Ray Parrella’s Italian Menu and Prices updated 2021


Ray Parrella’s Italian Menu

Ray Parrella’s Italian Menu and Prices


Stuffed Pepperoni Loaf $5.95
our garlic loaf stuffed with imported pepperoni and 3 cheeses
Stuffed Bread $3.95 – $5.75
our garlic loaf stuffed with three cheeses
Bruschetta Bread $5.75
sliced bread topped with olive oil, italian spices and three cheeses
Garlic Loaf $2.25 – $3.75
a loaf of bread smothered in garlic butter
Spinach Queso $6.95
a blend of american, hot pepper and cream cheese with seasoned spinach served with sliced bread and chips
Sausage Tidbits $6.95
sweet italian sausage sliced and sauteed with green peppers and tomato sauce


Chicken $3.75 – $2.50
chicken vegetables, noodles and spices simmered in chicken broth.
Minestrone $3.75 – $2.50
vegetables, noodles, tomato sauce and seasonings in tomato broth


spring mix fusilli and shell pasta
Pasta Salad and Peas $6.95
tossed in ray’s famous r p. dressing creamy italian
Chicken Pasta Salad $7.75
tossed in our famous r. p. dressing topped with sliced marinated chicken breast
Crab Pasta Salad $7.75
tossed in rays famous dressing and topped with crab
Greek Pasta Salad $7.95
shrimp, feta cheese, black olives, peas and tomatoes in our greek dressing
House Salad $4.95
spring mix dressings bleu cheese, italian, creamy italian. raspberry vinaigrette, ranch

Pasta and Other Italian Favorites

served with garlic bread
Spaghetti $6.75 – $8.75
Baked Penne $7.00 – $9.00
Lasagna. $9.50
meat layers of noodles, salami, pepperoni, beef, pork and cheeses
Lasagna $9.50
veggie, layers of noodles, carrots, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and cheeses
Manicotti $7.95
tubular noodles filled with cheeses and spices smothered in tomato sauce
Fettuccine Parrella $7.95
a bed of flat pasta laced with ray’s creamy alfredo sauce
Capellini Marinara $7.50
angel hair pasta with our chunky marinara sauce
Capellini Con Pollo $8.75
marinated sliced chicken breast in marinara sauce over angel hair
Penne and Smoked Chicken $8.75
sliced chicken breast in a white basil sauce over a bed of penne topped with smoked provolone cheese
Ravioli $7.95
meat or cheese pasta envelopes stuffed with spices and meat or cheese filling
Eggplant Parmigiana $7.95
breaded sliced eggplant layered with tomato sauce and topped with a blend of cheeses baked until golden brown

Bambino Menu Children Under 10, Includes Soft Drink

Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce $4.00
Ravioli $4.95
meat or cheese
Penne and Meatball $4.95
Ravioli $4.90
meat or cheese
Penne and Meatball $4.50


Beverages $1.25
pepsi, diet pepsi, mountain dew, dr. pepper, coffee, tea
Sharing Charge $1.00


Assorted Homemade Cakes $3.95
Cannoli $3.95

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