Qi Bangkok Eatery Menu and Prices updated 2021


Qi Bangkok Eatery Menu

Qi Bangkok Eatery Menu and Prices

Lunch Special

Lunch Special $7.95
any entrée on the regular menu. comes with a free appetizer.

Lunch Set By Pichet Ong $13.90

Lemongrass Chicken Wings
spicy-sweet-and-sour sauce
Five Spice Stewed Beef Noodle
rice noodles/ chinese broccoli/ beansprouts/ cinnamon/ star anise/ scalions/ celery
Yuzu Panna Cotta
matcha/ sesame/ mango


Triple Mushrooms Spring Rolls
Chive Corn Dumplings
Ginger Edamame
Green Salad
peanut sauce dressing
Steamed Or Fried Seaweed Chicken And Shrimp Dumplings

Stir-Fried Noodle

Pad Thai
Pad See Euw
Spicy Basil Noodles

Fried Rice

Bangkok Fried Rice
Spicy Basil Fried Rice
Pineapple Fried Rice
Red Curry
Green Curry
Panang Curry

Sautéed Dishes

Spicy Thai Basil Dish
Ginger Dish
Black And White Sesame Garlic Dish
Spicy Holy Basil
chili, string beans, onions, eggplants and bell peppers
Roasted Cashew Nuts
zuchini, bell peppers, baby corns, scallions, carrots, celery and pineapples w/ chili paste sauce
Ginger Dish
baby corns, mushrooms, zucchini, scallions, bell peppers, carrots, onions and celery
Black And White Sesame Garlic Dish
chinese broccoli, broccoli, bok choy, napa cabbage and carrots w/ sesame oil sauce

Fish Dishes $9.90

Crispy Fillet Tilapia
w/ basil sauce
Salmon W/ Tumeric Curry Cream Sauce
seared salmon, spinach, napa cabbages and onions


Charcoal Grilled Tiger Prawns $9.00
traditional “nam jihm talay”, spicy chilli lime garlic sauce and “nahm pla wahn” sauce
Tuna Tartare W/ Bangkok Herbs $8.00
fresh herbs/ lime/ chilli
Shrimp Cakes $8.00
pork/ plum sauce
Lemongrass Chicken Wings $8.00
spicy-sweet-and-sour sauce
Mussel Pineapple Red Curry $8.00
grilled mussels/ basil/ red curry cream
Chicken Lohn Relish W/ Cucumber $7.00
minced chicken, soy bean paste/ tamarind/ shallot/ lemongrass and chili coconut.
Ginger Edamame $4.00
freshly steamed green soy beans w/ ginger
Sesame Tofu $4.00
crispy sesame crusted tofu, served w/ crushed peanuts and sweet chili dipping sauce
Triple Mushroom Spring Roll $4.00
crispy spring rolls stuffed w/ glass noodles, wood ear mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and minced vegetables, served w/ pomegranate asian plum sauce
Curry Puff $5.90
siamese pastry stuffed w/ grounded chicken, potatoes, onions, and yellow curry powder, served w/ light sour sauce
Chicken Satay $5.90
grilled coriander herb and lemongrass marinate, served w/ house peanut sauce
Chive Taro Corn Dumpling $4.50
w/ mixed vegetables, served w/ house chili soy sauce
Chicken And Shrimp Dumpling $5.20
sesames and seaweed, served w/ house chili soy sauce
Herbal Coconut Calamari $5.90
toasted ground cumin, coriander crusted and roasted coconut flakes served w/ sweet chili sauce
Blanketed Shrimps $5.90
w/ chicken garlic served w/ plum sake dipping sauce
Fresh Basil Summer Roll W/ Shrimps $5.90
julienne carrots, celery, cucumbers, lettuce and red onions. served w/ tamarind hoisin sauce
Five Spices Honey Glazed Ribs $6.50
coriander seeds, ginger and bangkok spices
Assorted Fritters $8.50
crispy chicken-shrimp dumplings, asian chive corn dumplings spring rolls, sesame tofu and blanket shrimps. served w/ peanut sweet chili sauce

Salads $8

Chicken String Bean Salad
steamed chicken/ toasted coconut/ coconut cream/ lime/ roasted chili jam/ shallot/ boiled egg
Smoky Grilled Eggplant Salad
shrimp/ minced chicken/ lime/ chilli/ mint

