Pappa Wheelie’s Pizza & Grill Menu and Prices updated 2021


Pappa Wheelie’s Pizza & Grill Menu

Pappa Wheelie’s Pizza & Grill Menu and Prices


pierogies, mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings
House Salad $2.25
lettuce, tomato, onions
Chef Salad $4.75
lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, pickles, mozzarella, hot peppers, ham and cheese, turkey, roasted peppers
Cold Antipasto $6.50
ham, cheese, salami, cappicola, turkey, shredded mozzarella cheese
Grilled Chicken Salad $6.50
Mussels Marinara $6.75
French Fries $1.95
French Fries with Cheese $2.45
French Fries with Gravy $2.45
Fried Calamari $6.95
Chicken Quesadillas $5.95
Steak Quesadillas $5.95
Onion Rings $1.75
Buffalo Wings $5.75
your choice hot or mild
Pierogies $1.75
Mozzarella Sticks $3.95
Side Order of Meatballs $3.00
Side Order of Sausage $3.00
Garlic Bread $2.00 – $2.50
Garlic Knots $1.75
Hot Poppers $4.50
Appetizer Sampler $5.50


Chicken Cutlet $3.50 – $5.75
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana $3.75 – $6.00
Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwich $3.75 – $6.00
$0.75 extra for onions, peppers or mushrooms
Steak Sandwich $3.00 – $5.00
Cheese Steak Sandwich $3.50 – $5.75
$0.75 extra for onions, peppers or mushrooms
Cheese Steak Special $4.00 – $6.00
onions, peppers and mushrooms
Pappa’s Chicken Cheese Steak $3.50 – $5.75
lettuce, tomato and mayo
Pappa’s Cheese Steak $3.50 – $5.75
lettuce, tomato and mayo
Veal Cutlet $3.00 – $5.00
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana $3.50 – $5.75
Meatball $3.00 – $5.00
Meatball Parmigiana $3.50 – $5.75
Sausage $3.00 – $5.00
Sausage Parmigiana $3.50 – $5.75
Sausage and Peppers $3.50 – $5.75
Sausage and Pepper Parmigiana $3.75 – $5.75
Eggplant $3.00 – $5.00
Eggplant Parmigiana $3.50 – $5.75
Italian Hot Dog $3.50 – $5.50
peppers, onions and potato

Grilled Chicken Subs

all served with potato chips and pickle
Grilled Chicken Subs. $6.00
sub with fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and balsamic vinegar
Grilled Chicken Subs,. $6.00
sub with cheddar cheese, bacon and bbq sauce
Grilled Chicken Subs.. $6.00
sub with sauteed mushrooms, onions and provolone cheese
Grilled Chicken Subs’ $6.00
sub with ham, onion, Swiss cheese and blue cheese dressing
Grilled Chicken Subs’. $6.00
sub with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and ranch dressing
Grilled Chicken Subs $6.00
sub with Swiss cheese, sundried tomatoes and honey mustard


all above served with lettuce, tomato, onions, oil, vinegar, mayo or mustard, all served with potato chips and pickle, add $0.35 for hot peppers, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes or pickles
Italian Hoagie $3.50 – $5.75
Ham and Cheese $3.00 – $4.75
Salami and Cheese $3.00 – $4.75
Ham, Salami and Cheese $3.75 – $5.25
Turkey Breast $3.75 – $5.75
Roast Beef $3.75 – $5.75
Tuna Hoagie $3.75
Cheese Hoagie $2.75 – $4.25
provolone, American, Swiss or mozzarella
Pappa’s Full Dresser $4.75 – $7.00
ham, capicolla, cheese, salami, turkey, roast beef

Deli Wraps

all served with potato chips and pickle
Grilled Portabella Mushroom $5.95
red onion, roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar
Turkey $5.95
with Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato and mayo
Grilled Chicken $5.95
with Romaine lettuce, red onion, sun-dried tomato mayonnaise
Roasted Veggie $5.95
roasted red peppers, mozzarella, sun dried tomato, eggplant, and balsamic vinegar
Dijon Turkey $5.95
with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, dijon mustard
Ranch Chicken $5.95
with American cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato and Ranch dressing
Buffalo Chicken $5.95
with chicken fingers (hot, med or mild) lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese

