Shiki Japanese Menu and Prices updated 2021


Shiki Japanese Menu

Shiki (articulated Shee-Kee) is interpreted to “four seasons”. Shiki Japanese Eatery has been serving the Ruler Anne and Seattle community since 2001. Family possessed and worked by Ace Chef Insight and Etsuko Yamamoto, share their enthusiasm in lovely Sushi fine dining. Join us nowadays and involvement the savory tastes of Japan.

Shiki Japanese Menu and Prices

Sushi – Nigiri

Maguro $6.50
(Tuna-big eye).
(Fatty tuna-blue fin).
Hamachi $5.00
(Yellow tail).
Sake $4.50
Shiro Maguro $4.00
Unagi $7.50
Saba $4.50
Tako $4.75
Hirame $4.50
Ebi $4.00
(Cooked shrimp).
Amaebi $6.00
(Raw shrimp).
Hotate $5.50
Kani $7.50
(King crab).
Ika $4.00
Tobiko $4.00
(Flying fish roe).
Tamago $3.00
(Egg omelet).
Hakkigai $3.75
(Surf clam).
Ikura $5.50
(Salmon roe).
Tai $4.00
(Red snapper).
(Sea urchin).
Aji $7.00
(Spanish mackerel).
Sawara $4.50
(King mackerel).

Sushi – Rolls

California Roll $5.50
Spider Roll $12.50
Tekka $6.50
(Tuna) roll.
Spicy Tuna Roll $6.00
Kappa $3.75
(Cucumber) roll.
Oshinko Roll $3.50
Veggie Roll $4.75
Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.50
Unakyu $9.50
(Eel & cucumber) roll.
Washington Roll $7.50
Salmon, cream cheese & cucumber.

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