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Park Central Deli Menu

Most Popular Dishes For Your Taste

Park Central Deli is a deli located in the heart of Manhattan

PCD was founded in 2001 to address one of New Jersey’s most pressing issues. There is a scarcity of high-quality cuisine that makes you go “wow.” With not one, but two Michelin Street Stars, we are one of the most affordable restaurants in New Jersey! Our chef, Danielle Bergoza, will offer you delicacies till you pass out from joy.

Park Central Deli Menu and Prices

Signature Salads

Classic Chef Salad $8.49
Tender roasted turkey, honey cured ham, hard boiled egg with cheddar & swiss cheese. Served over mixed field greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers & red onion.
Cobb Salad $8.49
Field greens topped with sliced breast of chicken, tomatoes, chopped egg, crisp bacon and crumbled blue cheese.
Tomato Surprise $8.49
A bed of fresh greens with tomato wedges, cucumbers, carrot slices and a hard boiled egg. Served with your choice of a generous portion of fresh albacore tuna or chicken salad.
Garden Dinner Salad $3.99
Fruit Bowl $3.99
Freshest and most flavorful fruits available.
Soup & Salad Special $7.49
Bowl of soup with a garden dinner salad.

Hot Sandwiches

Hot Pastrami $10.49
Lean Corned Beef $10.49
Oven Roasted Brisket of Beef $10.49
BBQ Pastrami $10.49

Cold Sandwiches

Breast of Turkey $8.49
Vegetarian $8.49
All your favorite fresh veggies with avocado and your choice of cheese.
Hickory Smoked Turkey $8.49
Avocado BLT $8.49
Traditional blt with thousand island and topped with fresh avocado guacamole.
Honey Cured Ham $8.49
Kosher Salami $8.49
All beef salami, sliced thin and stacked high.
Homemade Chicken Salad $8.49
Egg Salad Made Fresh Daily $8.49
Albacore Tuna $8.49
Cold Roast Beef $8.49

Cold Deli Subs

Italian $6.49 – $8.49
Hard salami, mortadella, capocolla, ham & provolone cheese with lettuce, tomato, red onion and italian dressing.
The Gourmet (Ham & Turkey) $6.49 – $8.49
Thinly sliced roast turkey breast, honey ham, cheddar cheese with fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion and honey mustard dressing on the side.
Garden Tuna Sub $6.49 – $8.49
Albacore tuna mixed with finely diced water chestnutes and celery. Topped with swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, red onion & sliced cucumbers.

Hot Deli Subs

Chicken Fajita $7.49 – $9.49
Marinated chicken breast slices, sauteed with grilled onions and bell peppers with melted pepper jack cheese. Served with salsa.
Philly $7.49 – $9.49
Brisket grilled to perfection with sauteed onions and bell peppers topped with provolone cheese.
Pulled BBQ Porky $7.49 – $9.49
Hand pulled pork roast, slow cooked in our own bbq sauce. Topped with homemade creamy coleslaw and served on an artisan sub roll.

Specialty Sandwiches

All sandwiches & subs come with your choice of side & kosher pickle. Add swiss, american, provolone, or pepper jack cheese $0.59. Bread selection: rye, marble rye, onion roll, kaiser roll, whole wheat, sourdough or croissant.
New Yorker $10.99
Tender pastrami or corned beef topped with our own coleslaw and russian dressing.
Straw $10.99
Heaping pile of pastrami, or corned beef smothered with swiss cheese and our famous saurkraut. Best on an onion roll or kaiser roll.
Lite New Yorker or Straw $10.99
For a healthier option substitute smoked turkey for pastrami.
Club $10.99
White meat turkey breast, honey cured ham, crisp bacon and swiss cheese.
What a Meal $10.99
Half of your favorite hot or cold sandwich with choice of soup or garden salad and your choice of side.
Combo $11.49
Mounds of hot pastrami and corned beef on your favorite bread.
Triple Decker $11.49
Two layers of hot pastrami or corned beef on rye, with imported swiss, lettuce & russian dressing.
Juan’s Madness $11.49
Egg salad on choice of bread topped with pastrami and swiss.
Atkins? No Problem $10.49
Generous portion of pastrami, corned beef or brisket, and your choice of cheese and side.
Jax Special $14.99
Sandwich and a half satisfies the heartiest appetite.
Bagel, Lox & Cream Cheese $10.99
New york style bagel with nova lox, cream cheese, served with lettuce tomato and red onion.

