Udipi Cafe Menu and Prices updated 2021


Udipi Cafe Menu

Udipi Cafe Menu and Prices

Udipi Dosai

Served with sambar & chutney
Sada Dosai $5.70
Authentic south indian style thin rice crepes
Masaladosai $6.45
Thin rice crepes filled w/potatoes & onions
Sada Mysore Dosai $6.45
Thin rice crepes with layer of hot chutney
Mysore Masala Dosai $7.00
Thin rice crepes w/layer of hot chutney. Filled w/potatoes & onions
Onion Dosai $6.45
Thin rice crepes with onion topping
Onion Masala Dosai $7.00
Thin rice crepes with onion topping, filled with potatoes & onions
Butter Masala Dosai $6.95
Buttery thin rice crepes filled with potatoes and onions
Sada Rava Dosai $6.45
Thin rice crepes made with cream of wheat
Special Rava Dosai $7.45
Cream of wheat & rice crepes with onion and chilles
Special Rava Masala Dosai $7.45
Cream of wheat & rice crepes grilled with onions & chilies, filled with potatoes & onions
Coconut Rava Masala Dosai $7.45
Thin rice crepe filled with coconut, potatoes & onions
Paper Dosai $6.75
Thin rice crepes rolled and crispy
Paper Masala Dosai $7.45
Thin rice crepes filled with potatoes & onions
Udipi’s Special Spring Dosai $8.00
Thin rice crepes filled with vegetables, hot chutney & potatoes
Cheese Masala Dosai $8.45
Thin rice crepe filled with potatoes onions & american cheese
Mumbai Bhaji Dosai $8.45
Thin rice crepe stuffed with mumbai bhaji
Jaipuri Paneer Dosai $8.45
Thin rice crepe stuffed with homemade cheese
Satt Dosai with Korma $8.00
Two plain uthappam’s with vegetable korma

Rice Specialities

Mixed Vegetable Pullav $6.45
Cooked with rice and dried fruit and fragrance flavored
Bisi Bele Bhath $6.45
Rice cooked with lentils & garden fresh vegetables
Bagala Bhath $6.45
Yogurt rice garnished with mustard seeds & cucumber
Coconut Rice $6.45
Tamarind Rice $6.45
Tomato Rice $6.45
Lemon Rice $6.45


South Indian Special Uppuma $5.95
Cream of wheat with garden fresh vegetables, garnished with nuts
Pongal Avial $8.00
Rice & lentils cooked like kitchedi, served, with special dish avial
Pesaratwith Uppuma $8.00
Whole moong batter & rice crepe topped with onions & chiles
Chana Batura $8.95
Large puffy bread served with chickpeas
Poori Bhaji $6.95
Fluffy whole wheat bread, served with curried potatoes
Gobi Manchurian $8.95
Floured and sauteed with grlic, ginger, chile, & soya sauce
Vegetable Omelette $8.50
Chick peas batter pancake w/colowful array of fresh vegetables
Vegetable Fried Rice $7.45
Vegetable Noodles $7.45
Paneer – Tofu Chili $8.95


Udipi House Salad $1.95
Moong Salad $2.45
Mango Chutney $1.00
Sambar $1.95
Mulagai Podi $1.00
Papadum 2 Pieces $1.00
White Rice $1.95
Pachadi $1.25
Custard- like yogurt with cucumbers, onions and coriander

Children’s Menu

Children’s orders include choice of juice or soda. Add lassi or mango shake $0.50
Poori Bhaji $5.75
Sada Dosai $5.75
Masala Dosai $5.75
Iddly $5.75


Rasmalai 2 Pieces $2.50
Homemade cottage cheese in a special condensed milk flavored with rose wate and garnished with pistachio nuts
Gulab Jamoon 2 Pieces $2.50
Dry milk & cottage cheese balls, fried in light syrup & rose water
Madras Special Payasam $2.50
Fine vermicelli coolred in milk & honey, garnished with raisins & cashews
Badam Halwa $3.00
Badam Halwa with Ice Cream $4.00
Ground almonds cooked in honey & butter
Carrot Halwa $2.50
Carrot Halwa with Ice Cream $3.50
Grated carrots cooked in honey & butter
Vanilla, Mango or Pistachio Ice Cream $2.50
Udipi homemade ice cream coneocted on these premises
Falooda $3.95
Special indian tapioca and milk drink laced with rose syrup

Beverages Favorites

Mango Juice $1.75
Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea $1.25
Mysore Coffee $1.75
Indian Spiced Tea $1.50
Udipi Style Butter Milk $1.95
Lassi – Plain, Sweet, or Salty $2.50
Mango Lassi $3.45
Mango Milk Shake $2.50
Badam Milk Shake $3.45
Assorted Chilled Sodas $1.50
Coke, diet coke, sprite,etc


