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Pizza Nizza Menu

Pizza Nizza Menu and Prices


Sm: Small salad, entree or sides for 2, Lg: side for 4-5. Family style: Greek, garden or caesar salad for your group minimum 6 people $1.89 per person
Greek $2.99 – $7.99
Red onion, cucumbers, bell pepper, black olives, tomato, feta.
Garden $2.79 – $7.50
Roma tomato, carrots, olives, cucumbers.
Caesar $2.79 – $7.50
Freshly shredded parmesan, croutons with real Caesar dressing
Nizza $7.99 – $9.50
Sauteed artichoke and chicken, cucumbers, carrot, tomato, olive, pepperoncini.

Wonder Wings

Served with our scratch made ranch dressing
Classic Buffalo $4.99 – $12.99
Bar B Que $4.99 – $12.99
Tex-Mex $4.99 – $12.99
Spicy tex-mex wings
Tex-Mex Wing Platter $12.99
10 pc wings queso, tortilla chips salsa

Mac and Cheese

Mark’s scratch recipe with imported elbow pasta
Classic Mac $5.49 – $6.99
Beef and Bacon $5.99 – $7.50
Green Chile and Chicken $5.99 – $7.50
Buffalo Chicken $5.99 – $7.50
BBQ Chicken $5.99 – $7.50
Spinach and Grilled Onion $5.99 – $7.50
Family Style Mac $19.99
Serves 4-6. Any flavor with 10 bread sticks

Gluten Free or Low Carb

Wings and Salad $5.99
4 pc. wings and choice of small caesar or garden
Wings and Salad with Greek $6.19
Italian Chicken $7.99
Roasted chicken breast with marinara and 3 cheeses
Basil Chicken $7.99
Roasted chicken breast with basil pesto cream sauce and mushrooms
Nizza Salad $7.99 – $9.50
Sauteed artichokes and chicken with cucumbers, carrots, tomato, olive and pepperoncinis
Salads Wings and Snacks
Check sections for more gluten free items


Pesto Cream & Chicken Penne $7.50 – $9.99
Roast chicken, mushrooms, penne in pesto cream sauce
Baked Ziti with Beef $5.99 – $8.50
Bubbling pan of 5 cheeses, beef, marinara, pasta
Chicken Alfredo $5.99 – $8.50
Imported penne, chicken our scratch cream sauce
Mac and Cheese
6 flavors, best in austin see previous page for options
Italian Feast for 2 $18.99
Lg. pizza your choice, Lg. pasta your choice, Salad for 2 your choice
Kids’ Pasta $5.99 – $7.50
Simple butter, garlic, choice of spaghetti or elbows
4-Cheese Lasagna $5.50 – $7.99
Scratch made classic. Add meatballs $0.59 each
Alfredo Maximus $7.50 – $9.99
Penne, chicken, mushroom, roasted garlic, spinach, alfredo
Spaghetti and Meatballs $5.99 – $8.50
Yummy classic
Spaghetti and Meatballs $5.50 – $7.99
No meatballs
Pasta Dinner for 2 $19.99
Any 2 pastas any salad for 2 garlic bread

Pizza Rolls

Choose scratch made ranch or marinara for dipping.
Pepperoni or Cheese $3.79 – $10.99

Specialty Pizzas

Prices include your choice of our premium toppings. Crust is very thin and crispy
Bacon Cheeseburger $9.99 – $8.99
Lean beef, bacon, cheddar cheese and red onion
Classic Pepperoni $9.99 – $8.99
Extra pepperoni and extra cheese
Classic Veggie $9.99 – $8.99
Mushroom, black olives, onion, green pepper and fresh tomato
Margherita Deluxe $9.99 – $8.99
Fresh tomato, roasted garlic, fresh basil pesto
BBQ Chicken $9.99 – $8.99
Roast Chicken, smoked gouda, onion, cilantro, BBQ sauce
Mediterranean $9.99 – $8.99
Roasted garlic, artichoke, tomato, olive, spinach, feta
Classic Italian $9.99 – $8.99
Mushroom, onion, pepperoni and house made Italian sausage
Classic Meat $9.99 – $8.99
Sausage, ham, pepperoni and bacon
Classic Works $9.99 – $8.99
Sausage, ham, bacon, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, olive
Spinach and Chicken $9.99 – $8.99
Spinach, roasted chicken, onion, tomato, mushroom, white sauce
Veggie Deluxe $9.99 – $8.99
Spinach, fresh tomato, olive, red onion, artichoke, roasted red pepper
Pesto and Chicken $9.99 – $8.99
Roast Chicken, fresh tomato, basil pesto, white sauce

Create Your Own

Your choice of toppings are included in the price Choose: Red or white or spicy red sauce. Extras: garlic butter, ranch dressing, marinara, salad. Dressing hot sauce tex-mex pepperoncinis
Create Your Own $9.99 – $8.99
Mushroom, roasted garlic, green bell pepper, italian sausage, bacon, spinach, pepperoni, onion, roma tomato, green olive, cheddar, chicken, black olive, anchovies, artichoke, meatball, burger, basil

Sides and Snacks

Tex-Mex Snack $4.99
Scratch made chile con queso, basket of chips and salsa
Wonder Wings
See top of page 1 for info
Hot Garlic Loaf $3.99
Scratch made, dressed with garlic butter, baked crispy
Hot Garlic Loaf (1/2 Loaf) $2.99
Scratch made, dressed with garlic butter, baked crispy
Cheese Loaf $5.99
Like hot garlic loaf, stuffed with mozzarella, buttered and baked crispy
Pizza Rolls
See top of page 3 for info
Bread Sticks $3.99
Dressed with garlic butter and parmesan, served with side of marinara
Cheese Sticks $5.99
Mozzarella melted over fresh breadsticks
Cinnamon Sticks $3.99
Sugar and spice and crispy, too. Served with scratch made vanilla icing.


House Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.09
Cinnamon Sticks $4.99
Our breadsticks covered in cinnamon sugar, served with vanilla icing

Sodas and Water

Coke $1.09
Diet Coke $1.09
Dr. Pepper $1.09
Diet Dr. Pepper $1.09
No Caffeine – Sprite $1.09
No Caffeine – Orange Crush $1.09
2 Liter – Coke $2.99
2 Liter – Diet Coke $2.99
2 Liter – Dr. Pepper $2.99
2 Liter Diet Dr. Pepper $2.99
1/2 Liter – Ozarka Water $1.09

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