Combo Burger Meal

1/3lb. Burger $8.99
Served with french fries, a kosher pickle and an ice cold coke.
1/3lb. Burger Only $6.49

Combo Hot Dog Meal

1/4lb. Hot Dog $6.99
Served with french fries, a kosher pickle and an ice cold coke.
All Beef 1/4 lb. Hot Dog $4.49

On The Side

French Fries $2.49
Potato Salad $2.49
Coleslaw $2.49
Carrot Salad $2.49
Pasta Salad $2.49
2% Cottage Cheese $2.49
Fresh Veggies $2.49
Mac-N-Cheese $2.99

Homemade Daily Specials

Served with choice of potato or vegetable – bread & butter
Hot Roast Beef – Monday $8.99
Served open faced with mashed potatoes & gravy.
BBQ Pork Plate – Monday $8.99
Topped with coleslaw, served on an artisan sub roll.
Homemade Meat Loaf – Tuesday $8.99
Hot Roasted Turkey Sandwich – Tuesday $8.99
Served open faced with all the trimmings.
Hot Roast Beef – Wednesday $8.99
Served open faced with mashed potatos & gravy.
Chicken Fried Steak – Wednesday $8.99
Served with mashed potatoes & gravy and a biscuit.
Mom’s Pot Roast – Thursday $8.99
Homemade Chicken Enchiladas – Thursday $8.99
Served with rice and beans.
Baked Pacific Cod- – Friday $8.99
With your choice of side.
Hot Roasted Turkey Sandwich – Friday $8.99
Served open faced with all the trimmings.
Homemade Baked Mac-N-Cheese – Friday $8.49

Soups of the Day

Served all day – everyday
Vegetarian Vegetable
Vegies, vegies and more vegies.
Chicken Noodle Soup
Home made and delicious.
Vegetarian Vegetable $3.99
Vegies, vegies and more vegies.
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup $3.99

Daily Chef Soup Choices

Soups of the Day (Bowl) $3.99
Bowl of Homemade Chili $4.99
Served with bread & butter.

Made Fresh To Order Signature Salads

Gourmet dressings: herb french, oriental sesame, aegean “greek”, classic blue cheese, creamy caesar, gourmet italian, buttermilk ranch, thousand island, gourmet honey mustard, salsa. Fat free dressings: ranch, italian, raspberry vinaigrette, hon
Fiesta Ensalada $8.49
A crispy flour tortilla shell filled with fresh greens, black beans, cotija cheese, bell peppers, and your choice of seasoned ground beef or marinated chicken Breast. Our sour cream and guacamole top
Greek To Me with Chicken or Shrimp $8.49
Sliced breast of chicken or gulf shrimp, garden fresh greens, grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, red onions, imported feta cheese, kalamata olives and pepperoncinis. Tossed in our aegean
Classic Chef Salad $8.49
Tender roast turkey, honey cured ham, hard boiled egg with cheddar and swiss cheese. Served over mixed field greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, bell Peppers and red onion. An american original.
Tomato Surprise $8.49
A bed of fresh greens with tomato wedges, cucumbers, carrot slices and a hard boiled egg. Served with your choice of a generous portion of fresh albacore tuna or chicken salad.
Antipasto Salad $8.49
A medley of italian favorites – hard salami, capocolla, mortadella, roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes, olives, grape tomatoes, pepperoncinis and red onion. Served over crisp greens with prov
Asian Sesame Chicken $8.49
Sliced breast of chicken tossed with greens, mandarin oranges, water chestnuts, snap peas, sliced roasted almonds in a light oriental sesame dressing garnished with asian noodles. Light, fresh & flav
Caesar with Chicken or Shrimp $8.49
Crisp romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast or gulf shrimp, seasoned croutons and fresh parmesan cheese tossed in our house caesar dressing.
Cobb Salad $8.49
Field greens topped with generous portions of breast of chicken slices, tomatoes, chopped egg, crisp bacon and crumbled blue cheese.
Garden Dinner Salad $3.99
Fresh greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, carrots, peppers & seasoned croutons.

