi, cucumber topped w/ tempura bits and drizzled w/ unagi sauce
Super Veggie $9.50
Tempura asparagus, cucumber, avocado carrots topped w/ deep fried tofu, mayo sriracha and green onions
Sweet Chili Shrimp $11.00
Steamed shrimp, tempura asparagus, cucumber, mayo topped w/ tempura shrimp, sweet chili, sriracha and green onions
Tempura Salmon $6.50
Tempura salmon, cucumber, scallions, mayo
Tempura Shrimp $6.50
Tempura shrimp, cucumber, mayo
Texas $6.50
Tempura shrimp, cucumber, jalapeno, mayo
Ukiyoe $11.00
Tempura shrimp, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado topped w/, unagi and unagi sauce
Unagi $7.50
Eel, imitation crab, avocado drizzled w/ unagi sauce
Vegetarian Roll $5.50
Cucumber, avocado, carrots, oshinko
Walla Walla $4.00
Tempura onion, cucumber, avocado, mayo
Wild Kodiak $6.50
Red snapper, shitake mushrooms, cucumber
Yellow Tiger $9.50
Yellow tail, tempura asparagus, cucumber, scallions, sriracha

Nigiri 2 Pieces

Albacore $3.95
Seared albacore tuna
Ama-Ebi $6.95
Sweet shrimp
Creamy Hotate $3.95
Scallops in creamy mayo
Escolar $3.95
White tuna
Ebi $3.75
Hamachi $4.25
Hokkigai $3.95
Surf clam
Hotate $3.95
Inari $3.50
Sweet tofu pocket
Ika $3.50
Ikura $4.50
Salmon roe
Kani $4.95
Real crab, scallions, mayo
Maguro $3.95
Red tuna
Masago $3.95
Smelt roe
Sake $3.50
Spicy Albacore $4.50
Seared albacore tuna, mayo, scallions
Spicy Hamachi $5.50
Yellowtail, scallions, sriracha
Spicy Hotate $4.50
Scallops, scallions, sriracha
Spicy Maguro $4.95
Red tuna
Spicy Sake $4.50
Salmon, scallions, sriracha
Spicy Tai $4.50
Red snapper, scallions, sriracha
Smoked Salmon $4.50
Tai $3.75
Red snapper
Tako $3.95
Tamago $3.00
Sweet egg
Tempura Asparagus $3.50
Deep fried in tempura batter
Tempura Calamari $3.95
Deep fried tempura squid
Tempura Shrimp $3.95
Deep fried tempura shrimp
Tobiko $4.50
Flying fish roe
Unagi $4.95
Freshwater eel
Unagi Fritter $7.00
Deep fried unagi, diced scallops, mango scallions, tobiko and mayo
Yummy Yummy $5.50
Diced salmon, macadamia nuts, scallions, sriracha, mayo


Consisting of fresh raw fish cut into thin slicies over a bed of cabbage
Hamachi (6pc) $11.00
Magura (6pc) $10.00
Sake (6pc) $9.00

Sashimi & Sushi Platter

Sushi combos served w/ miso soup
8 pc California Roll 6 pc Nigiri $15.95
6 pc Tekka Makil 8 pc Nigiri $17.95
12 pc Sashimi, Side of Rice $17.95


Finely sliced fish over a bed of rice served with miso soup. Fish bowl
Tekka Don $15.95
Unagi Don $17.95

Vegan Rolls

Avocado Maki $3.50
Kappa Maki $3.00
Fried Asparagus Maki $3.50
Tempura Asparagus Maki $3.50
Oshinko Maki $3.00
Sweet Potato Roll $5.50
Tempura sweet potato, cucumber
Shitake Roll $6.50
Sauteed shitake mushroom, onion, cucumber
Vegetarian Roll $5.50
Cucumber, avocado, pickled radish, carrots
Kenton Roll $8.50
Spicy tofu, cucumber, vegan cream cheese, avocado
Rosa Park Roll $8.50
Mango, cucumber, vegan cream cheese, avocado
Lombard Roll $8.50
Shitake mushrooms, spicy tofu, cucumber, vegan cream cheese
Vegan Volcano $10.50
Vegan cream cheese, cucumber, cilantro, mango, macadamia nuts, avocado topped w/ steamed tofu vegan mayo, sriracha and scallions

Maki Sushi

Nori outside 6 pieces small roll that is traditionally prepared with 1 ingredient to savor the individual flavor
Avocado $3.00
Cucumber $3.00
Sake $5.00
Tekka $5.50
Oshinko $3.00
Asparagus $3.50
Tempura Asparagus $3.50


Can Soda $1.50

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