Simla Indian Cuisine Menu and Prices updated 2021


Simla Indian Cuisine Menu


Simla Indian Cuisine Menu and Prices

Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori Chicken $12.95
spring chicken marinated in yogurt, vinegar, mint and exotic tandoori spices, roasted in clay oven.
Malay Kabab $13.95
(chicken cooked with yogurt & indian herbs spices)
Chicken Tikka $13.95
boneless chicken cubes marinated in yogurt with tandoori spices, roasted in clay oven
Chicken Tikka Musalam $13.95
boneless chicken marinated in herbs spices barbecued oven charcoal, cooked with cream and almonds
Boti Kabab $14.95
cubes of lamb or beef roasted to perfection on skewers
Sheek Kabab $12.95
mixed meat with onions and herbs roasted on skewers
Tandoori Mixed Grill $17.95
assortments of tandoori specialties
Fish Tandoori $17.95
fish marinated in yogurt, freshly ground spices and roasted in the tandoori
Fish Tikka (Salmon) $17.95
Shrimp Tandoori (Jumbo Shrimp) $17.95
jumbo shrimp marinated in yogurt, vinegar, mint and exotic tandoori spices. roast in clay oven. (could be served with spinach or mushroom $4.00 will be extra)

Biryani Specialties

Vegetable Biryani $11.95
distinct flavor long grain, indian basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables, nuts and mild spices
Chicken Biryani $12.95
long grain flavored basmati rice cooked with boneless chicken or vegetable, nuts and exotics mild spices
Chicken Tikka Biryani $13.95
boneless chicken tikka cooked with long grain indian basmati rice, eggs, nuts and 15 exotic mild spices
Beef Or Lamb Biryani $13.95
tender pieces of lamb or beef cooked with basmati rice, nuts, eggs and raisin
Mixed Biryani $13.95
combination of vegetable, chicken, beef, lamb cooked with long grain basmati rice in oriental indian style
Shrimp Biryani $16.95
cooked in house style


Soft Drink $1.50
coke, diet coke, 7 up, ginger ale, club soda
Indian Spiced Tea $2.00
Coffee Or Sanka $2.00
Iced Tea Or Coffee $2.95
Lassi (Plane, Salted, Sweet, Mango) $4.00
Juices $3.25


Firni $2.50
indain style rose water flavored coconut custered
Rasmalai $3.50
home made cottage cheese balls in sweetened milk served with pistachios
Gulabjamun $3.50
fried cheese balls in sugar syrup
Mango Or Coconut Ice Cream $3.50
mango or coconut flavored indian ice cream
Kulfi $4.50
home made ice cream with pistachio

Simla Special

one “appetizer” selection plus one “entree” selection . you also get basmati rice, nan bread, cucumber, raita (yogurt) & mango chutney, with your order
Simla Special $15.95

Simla Special – Appetizers – Chicken

Malai Kabab
marinated in cream cheese
Chicken Tikka
tender pcs. marinated in yogurt & spices

Simla Special – Appetizers – Lamb

Boti Kabab
cubes of lamb marinated
Seek Kabab
minced lamb from skewers

Simla Special – Appetizers – Vegetarian

Aloo Tikiyas
potato cakes w / chutney & chic peas
consisting of potato & peas w / chic peas
assorted fried fritters
Aloo Papri
snack w / potato, chic peas, yogurt & chutney
Banana Pakora
banana fritters
Sweet & Sour Eggplant
if you like eggplant – try this

Simla Special – Soup & Salad

a south indian creation made with lentils, tomatoes end a dash of spices and herbs, served hot
Indian Salad
mixed traditional indian salad w /house dressing

Simla Special – Entrees – Chicken

Tikka Masala
best seller – cooked in tomato cream sauce
cooked in almond cream sauce
authentic home style curry sauce

Simla Special – Entrees – Lamb

very hot & spicy brown sauce
Rogan Josh
authentic brown sauce
sauteed w / fresh spinach

