Tampopo Menu and Prices updated 2021


Tampopo Menu

Tampopo (the Japanese word for “dandelion” and also the name of the film’s heroine) is an ode to all that is great about a staple of Japanese cuisine that is as popular in its home country as a doner kebab is in the UK. TAMPOPO, meaning Dandelion in Japanese, is a strong and resilient flower that spreads and flourishes even in the toughest of conditions.

All of the chicken we use is Halal (except our soups) as well as our Beef Rendang dish. Some of our dishes contail mirin (a Japanese rice wine) which can be pointed out to you by any of our servers – just ask to see our Allergen menu.

Tampopo Menu and Prices

A La Carte

Available With Rice And Salad For Additional $2.
Ebi Chili $7.25
Hoi-Ko-Lo $6.95
Mabo-Tofu $6.95
Buta Kim-Chi $6.95
Ton-Katsu $6.95
Kara-Age $6.95
Sauteed Chicken $6.95
Yasai Itame $6.95

Rice Dishes

Cha-Han $6.95
Curry Rice $7.50
Katsu Curry $8.95
Tenshin-Han $7.95


Full Of Natural Collagen, Our Broth Is Made From Chicken And Fresh Vegetables Boiled Over High Heat For More Than 10 Hours Served With Premium Wave Noodles.
House Ramen $8.40
Miso Ramen $8.95
Spicy Miso Ramen $8.95
Soy Sauce Ramen $8.95
Tantan-Men $8.95
Kim-Chi Ramen $8.95
Curry Ramen $8.95
Yasai Ramen $8.95
Vegetarian Ramen $8.95
Cold Noodles $8.95

Side Orders

Gyoza $4.75
Shumai $4.25
Kim-Chi $2.00
Green Salad $3.00
Seaweed Salad $4.50
Extra Nooldes $1.00
Double Noodles $2.00
Roast Pork $3.75
Spicy Ground Pork $2.00
Extra Vegetable $2.00
Extra Seaweed $2.00
Extra Tofu Corn $1.00
Butter Cube $0.50
Rice Triangle $3.50
White Rice $2.00

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