Soups $7

Coconut Milk Tom Yum
shrimp/ scallop/ lemongrass/ galangal/ chilies/ shallot/ lime/ kaffir lime
Five Spice Stewed Beef
floating market style soup. chinese broccoli/ beansprouts/ cinnamon/ star anise/ scalions/ celery

Authentic Bites $4.50

Kao Nahm Prihk Pla Tuu
fried “pla tuu fish”/ “nahm prihk kapi”, spicy shrimp paste relish/ steamed jasmine rice
Sai Uoh Nahm Prihk Noohm
most famous northern thai dish. grilled chiang mai pork sausage/ “nahm prihk noohm”, spicy long chilli relish/ crispy pork skin
Kai Yiew Mah Gra Prahw Grob
fried cured egg/ spicy basil minced chicken

Main Plates

Red Vinegar Spareribs $19.00
chinese rum sauce/ sweet and sour
Lotus Stalk Kingfish Curry $18.00
lotus stalk/ white asparagus/ coconut curry
Panang Duck Curry $24.00
string beans/ kaffir lime/ chili/ coconut milk/ peanut/ cumin/ nutmeg
Short Rib Green Curry $24.00
bamboo/ basil/ string beans/ baby corn/ eggplant/ wild ginger/ bell peppers/ coconut
Red Curry Salmon W/ Kanom Jiin Noodle $21.00
wild ginger/ chilli/ lemongrass/ coconut/ bean sprouts/ basil/ pickled cabbage/ sting beans
Fiery Pork Red Turmeric Curry $18.00
dried bird’s eye chilli/ lemongrass/ galangal/ shrimp paste/ coconut/ thai eggplant/ basil/ long hot chilli
Chu Chee Curry Grilled Tiger Prawns $24.00
chilli/ kaffir lime/ coconut
Rama Lohng Srong $19.00
grilled chicken breast/ tamarind/ red peanut sauce/ spinach/ baby bok choy/ turmeric/ coconut/ chili

Cocktail Pairings

Bangkok Bellini $8.00
st. germain/ cardamom/ prosecco
Makarm $13.00
makers mark/ tamarind/ lime
Siam Lemonade $13.00
hendrick’s/ lime/ kaffir lime leaves


Mixed Market Greens $5.20
fresh greens w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and tofu. served w/ peanut sauce dressing.
Green Papaya Salad $6.20
cherry tomatoes, string beans, roasted peanuts in chilli lime juice dressing
Burmese Tea Leaves Salad $5.90
laphet citrus green tea leaves, mixed nuts, sesames, fried garlic, fried red onions, lettuce and chili lime dressing
Spicy Beef Mango Salad $7.90
grilled herb-marinated beef, lemongrass, roasted jasmine rice, scallions, cilantro and mint leaves w/ tamarind dressing
Crispy Duck Salad $7.90
cashew nuts, pineapples, tomatoes, mint leaves, mangoes, w/ roasted chili lime dressing
Larb $7.90
minced chicken seasoned w/ herbs, mint leaves, lemongrass, red onions, scallions and chili, tossed in lime juice


Lemongrass Soup (Tom Yum) $4.50
a savory sour soup w/ mushrooms, traditionally seasoned w/ lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chili and lime juice
Lemongrass Soup (Tom Yum)
chicken/ shrimp/ vegetable/ tofu
Galangal Coconut Milk Soup (Tom Kha) $4.50
a distinct flavor of southern thailand’s coconut soup w/ mushrooms, seasoned w/ galangal, chili and lime juice
Galangal Coconut Milk Soup (Tom Kha)
chicken/ shrimp/ vegetable/ tofu
Dumpling Woon-Sen Soup $4.00
seaweed-chicken-shrimp dumplings, glass vermicelli and bok choy in ginger chicken broth

Wok Noodles

Pad Thai
(v). stir-fried thai rice noodles w/ brown tofu, eggs, bean sprouts, scallions and crushed peanuts
Pad See Euw
(v). flat rice noodles stir-fried in sweet soy sauce w/ chinese broccoli, broccoli and eggs
Kee´ Mao
(v). spicy basil noodles. spicy pan-fried flat rice noodles w/ spicy sauce, tomatoes, basil, eggs, bell peppers and onions
Kai-Subb Gravy Curry Sauce $10.90
minced chicken, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and celery
Rolling Noodle $10.90
minced chicken w/ shitake mushrooms, brown tofu, scallions and bean sprouts in house classic soy based