Udipi Iddly $3.95
Steamed rice & lentil patties
Kancheepurum Iddly $4.25
Spiced iddly garnished with cashew nuts, carrots & coriander. Saturday and sunday
Medhu Vada $3.95
Fried lentil donuts
Dhal Vada $4.25
Fried lentil donuts dipped in yogurt
Sambar Vada $3.95
Fried lentil donuts dipped in sambar
Rasa Vada $3.95
Fried lentil donuts dipped in rasam
Masala Vada (Chana dal Vada) $3.95
Potato Bonda $3.95
Potato dumpling with chickpea flour
Paneer Pakora $5.45
Deep-fried homemade cheese in chickpea batter
Deep-Fried Mixed Vegetable & Chili Pakora $5.45
Spiced mixed vegetables coated in bread crumbs and deep fried
Vegetable Samosa $3.95
Crispy and flaky crust stuffed with potatoes & peas
Vegetable Cutlet $3.95
Spices mixed vegetables coated in bread-crumbs and deep-fried
Assorted Appetizers Sampler Platter $7.95
Lavish gourmet medley consisting of medhu vada, potato bonda, vegetable samosa, vegetable cutlet

Udipi Homemade Soups

Vegetarian Soup $2.50
Tomato Soup $2.50
Rasam $2.50
Traditional south indian sour and spicy soup

Mumbai Chaat Corner

Mumbai Pau-Bhaji $6.95
Fresh vegetables cooked in special masala, blended with cheese & whole cashews, served with pau, bun
Bhel Purl $5.95
Puffid rice crunchy puries stuffed with tomatoes, onions, & cilantro, sweet & spicy chutney
Pani Purl $5.45
Crunchy pooriess with potatoes, chick -peas and a light masala in a sweet and spicy sauce with herbed butter
Dahl Purl $5.95
Puris stuffed with potatoes, & bean sprouts, topped w/yogurt, sweet n spicy sauce
Papdi Chaat $5.95
Wafers wi potato & beans, topped with yogurt, sweet n spicy sauce
Pongal Vadai $8.00
Rice & lentils kicheddi style and vada served with sambar & chutney
Mumbai Missal Pau $6.45
Chana Chaat $4.95
Samosa Chat $3.45
Usal Pav $5.45
Iddly Fry $4.45


lndilut style pancakes
Udipi Uthappam $6.45
Authentic south indian style pancakes
Vegetable Uthappam $7.45
Pancakes with tomato, peas, carrots, chilies & onion toppings
Tomato & Peas Uthappam $7.45
Onion & Peas Uthappam $7.45
Onion & Hot Chili Uthappam $7.45
Coconut Uthappam $7.45

Udipi Curries

Udipi curries with rice & raita
Avial $8.95
Garden fresh vegetables, coconut sauce, and spices
Chana Masala $8.95
Chickpeas in exotic spices
Aloo Gobi $8.95
Potato, cauliflower. and spices
Baigan Bartha $8.95
Slices of fresh eggplant baked on a low flame, mashed with tomatoes and onions, coolred with indian spices
Udipi Special Vegetable Curry $8.95
Vegetables with herbs and spices
Udipi Special Vegetable Korma $8.95
Garden fresh vegetables, cooked in spices and coconut milk
Kadai Bhendi Curry $8.95
Tender okra cooked in indian herbs and spices
Palak Paneer $8.95
Spinach and cheese cooked with tomatoes, onion and indian spices
Mutter Paneer $8.95
Peas and cheese cooked with tomatoes, onions and indian spice
Malai Kofta $8.95
Potato, cheese and dry fruit balls cooked in a creamy sauce
Vegetable Makhani $8.95
Mixed vegetables cooked in a tomato based creamy sauce with spices
Dhal Thadaka $6.95
Yellow dhal sauteed with ginger. Garlic, & fresh indian spices
Chana Palak $8.95
Chickpeas and spinach cooked with indian spices
Aloo Jeera $8.95
Potatoes with cumin and indian spices
Paneer Bhurji $9.95
Homemade, cheese and peas cooked with indian spice
Paneer Masala Curry $9.95
Homemade cheese cooked with tomatoes,onions & indian spices


Batura $2.95
Large bread, fluffy whole wheat bread
Poori 2 Pieces $2.45
Fried fluffy whole wheat bread
Chapathy 2 Pieces $2.45
Soft thin whole wheat bread
Paratha $1.95
Multi-layered whole wheat
Alooparatha $2.95
Multi-layered whole wheat with potatoes & spices
Peas Paratha $2.95
Multi-layered whole wheat with peas & spices

Dinner Classics

Royal Udipi Dinner $12.95
Tomato, vegetable or rasam soup, iddly or vada, with sambar & chutney. Dosai or uthappam, with sambar & chutney. Tea or coffee
Royal South Indian Thall $12.95
White rice poori, sambar, dhal, kootu, avial poriyal rasam, curd, pickle papad, payasam. Coffee or tea
Royal Madras Special Thali $12.95
Chef’s special rice (2), yogurt rice, rasam, kootu, avial poori, pickle papad, payasam, raita coffee or tea

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