Qaato Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Qaato Restaurant Menu

Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–9pm
Wednesday 5–9pm
Thursday 5–9pm
Friday 5–9pm
Saturday 5–9pm
Sunday Closed

Qaato Restaurant Menu and Prices

Soups $7

Assorted Meat Or Oxtail Pepper
tender cubes of goat of small joints of oxtail cooked with exotic seasoning and spices
Fish & Shrimp Pepper
fish steak and shrimp cooked with special exotic seasoning and spices

Nigerian Dishes $10

West Africa All Soups Are Served With Your Choice Of Pounded Yam, Gami Or Amala
Ogbono Soup With Fish Or Assorted Meat
ground mango seed prepared in a rich sauce with ground, shrimp, meat or fish
Egusi Soup With Fish Or Goat
ground melon seed with ground shrimp, pepper and spices, cooked in a delicious sauce and finished off with chopped collard greens
Whipped Okra With Stew
chopped okra whipped with ground crayfish
Ewedu Soup
fish or goat

Rice Dishes

Steamed Rice $10.00
with fish
Jollof Rice With Chicken Goat Meat Of Fish $10.00
seasoned rice and tomato sauce
Coconut Rice $10.00
with chicken, assorted meat or fish
Bean & Rice $10.00
with goat meat, chicken or fish stew
Bean Casserole And Fried Plantain $10.00
Aya Mase $12.00
very spicy

Yam & Plantain Dishes

Fried, Broiled Yam $10.00
with omelette
Fried, Broiled Plantain $10.00
thinly sliced plantain fried in oil till golden brown served with your choice of chicken, fish stew or omelette
Yam Porridge (A La Carte) $12.00
boiled cubes of yam cooked in a sauce with crayfish, tomatoes and seasoning

Little Extras

Fried Plantain $2.00
Jollof Rice & Beans $2.00
Stock Fish $8.00
Chicken / Goat $2.00
Cowleg / Tripe $2.00
Pounded Yam / Gari $2.00

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