Pasta Dinners

all served with bread and salad
Tomato Sauce $5.50
Meatball $6.95
Sausage $6.95
Meat Sauce $7.50
Cheese Ravioli $6.95

Baked Dishes

all served with bread and salad
Eggplant Rolatini $7.50
with ham or roasted pepper
Lasagna $7.50
Stuffed Shells $6.50
Manicotti $6.50
Baked Ziti $7.50
Fresh Eggplant Vegetarian $7.50


Honey Dipped Chicken and French Fries $6.50
Fried Shrimp and French Fries $6.50
5-piece Chicken Fingers and French Fries $6.95
5-piece Buffalo Style Chicken Finger and French Fries $6.95


all served with bread and salad, spaghelti or ziti
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana $8.50
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana $8.50
Eggplant Parmigiana $7.50


Cheese Pizza $8.75 – $11.25
Pappa’s Supreme $17.00 – $19.50
choice of six toppings
Vegetarian Pizza $14.00 – $17.00
choice of four toppings
German Style Pizza $13.25 – $15.75
black olives, hot peppers and steak
White Pizza $10.25 – $5.25
ricotta cheese, garlic and mozzarella cheese

Pizza Toppings

Pizza Toppings $1.50
extra cheese, pepperoni, fresh pepper, meatball, onions, sun dried tomatoes, anchovies, fresh garlic, broccoli, ham, sausage, fresh mushrooms, eggplant, bacon, hot peppers, sliced tomatoes, black oli

Pizza by the Slice

specialty slice prices vary
Slice of Pizza $1.35
Extra Topping on Slice $0.40
Extra Topping on Personal $0.75

Specialty Pizza

all served with a side of sauce
Ranch Chicken Pizza $14.95
Ranch dressing, breaded chicken breast, bacon, mozzarella and cheddar
Taco Pizza $13.95
beef or chicken, taco seasoning with lettuce, tomato and topped with cheddar
Salad Pizza $8.75 – $9.75
our delicious pizza crust with a light layer of sauce with lettuce, tomato, and onion, black olives and shredded cheddar with Italian dressing
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $14.25
breaded chicken strips with hot sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese’s. Your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing on the side
Half The Cheese Pizza $6.95 – $7.95
less cheese for the health conscious
Chicken and Broccoli Pizza $14.25
chopped breaded chicken, chopped broccoli, sauce, mozzarella, cheddar and ricotta cheeses
Chicken Parm Pizza $12.75
Hawaiian Pizza $11.00 – $12.75
ham, bacon and pineapple
BLT Pizza $10.75 – $11.75
Cheese Steak Pizza $13.25
with onions
Calzones $5.95
ham, ricotta, cheese, mozzarella cheese
Sausage Roll $5.95
sausage, fresh peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese
Stromboli $6.75
sausage, peppers, onions, pepperoni, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese
Vegetarian Roll $6.75
mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, onions and mozzarella
Chicken Roll $6.75
chicken, mozzarella, mushrooms and onions

Char-Broiled Burgers

all hamburgers served on a sandwich size English muffin, French fries and pickle, add lettuce, tomato, onion $0.25 each
Hamburger $4.75
Cheeseburger $5.25
Pizza Burger $5.95
marinara and mozzarella
Bacon Cheese Burger $5.95
bacon, cheese
BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger $5.95
bacon, cheese, bbq sauce
Pappa Wheelie Burger $5.95
lettuce, tomato and mayo
Mushroom Burger $5.95
Alpine Burger $5.95
ham and Swiss cheese


Free Refills
Coke $1.00
Diet Coke $1.00
Dr. Pepper $1.00
Sprite $1.00
Nestea $1.00
Lemonade $1.00
Coffee $0.95
Tea $0.95
Hot Chocolate $0.95

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