Soup & Salad Special

Bowl of Soup with a Garden Dinner Salad $7.49

Mouth Watering Burgers

Our burgers are hand formed, 1/3 lb. And made fresh daily. All burgers include lettuce, tomato, red onion & pickle and served on an artisan bun. Make it a double burger $1.99.
Chili Burger $6.49
Chili, cheddar cheese & onions.
Patty Melt $6.49
Caramelized onions, swiss cheese & 1000 island dressing on rye.
Blue Burger $6.49
Sauteed onions, bacon & blue cheese.
Pastrami Burger $6.49
Pastrami & swiss cheese.
PB&J Burger $6.49
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Sloppy Joe $6.49
Olde tyme flavor, olde tyme favorite.
Fiesta Burger $6.49
Grilled green chili, pepper jack cheese & pico de gallo.
Cowboy Burger $6.49
Bacon, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, onion ring.
Classic Burger $6.49
Lettuce, tomato, red onion & american cheese.
California Dreaming $6.49
Guacamole, lettuce, tomato, red onions & swiss cheese.
Mac-N-Cheese Burger $6.49
Topped with our signature mac-n-cheese.

Gourmet Hot Dogs

Just a Dog $4.49
1/4 lb. hebrew national kosher hot dog. served with a kosher pickle. add your own condiments.
Hot Dog Combo Meal $6.99
Includes hot dog, your choice of side and fountain drink.

Specialty Hot Dogs

Chili Cheese Dog $4.99
Chili, shredded cheddar & onions.
Chicago Dog $4.99
Neon relish, onion, tomato, pickle, sport pepper & celery salt.
Nogales Street Dog $4.99
Quarter pound hot dog loaded with black frijoles, bacon, queso fresco and covered with pico de gallo and guacamole.
Straw Dog $4.99
Sauerkraut, swiss cheese,1000 island dressing.
Italian Sausage $4.99
Grilled onions, peppers & provolone.
New York Dog $4.99
Coleslaw & 1000 island dressing.
BBQ Pastrami Dog $4.99
Chopped pastrami with bbq sauce.

Great Paninis & Grilled Wraps

Choose from panini or grilled tortilla wrap.
Ultimate Grilled Cheese $6.49
Three cheeses, bacon, tomato, red onion on sourdough.
Some Like It Hot $6.49
Smoked turkey, pepper jack, sliced jalapeno & ranch spread on sourdough.
Here’s the Beef $6.49
Roast beef, caramelized onions, cheddar & horseradish sauce on rye.
The Deli Reuben $6.49
Pastrami or corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, 1000 island dressing on rye.
Caprese $6.49
Mozzarella, parmesan, tomato & pesto on focaccia.
The Italian $6.49
Mortadella, salami, capicola, ham, provolone, tomato, red onion on focaccia. Italian dressing on the side.
Tuna Melt $6.49
Albacore tuna, tomato, cheddar cheese, red onion on wheat.
Chicken Salad Melt $6.49
Chicken salad, bacon, chopped egg, blue cheese, tomato & red onion on wheat.
Danos Hawaiian $6.49
A grilled juicy chicken breast, honey ham, sweet pineapple slices, red onion, melted provolone cheese topped with our oriental sesame mayo.
Panini or Wrap Combo Meal $8.99
Includes your choice of side and fountain drink.

Regular Sides

Included in combo meal.
French Fries $2.49
A la carte
Fresh Fruit $2.49
Potato Salad $2.49
Coleslaw $2.49

Premium Sides

Add to combo $1.29
Onion Rings (A La Carte) $3.79
Sweet Potato Fries (A La Carte) $3.79
Chili Cheese Fries (A La Carte) $3.79

Deli By The Pound – Deli Meats

Pastrami $15.99
Corned Beef $15.99
Brisket of Beef $15.99
Breast of Turkey $9.99

Deli By The Pound – Homemade Side Salads

Potato Salad $3.49
Coleslaw $3.49
Pasta Salad $3.49
Carrot Salad $3.49

Deli By The Pound – Cold Salad Sandwich

Albacore Tuna Salad $9.99
Egg Salad $9.99
Breast of Chicken Salad $9.99


Chocolate Thunder Cake $2.99
Cheesecake $2.99
Carrot Cake $2.99
Cookies $1.79
Assorted gourmet cookies.
Fudge Brownies $1.79
Blue Bunny Ice Cream $1.79
Chocolate éclair, vanilla crunch or strawberry shortcake bars or mississippi mud or vanilla sandwiches.


Soda $2.19
Iced Tea $2.19
Coffee $2.19
Hot Tea $2.19
Bottled Water $2.19
Orange Juice $2.19
Apple Juice $2.19
V-8 Juice $2.19
Bottled Specialty Drinks $2.79
Dr. Browns, reg. & diet bubble up, orange crush, yoo hoo, mexican coke.

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