Simla Special – Entrees – Fish

salmon cooked in sauce

Simla Special – Entrees – Vegetarian

Daal Makhani
blackgrain lentil w / tomato flavor
Mushroom Bhajee
mushroom tastefully blended with onion
Malai Kofta
vegetable balls cooked in sauce
Mattar Mushroom
green peas with mushroom cooked in sauce
Saag Panir
fresh spinach w / cottage cheese
Chana Masala
chic peas w / fresh tomatoes & onions
Panir Bhurjee
shreded panir cooked w / tomatoes, onions & peppers
Bhartha (Eggplant)
roasted & cooked w / onions & tomatoes
Vegetable Jalfrazie
assorted fresh veg. cooked in tomato sauce
Bhindi Masala
fresh okra w / onions and tomato

Cold Appetizers

Chana Chat $4.95
a tangy combination of chick peas, potatoes and onions tossed in a tamarind sauce, sprinkled with indian herbal rock salt – spicy
Aloo Papri $5.95
a tangy appetizer consisting of potatoes & chic peas
Chicken Chat $5.95
succulent pieces of chicken and potatoes tossed in a tamarind sauce with indian herbal rock salt very spicy

Hot Appetizers

Masala Dosa $9.95
crepe filled with potato, onion and nut stuffing. dosa shell crepe made of rice, urad dal, herbs & spices
Indian Hors D’Oeuvers $7.50
assorted hot appetizers
Samosa $3.25
crisp pastry turnover filled with minced meat or vegetable
Mixed Vege – Pakora $6.95
assorted vegetable fritters
Poori Bhajee $4.95
fried chick peas served with light fluffy bread
Papadom $1.50
thin bean wafers
Banana Pakora $3.50
banana fritters
Bujia $3.25
onion fritters
Fried Shrimp $7.95
shrimp cooked in bengal fashion, served with light fluffy bread
Chicken Liver $6.95
chicken liver sauteed with herbs and spices, served with light fluffy bread
Aloor Chop $4.95
a tangy combination of potato cakes, chick peas and onions, tossed in tamarined sauce
Bagun Bazzi $4.95
eggplant fritters
Chicken Pakora $6.95
mildly spiced chicken fetters
Shami Kabab $5.95
beef mixed with onion, green chilies, spices & herbs
Tandoori Mixed Grill Appetizers $9.95
served with poori bread
Sheek Kebab ( 2Pcs.) $6.95
minced meat with onions & herbs roll on skewers & roasted in a clay oven.


Mulligatawany $3.95
a south indian creation made with lentils, tomatoes and a dash of spices and herbs, served hot
Coconut Soup $3.95
delicious hot coconut in milk
Palak Soup $3.95
a refreshingly delicious soup made from spinach
Hindustani Murgh Shorbe (Chicken Soup) $4.95
a traditional indian soup with chicken and potatoes flavored with coconut lemon

Breads From Tandoor

Chapaty $2.95
thin roasted bread
Nan Plain $3.25
unleavened bread freshly baked in clay oven
Nan $3.95
garlic, onion, khandari, keema & cheese
Paratha $3.25
multi – layered crisp bread
Tandoori Roti $3.25
unleavened whole wheat bread
Poori $4.95
light fluffy bread
Alo Paratha $3.95
bread stuffed with sauteed spiced – flavored mashed potatoes
Keea Paratha $4.95
bread stuffed with minced meat
Bread Basket $12.95
our exclusive assortment
Muglai Paratha $5.95
breaded stuffed with minced meat, eggs, onion and green pepper

Side Dishes

Cucumber Rayta $3.25
yogurt with diced cucumber, garnished with herbs and spices
Spinach Rayta $3.50
plain yogurt with spinach, garnish with herbs & spices
Mango Or Lemon Pickle $2.95
hot & spicy
House Salad $4.95
Simla Pillaw $6.95
basmati rice, fine grained with natural fragrances, cooked with fruits and nuts ( good with any dish)
Mango Chutney $2.95
sweet & sour mango pickle

