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Q4U Menu

Look over the current Q4U menu and place an order for great meals. Find the most up-to-date offers, rates, kid’s meals, and more. There are choices for pick-up and delivery. You may either browse the entire menu or use our fast jump guide to skip right to the kind area you’re searching for. All sandwiches are served with a side of Q’s renowned colesaw and a pickle on a sourdough deli style bread. Comes with G.’s original BBQ sauce or Q 4 U’s original BBQ sauce. Choose from a variety of hot sauces. a. Add $1.99 for more meat b. Substitute for coleslaw – $0.90

Q4U Menu and Prices

Q’s Incredible Huge Sandwiches

all sandwiches served on a sourdough deli style bun served with a side of Q’s famous colesaw and a pickle. Comes with Q 4 U’s original BBQ sauce or G. Choose our spicy sauce a. Extra meat – add $1.99 b. Substitute for coleslaw – $0.90
Hot Link Sausage Sandwich $7.69
our famous juicy hot link sausage topped with sauteed onions & green peppers.
Beef Sandwich $7.69
sloon cooked to tenderness, topped with your choice of sauce, a perfect complement.
Pulled Pork Sandwich $7.69
pig-alicious sandwich. hand pulled and served hot with a deep hickory flavor. after being smoked slowly for 14 hours
Chicken sandwich $7.69
all tender delicious chicken meal seasoned to the point of wanting another check it out!
Catfish Sandwich $8.02
deep fried filet out in half served on a great bun

Side Dishes

Q’s Beans $0.90 – $4.75
Q’s Coleslaw $0.90 – $4.75
Potato Salad $0.90 – $4.75
Seasoned Rice $0.90 – $4.75
Mac-N-Cheese $0.90 – $4.75
Yams $0.90 – $4.75
Q BBQ Sauce $0.35 – $3.30
A-Side (2 oz)
Spicy BBQ Sauce $0.35 – $3.30
A-Side (2 oz)
Garden Salad $2.85
fresh greens, with your choice of dressing (choose vinaigrette, blue cheese, ranch, creamy Italian, or thousand island

Specialty Side Items

Collard Greens $1.75 – $5.85
Joy’s Black Eyed Peas $4.40 – $5.85
Chicken Gumbo $2.85 – $3.95
Seasoned Fries $3.95
dusted with our famous seasoning best event
New – Hush Puppy’s (8) $1.95
a real southern treat a small cornmeal dumpling flavored with chopped onions and deep-fried until golden and delicious

T’s Famous Chicken Wings

covered in our world class recine bbq sauce or c. choose our spicy bbq sauce
8 Wings $7.69
16 Wings $14.29
24 Wings $21.99
Pork Tenderloin Finger Strips $6.59

Kids Meal

Kids Rib Plate $6.59
2 ribs, choice of 2 sides & bread

Customer’s Favorite

serves with choice of 2 side items a. Potato salad, b. Q’s coleslan c. Q’s beans, d. Mac-n-cheese e. Seasoned rice or f. Yams comes with q 4u’s original bbq sauce or g. Choose our spicy bbq sauce
Fried Catfish $12.05
Sultan $10.95
two ribs, sauteed veggies, & Hot link sausage.
Fun Bunch $16.45
the sultan with a chicken breast fillet
Quarter Chicken Leg Dinner $7.65
Half Smoked Chicken Dinner $9.85
Darn Snacky Rib Sandwich $8.35
piled high with tender rib meat & choice of one side
Rib Tip Dinner $10.99
Southern Fried Chicken Basket $12.09
two ribs, sauteed veggies. & Hot link sausage
New – BBQ Sundae $5.49
only at q 4 u ii try one, nor will be pleasantly surprised. Packed within a 16 oz cup, pulled pork, beans & coleslaw.


Trudy’s Whole Sweet Potato Pie $11.65
Slice of Sweet Potato Pie $3.30
Fresh Baked Peach Cobbler $3.60
Becci’s Incredible Cheesecake $3.60
topped with a. Strawbeery b. Blueberry or c. Blackberry

For the Party

feast for the least – serves 4-5 no substitutions (for lunch delivery – please order in advance.)
The Popular Big Q $51.65
1 full rack of spare ribs, h smoked chicken pieces, 1 lb. smoked pulled pork, small Q’s beans, 1 lb. smoked beef, sourdough bread, small potato salad & small Q’s coleslaw.
The Small $41.75
same as above except without the ribs

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