Oakleys Bistro Menu and Prices updated 2021


Oakleys Bistro Menu

Welcome to Oakleys Bistro

We are open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday, closed Sundays & Mondays. Food is our passion and sharing it with our guests is our joy, we look forward to seeing you soon.


Tuesday – Saturday 11AM – 1:30PM

Tuesday – Thursday 5PM – 9PM
Friday – Saturday 5PM – 10PM

Oakleys Bistro Menu and Prices

Small Plates

Shrimp Corndog $2.00
bistro honey mustard
Bacon Wrapped Apricots $7.00
tequila soaked apricots, hickory smoked bacon, jalapeño kumquat honey glaze
Deviled Eggs “Taqueria Style” $5.75
cilantro tamale filling, chipotle lime chicken, raw salsa verde, tortilla crisp
Red Pepper Hummus $9.75
chilled shrimp, artichoke spinach parfait, crispy chick peas, pickled feta, smoked balsamic syrup, pita
Suckling Pig $13.75
6 hour braised, buttered spinach, pickled blueberries, morel mushroom conserva, port wine syrup, Andouille cornbread
Sea Scallops $13.75
goat cheese blintz, strawberry relish, prosciutto, pickled ramp relish, black garlic aioli, micro arugula
Lobster Waffle $13.75
basil roasted garlic waffle, lobster, zucchini sauté, mustard cream, crispy leeks
Butchers Board $14.75
selection of house-made charcuterie, foie gras honey mousse, pickled vegetables
Housemade French Boule $3.75
mustard butter
Foie Gras $8.00
sauternes, charcoal honey, espelette jelly, pistachios, country bread
Jar of Pickles $5.00
Jared’s selection of 5 house-made pickles
Olives $3.50
Mediterranean spiced, pickled garlic, blood orange rind, fall herbs
Duck Fat Fried Almonds $3.50
mesquite salt, fennel pepper, rosemary
Tennessee “Eggrolls” $8.75
pulled pork, grits, jalapeno, cheddar, “kale slaw”

Large Plates

Stanley’s Meatloaf $23.75
chile jam, whipped potato purée, broccoli, vermont white cheddar cheese
Salmon $27.75
olive oil poached, blackened peanut couscous, rhubarb beet puree, baby bok choy, ratatouille, French beans, frisee leek salad
Beef Short Ribs $32.75
bourguignon flavors, potato leek pancake, carrot puree, braised mushrooms, hazelnut giardiniera, foie gras aioli pickled mustard seeds
Pork Tenderloin $26.75
bacon braised swiss chard, rosemary spaetzle, white bean and corn succotash, pine nut romesco, arugula salad
Duck & Duck $29.75
Maple Leaf Farm duck breast, duck leg croquette, cauliflower puree, duck fat pine nut relish, morel mushroom quinoa, pickled cherries, rhubarb romesco
Fettuccini $18.75
crushed tomato sauce, roasted garlic ricotta cheese, pancetta
Tilapia $24.75
lemon artichoke risotto, smoked onion marmalade, petite vegetables, crispy leeks, yellow pepper puree
Seven Vegetable Wellington $23.75
ratatouille vegetables, spaghetti squash, artichoke curry pearl pasta, red beet balsamic puree, goat cheese, butternut puree

Soups and Salads

Wild Mushroom Puree $7.00
asparagus mushroom rice, spiced rice, sherry cream
French Onion $7.00
cheddar onion puff pastry, chives
Bistro Soup of the Day $7.00
seasonal ingredientsseasonal ingredients
Spinach $9.75
cucumber, strawberries, grilled asparagus, smoked almonds, pickled rhubarb, cream cheese croutons, honey poppyseed vinaigrette
Bibb & Endive $9.75
leeks, cara cara oranges, smoked almonds, cucumber, honey croissant croutons, hot brie champagne fondue
Toad in a Hole $11.75
toasted brioche, egg, asparagus, prosciutto, roasted peppers, poached pears, shaved brussel sprouts, brie, truffle mushroom puree
Baby Iceberg Wedge $9.75
smoked garlic herbed Caesar dressing, heirloom tomato relish, candied bacon, mozzarella, avocado, radish, pickled jalapenos

Bistro Sides

Mashed Potato Purée $6.00
white truffle oil
Asparagus $6.00
lemon parsley aioli
Creamed Spinach $6.00
Mac-n-goat Cheese $6.00
Fried Brussel Sprouts $6.00
kung pao style, celery, peanuts

Lunch Combinations

Soup & Salad $13.75
choice of any soup & salad from the menu
Soup & Tart $15.75
choice of any soup & tart from the menu


Butternut Squash Maple $6575.00
squash zucchini relish, cider clove cream
French Onion $5.75
cheddar onion puff pastry, chives
Bistro Soup of the Day $5.75
seasonally fresh ingredients / spices

Salads & Tarts

Add grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, or tilapia to any – $6
Baby Iceberg Wedge $8.75
smoked garlic herbed Caesar dressing, heirloom tomato relish, candied bacon, mozzarella, avocado, radish, pickled jalapenos
Farmers Greens $8.75
cucumbers, crispy potato, radish, red onion, blue cheese, candied walnuts, mustard sherry vinaigrette
Salmon Tart $10.75
caramelized onion, spinach, tomatoes, roasted acorn and butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, petite greens
Short Rib Tart $9.75
horseradish aioli, tomato fennel fondue, brie cheese, roasted zucchini, apple tapenade, petite greens