Fresh Vegetable Varieties

(can be ordered as a side dish)
Mushroom Bhajee $10.95
mushroom tastefully blended with onion
Gobi Bhajee $10.95
a piquant blend of spices in the preparation of cauliflower with tomato
Mixed Vegetable Curry $10.95
fresh mixed vegetables cooked in a spice flavored sauce
Chana Saag $10.95
chick peas and spinach cooked in a spice flavored sauce
Shaag Bhajee $10.95
spinach tastefully blended with tomatoes and onion
Mutor Ponit $11.95
homemade cheese fried & cooked with green peas punjab style
Shaag Ponir $11.95
homemade cheese fried and cooked with fresh spinach
Bindi Bhajee $10.95
whole baby okra deliciously simmered with tomatoes and onion
Mushroom Shaag $10.95
fresh mushroom and spinach cooked in spice flavored sauce
Alu Mutor Gobi $10.95
potatoes, peas and cauliflower cooked together in massala
Begaun Bharta $10.95
a classic indian vegetarian dish, whole eggplant baked over an oven, blended with herbs, sauteed onions and tomatoes
Mahkanwala Dal $8.95
creamed lentils simmered in the tandoor and tempered in mild spices and clarfied butter
Malai Kofta $12.95
fresh mixed vegetable balls cooked in mild creamy sauce
Navrattan Curry $11.95
assorted vegetables in cream sauce with nuts & fruit
Vegetable Korahi $11.95
served sizzling, ask waiter for explanation
Alo – Palak $10.95
potatoes and spinach cooked in onions and herbs sauce
Dun Aloo $13.95
stuffed potatoes cooked in sauce
Chole Peshawari $10.95
chickpeas and diced potatoes cooked in traditional punjabi style
Paneer Pasanda $13.95
home made cheese seasoned with authentic almonds creamy
Kadai Paneer $12.95
home made cheese with peppers, tomatoes and ginger cooked in a wok
Channa Masala $10.95
chickpeas, cooked in our chef’s special sauce, herbs and spices
Bombay Aloo $9.95
potatoes cooked with hot spice flavor sauce
Vegetable Kurma $11.95
mix vegetables cooked in mughlai style with almond and creamy sauce
Vegetable Pasanda $12.95
veggies cooked in fresh cream & merlot with with mild spices

House Special

House Special $22.95
soup, samosa, pakora, tandoori chicken, sheekh kebab, boti kebab, lamb pasanda, vegetable, rice, nan, dessert, tea or coffee

Meat Thali

Meat Thali $18.95
three varieties of meat, samosa, pakora, mango chutney, papadum pullao rice, nan, dessert and tea or coffee

Chicken Specialties

Chicken Curry $10.95
boneless chicken cooked in mildly spiced sauce
Chicken Madras $11.95
boneless chicken cooked with tomatoes and medium spices
Chicken Vindaloo $11.95
chicken cooked with potatoes, hot peppers and highly spices
Chicken Dopiaza $11.95
cooked with onions, tomatoes in spicy flavored sauce
Chicken Sag $11.95
chicken cooked with spinach and mild sauce
Chicken Mushroom $11.95
chicken cooked in mild spice with mushroom
Chicken Dhansak $11.95
chicken cooked in persian style with lentil and spinach
Chicken Vegetable $12.95
chicken cooked with fresh vegetables in medium hot sauce
Chicken Kurma $12.95
cooked in mughlai style with almonds and mild creamy sauce
Butter Chicken $13.95
chicken marinated in yougunt ground spices, onion and tomatoes sauteed with cream and butter
Chicken Malai $12.95
chicken cooked with coconut and creamy sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala $13.95
boneless broiled chicken cubes cooked with a special tandoori mild spicy sauce
Chicken Makhuni $13.95
tandoori chicken tikka cooked with almonds creamy and special sauce
Chicken Korahi $13.95
served sizzling ask waiter for explanation
Chicken Jal Frazie $12.95
chicken cooked with green pepper, onions, tomato in sharp spices
Chicken Pasanda $12.95
chicken cooked in fresh cream & merlot wine mixed with cashew nuts & mild spices