Broth Noodles

Chicken Chiang Mai Noodle $10.50
(v). red onions, lime, scallions, pickled cabbages, bean sprouts in light yellow curry broth, topped w/ crispy yellow noodles
Floating Market Stewed Beef Noodle $11.20
braised beef w/ rice noodles, chinese broccoli, bean sprouts in five spices cinnamon brown broth
Seaweed Chicken And Shrimp Wonton $9.90
w/ glass noodles, bok choy, bean sprouts and crispy garlic in clear chicken broth

Fried Rice Dishes

Bangkok Fried Rice
traditional thai fried rice w/ scallions, onions, tomatoes, carrots, chinese broccoli and eggs
Thai Spicy Basil Fried Rice
w/ bell peppers, onions, chili and eggs
Pineapple Fried Rice
roasted cashew nuts, onions, scallions, raisins, carrots and eggs
Green Curry Fried Rice In Clay Pot
w/ lychee fruits, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, eggs and basils

Curry Dishes

Massaman Curry
thai-muslim spices and herbs blended in chili paste w/ potatoes, peanuts and onions, simmered in coconut milk
Panang Curry
spices and herbs blended in mild chili paste w/ string beans, bell peppers and kaffir lime leaves, simmered in coconut milk
Yellow Curry
muslim herbs blended turmeric spice w/ potatoes, onions, tomatoes, baby corns, bell peppers and crispy shallot
Green Curry
spices and herbs blended in hot green chili paste w/ bamboo shoots, egg plants, basil and bell peppers, simmered in coconut milk
Red Curry
spices blended in chili paste w/ bamboo shoots, zucchini, basil and bell peppers, simmered in coconut milk

Vegetarian Dishes $9.90

Choices Of : All Curries, Sautéed, Fried Rice And Some Noodle Dishes Marked (V) Can Be Made Vegetarian W/ Tofu Or A Variety Of Vegetables Upon Request.
Imitation Duck

Fish Specialties

Steamed Ginger Chilean Sea Bass In Cast Iron Pot $18.90
glass vermicelli, bok choy, napa cabbages, celery, chinese broccoli and shitake mushrooms in seasoning house soy sauce.
Sesame Crusted Salmon $15.00
corns and spinach w/ light sesame sauce
Ginger Tuna Teriyaki $16.00
seared medium rare tuna steak. served w/ “thai spice ratatouille”, eggplants, pineapples, onions, basil and bell peppers
Mixed Herbs Chili Pad Cha
wild ginger, basils, string beans, asian eggplants and lemongrass
Mixed Herbs Chili Pad Cha $18.90
chilean sea bass
Mixed Herbs Chili Pad Cha $15.00
Mixed Herbs Chili Pad Cha $15.00
Mixed Herbs Chili Pad Cha $14.00
Teh-Pho Tumeric Curry In Clay Pot
spinach, onions, napa cabbages, lemongrass in tumeric coconut curry and crispy shallot
Teh-Pho Tumeric Curry In Clay Pot $18.90
chilean sea bass
Teh-Pho Tumeric Curry In Clay Pot $15.00
Teh-Pho Tumeric Curry In Clay Pot $15.00
Teh-Pho Tumeric Curry In Clay Pot $14.00
Slow Poached Fish W/ Sake Ginger Shitake In Banana Leaf
gingers, shitake mushrooms, chinese black bean herbs, celery, onions, scallions and baby corns
Slow Poached Fish W/ Sake Ginger Shitake In Banana Leaf $18.90
chilean sea bass
Slow Poached Fish W/ Sake Ginger Shitake In Banana Leaf $15.00
Spicy Thai Holy Basil
chili, string beans, onions, eggplants and bell peppers
Spicy Thai Holy Basil $18.90
chilean sea bass
Spicy Thai Holy Basil $15.00
Spicy Thai Holy Basil $15.00
Spicy Thai Holy Basil $14.00