Entrées & Sandwiches & Burgers

Meatloaf $12.75
bbq glaze, whipped potato, broccoli, vermont white cheddar
Fettuccini $9.75
fresh tomato sauce, house made ricotta cheese, pancetta
Risotto $12.75
grilled shrimp, wild mushroom risotto, braised tomato, ratatouille vegetables, broccoli, crispy onion
Salmon “Pot Pie” $13.75
roasted leeks, tomatoes, pearl onions, asparagus, artichokes, lemon basil pesto
Chicken Almond Croissant $10.75
roasted rosemary chicken, toasted almonds, celery, onion, tomato, bacon aioli, petite greens
Meatball Croissant”Sandwich” $9.75
artichoke chicken meatball, mozzarella, lemon ricotta cheese, pickled peppers, petite greens
Fish Tacos $10.75
tempura fried, white cabbage slaw, questo fresco, radish, white onion, avocado tomatillo salsa, petite greens
Chicken “Pastor” Tacos $10.75
red chile braised chicken, smoked pineapple, salsa verde, black bean cotija relish, petite greens


Crème Brûlée $4.75
Bob’s favorite, berries
Brownie $5.75
caramel corn, honey cremeux, port caramel sauce
Boston Cream Pie $4.75
vanilla cake, chocolate pudding, white chocolate meringue

Dinner Desserts

Crème Brûlée $8.00
Bob’s favorite, pear sorbet, gingersnap cookie, pumpkin spiced rice krispies
Double Fudge Brownie $8.75
caramel corn, honey cremeux, port caramel, pear relish, banana rum ice cream
Boston Cream Pie $8.50
vanilla cake, chocolate fudge sauce, vanilla bean mousse, white chocolate meringue, cake batter ice cream
Lemon Cheesecake $8.50
lemon cheesecake mousse, raspberry pudding, pink peppercorn meringue, vanilla chips, raspberry pomegranate molasses sorbet
Sorbet & Ice Cream Tasting $7.75
selection prepared daily

Coffee & Tea

OAKLEYS Private Blend
Coffee $3.00
Espresso $3.50
Cappuccino $4.25
Lattes $4.25
Tea Temptations
Seasonally Selected
Loose Teas brewed tableside $4.50
OAKLEYS bistro’s Special Blend Coffee $3.00
Espresso $3.50
Double Espresso $4.75
Cappuccino $4.25
Lattes $4.25
Seasonally selected loose teas brewed tableside $4.50
Iced tea $1.75

Lunch Desserts

Crème Brûlée $4.75
Bob’s favorite, berries
Double Chocolate Torte $5.75
hot fudge, brown sugar caramel corn
Lemon Cake Terrine $5.50
raspberry coulis, raspberries, crispy white chocolate

Specialty Cocktails

Gingerale Cocktail $10.50
Spiced Box Whiskey, gingerale
Aviation Cocktail $10.25
Bluecoat American Dry Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Rothman & Winter Crème de Violette
Dark n’ Stormy $10.25
Lemon Hart 151 Demerara Rum, Barritt’s Ginger Beer
Corn n’ Oil $10.00
Taylor’s Velvet Falernum, Lemon Hart 151 Demerara Rum, Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters
Manhattan $10.00
Willett Pot Still Bourbon, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, Bitter Truth Orange Bitters
Old Fashioned $10.75
Willett Pot Still Bourbon, Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters, Simple Syrup, Orange Zest
Basil Gimlet $11.25
Square One Basil Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Basil Leaves, Agave Nectar
Moscow Mule $10.75
Deaths Door Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Barritt’s Ginger Beer
Prichard’s Key Lime Mojito $9.00
Prichard’s Key Lime Rum, Fresh Lime, Simple Syrup, Fresh Mint, Soda Water


Clausthauler N/A $4.50
Amstel Light $5.25
Coors Light $3.75
Heineken $5.50
Pranqster Belgian Style $7.75
New Castle $5.50
Fosters $4.75
Stone IPA India Pale Ale $7.50
Fat Tire Amber Ale $13.50
Mad Anthony Auburn Lager $7.50
Breckenridge Brewery Oatmeal Stout $7.50
Bells Oberon $6.50
Brugge Tripel de Ripple $24.00


Panna .5L $5.25
San Pelligrino .5L $5.25
Coca Cola $2.00
Diet Coke $2.00
Sprite $2.00
Cranberry Juice $2.25


Passed Hors d’oeuvres
Wine pairing: Weingut Castelfeder Pertico Pinot Grigio

First Course

white bean purée/ sweet & sour peppers / fried eggplant marinated zucchini fennel slaw/ salsa verdé / rosemary focaccia. Wine pairing: Weingut Castelfeder Kerner “Lahn”

Second Course

Butternut Squash Pierogi – the Italian version
walnut sage brown butter crema / smoked sausage / cured egg yolk. Wine pairing: Weingut Castelfeder Pinot Nero “Glener”

Third Course

Sunday Supper Lamb shank
toasted brioche / artichoke celery agrodolce / black olive polenta. Wine pairing: Fattoria Montellori Chianti

Fourth Course

Chestnut Tiramisu
orange maple relish / chestnut meringue / cocoa. Wine pairing: Fattoria Montellori Vin Santo

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