Beef / Lamb Specialties

(editional one dollar ($1.00) for lamb)
Beef Or Lamb Curry $10.95
tender pieces of boneless beef or lamb cooked in lightly spicy gravy
Beef Or Lamb Madras $11.95
cooked with tomatoes, medium hot sauce
Beef Or Lamb Vindaloo $11.95
highly spiced meat cooked with potatoes in a tangy sharp sauce
Beef Or lamb Bhuna $11.95
cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes, green peppers and medium hot spices
Rogan Josh $11.95
cubes of meat, cooked with onions, green peppers, tomatoes in lightly spiced gravy
Beef Or Lamb Sag $11.95
cooked with spinach in fresh indian spices
Beef Or Lamb Dhansak $11.95
cooked in persian style with lentil and medium hot spices
Beef Or Lamb Dilder $11.95
cooked with pineapple, nuts and mild spices
Beef Or Lamb Sobzi $13.95
cooked with fresh vegetables
Beef Or Lamb Kurma $12.95
cooked in mughlai style with almond and mild creamy sauce
Beef Or Lamb Malai $12.95
cooked with coconut and creamy sauce
Keema Peas Curry $11.95
minced meat cooked in spices & herbs with green peas
Beef Or Lamb Korai $14.95
served sizzling, ask waiter for explanation
Lamb Or Beef Jal Frazie $13.95
lamb of beef cooked with green pepper, onion, tomatoes in sharp spices
Handi $13.95
curry with vegetables, choice of lamb, beef or chicken
Lamb Or Beef Pasanda $13.95
morsels of lamb marinated and cooked in a special yougurt – based curry sauce
Chicken, Lamb, Beef Or Vegetable Balti $13.95
originated from the northwest frontier, choice meat of vegetable cooked with freshly ground spices, tomatoes and coriander served in a balti (hot / mild)

Vegetable Thali

Vegetable Thali $16.95
three varieties of vegetable samosa, pakora, papadum, pullao rice, raita, nan, dessert and tea or coffee

Seafood Specialties

Parwn Kabab Masala : (Jumbo Shrimp) – Shrimp Tandori Masala $18.95
jumbo tandoori shrimp cooked with almonds creamy and special sauce
Shrimp Curry $16.50
shrimp cooked with spice flavored sauce
Shrimp Vindaloo $16.95
shrimp cooked with potatoes and highly hot spicy sauce
Shrimp Madras $16.95
cooked with tomatoes and medium hot sauce
Shrimp Bhuna $16.95
cooked with tomatoes, onions, green peppers and medium hot sauce
Shrimp Sag $16.95
shrimp cooked with spinach tomatoes and in delicately spiced sauce
Shrimp Bhindi $16.95
cooked with fresh okra
Shrimp Patia $16.95
shrimp cooked with lentiles and hot sauce
Shrimp Kurma $17.95
shrimp cooked in mughlai style with almond and creamy sauce
Shrimp Malai $17.95
shrimp cooked with coconut and creamy sauce
Shrimp Kashimiri $17.95
cooked with banana and mild creamy sauce
Shrimp Korai $17.95
served sizzling, ask waiter for explanation
Shrimp Jal Farzie $17.95
shrimp cooked with green pepper, onions, tomatoes in sharp spices
Lobster Curry $25.95
fresh lobster cooked with onion, tomatoes in medium spiced sauce
Fish Masala $15.95
fish of the day cooked in bengali style with spiced gravy
Fish Malaber $15.95
bengali style with coconut & creamy sauce
Crab Meat Curry $14.95
cooked with mild or spiced flavored sauce

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