The Flame Broiler Prices updated 2022


The Flame Broiler Prices

With his health-conscious Korean style cuisine, Flame Broiler is a disclosure in industry. Flame Broiler focuses on offering the typical fast food facilities with a healthy option. In order to make educated judgments regarding the fuel they put into their bodies, they give the food values for each meal.

Flame Broiler Menu Prices are a blend of high-quality flavorful veggies, rice and meat that offer an entirely complete meal. You utilise only fresh ingredients that make your food both delicious and healthy. Either dine in or take something to go, but certainly take a dish or bowl from today’s closest Flame Broiler.

This chain was designed by Young Lee, who joined the American workforce after graduating in Economics at UCLA. Here, because of the absence of other, effective choices, he regularly snacks on nutritious quick food. Lee felt he had to take things into his own hands.

The Flame Broiler Prices:-



Chicken White Meat Substitute for $1.25

Chicken Bowl $6.65
Angus Beef Bowl $7.65
Chicken Veggie Bowl $6.65
Angus Beef Veggie Bowl $7.65
Half & Half Bowl $7.25
The Works Bowl $7.25


Chicken Plate $8.50
Chicken Plate (White Meat) $10.40
Angus Beef Plate $9.95
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate $9.50
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate (White Meat) $10.75
Angus Rib Plate $10.50
The Works Plate $9.50
The Works Plate (White Meat) $10.75

Mini Bowls

Chicken Mini Bowl $5.05
Beef Mini Bowl $5.50
Half & Half Mini Bowl $5.25


Only One Extra per Bowl or Plate

Extra Angus Rib $4.00
Extra Chicken $2.75
Extra Angus Beef $3.25
Extra White Meat Chicken $3.25


Side Angus Rib $4.75
Side Angus Beef $4.85
Side Chicken $4.00
Side White Meat Chicken $4.50
Side Rice (White or Brown) $3.45
Side Veggies $3.45


Fountain Drink Regular $1.85
Fountain Drink Large $2.10
Water Bottle $1.50


The primary products of the restaurant are vegetable bowls or meats like beef and chicken. The bowls are your meat selection. More menus are available on our website, which you are welcome to share with your friends. Keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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