Qi Pad Thai $14.90
sautéed glass vermicelli w/ shrimps, scallop, calamari, mussels, fresh mango, brown tofu, bean sprouts, scallions, crushed peanuts and tamarind juice, wrapped in an egg white crepe
Bangkok Chicken Pumpkin Curry $12.00
thai herbs and spices blended in roasted chili paste w/ kaffir lime leaves and fresh basil simmered in coconut milk
Gai-Yang´& Som-Tum $15.00
thai classic combination set, grilled marinated lemongrass chicken breasts, green papaya salad, and sticky rice. served w/ sweet chili sauce
Seafood Chu-Chee Curry W/ Young Coconut $16.00
steamed coconut flesh, jumbo shrimps, scallops, mussels, squid w/ herbs, blended in mild chu-chee chili paste, kaffir lime leaves, wild ginger and asparagus ribbons
Rib Eye Steak W/ Massaman Ginger Cream Sauce $18.00
thai-muslim spices and herbs blended in chili paste w/ potatoes and coconut milk
Grilled Honey Pork Chop $13.00
served w/ sautéed mixed market vegetables and traditional spicy roasted jasmine rice dipping sauce

Side Order Dishes

Sticky Rice $2.50
Brown Rice $2.00
Jasmine Rice $1.50
Stir Fried Pumpkin And Eggs $5.50
Tofu Bean Sprouts Scallions $5.20
w/ pad thai sauce
Ginger Seasonal Greens $5.50
stir-fried w/ garlic sauce

Dessert By Ong

Soft Tamarind Parfait $8.00
oreo soil, condensed milk chantilly, blueberry compote, tamarind candy
Coconut Mousse Cake $9.00
pineapple confit, c innamon, rum milk, toasted coconut
Caramelized Bread Pudding $8.00
five s pice anglaise, raspberry, bailey’s ice cream
Passionfruit Cheesecake $8.00
sesame crust, caramel sauce, strawberry, coconut sorbet
Chocolate Hazelnut Dome $9.00
ovaltine glaze, chocolate chili ganache, macaroon crust, salted bark

Ice Cream $9

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Green Tea
Chocolate-Thai Chili
Sorbets $9
Passion Fruit

Bangkok Bar

Siam Lemonade $13.00
hendrick’s/ lime/ kaffir lime leaves
Makarm $13.00
makers mark/ tamarind/ lime
Bangkok Bellini $8.00
st. germain/ cardamom/ prosecco
Kyw-Ai Lycheetini $9.00
infused lychee vodka/ sake/ pomegranate/ lime
Chi $9.00
gin/ midori/ cucumber puree´/ lime/ palm sugar
Mekhong River $10.00
mekhong thai rum/ vodka/ amaretto/ lime/ sprite
Krungthepmahanakhon Amornrattanakosin $10.00
Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop $10.00
Noppharat Ratchathaniburirom $10.00
Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphiman $10.00
Awatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit $10.00
gin/ vodka/ star anise/ ginger/ yuzu/ lime/ thai iced tea/ guava juice
Temple Of Dawn $10.00
vodka/ vanilla liquor/ strawberry/ pineapple juice
Tom Yum Martini $10.00
infused basil, lemongrass, galangal rum/ kaffir lime
Ovaltine Brownie $10.00
vanilla liquor/ chocolate liquor/ coconut liquor/ cream/ honey
Ginger Mango Margarita $10.00
thai fruit dipping sauce rim (sugar/ salt/ crushed spices)

Qi Mojito

Qi Herbal Mojito $13.00
infused basil, ginger, lemongrass, galangal rum/ palm sugar/ lime/ mint
Watermelon Mojito $13.00
rum/ mint/ lime/ fresh squeezed watermelon
Passion Fruit Mojito $13.00
rum/ mint/ lime/ fresh squeezed passion fruit
Cucumber Ginger Mojito $11.00
rum/ cucumber puree´/ ginger/ lime/ mint/ palm sugar
Lychee Mojito $11.00
infused lychee rum/ mint/ lime
Mango Mojito $11.00
rum/ mint/ lime
Mandarin Yuzu Mojito $11.00
rum/ mint/ lime
Pomegranate Mojito $11.00
rum/ mint/ lime
Coconut Mojito $12.00
brinley gold rum/ mint/ lime
Pineapple Mojito $11.00
rum/ mint/ lime

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