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O Chame Menu

O Chamé was one of the first companies to open on Fourth Street when it was transformed into a bustling commercial district due to entrepreneur Denny Abrams in the 1980s. O Chamé was founded in 1990 by the Vardys and Abrams as a spinoff of the couple’s previous company, Daruma Teashop, a temple-like refuge on the intersection of 6th and Gilman streets. (The Vardys and Abrams could not be reached for comment.) After 23 years in Berkeley, O Chamé will close its doors.
After 23 years of servicing clients on Berkeley’s Fourth Street, O Chamé will close its doors on Sunday, July 28

O Chame Menu and Prices

Appetizers & Salads


Seared Yellowtail Sashimi $14.50
with braised leeks and horseradish sauce.
Mixed Baby Salad Greens $7.50 – $14.50
with yellowtail (hamachi) sashimi.
Wild Arugula Salad $7.00
with golden beets and salted egg.
Deep Fried Japanese Eggplant $7.50
with grated daikon radish (served chilled).
Grilled Fresh Water Eel $10.50
with belgium endive.
Agedashi Tofu $7.00
(fried tofu in fish broth) with hijiki seaweed.
Grilled Sea Scallops $10.50
with preserved kombu seaweed and napa cabbage.
Braised Broccoli-Rabe $8.00
with vinegared dressing.
O Chame’s Signature Pancake $8.00
with seasonal vegetables.
Braised Karubi Pork Ribs $9.50
with ginger and lemon.
Yukon Gold Potato And Snow Crab Croquette $8.50
Blanched Spinach $7.00
with sesame dressing.
Grilled Or Tempura Fried Fish Of The Day $8.50
Vinegared Japanese Cucumbers $7.00
with red radishes and shiso leaf.
Miso Soup $4.50
with wakame seaweed and green onion.

Bento Box Lunch


Grilled Salmon Bento $17.50
with vegetable tempura, spinach with sesame, kimpira gobo, and takuan pickles.
Vegetarian Bento $16.50
with vegetable tempura, fried tofu with miso sauce, sesame spinach, kimpira gobo, cucumber salad and takuan pickles.
Chicken Teriyaki $13.50
with sesame spinach, rice and takuan pickles.
Beef Bento $18.50
with vegetable tempura, cucumber salad, kimpira gobo, and takuan pickles.
Tonkatsu Donburi $13.50
panko crusted pork cutlet over rice with cucumber salad and takuan pickles.
Unagi Donburi $14.50
grilled river eel over rice with blanched spinach and takuan pickles.


Soba Or Udon Noodles

Not all vegetable dishes are vegan. Some dishes contain fish broth. In clear fish broth with.


Shrimp Tempura $15.50
wakame seaweed and daikon sprouts.
Simmered Pork Shoulder $14.50
spinach and takuan.
Grilled Chicken $13.50
spinach and enoki mushrooms.
Seasonal Grilled Fish $14.50
wakame seaweed and daikon sprouts.
Grilled Oysters $15.50
wakame seaweed and daikon sprouts.
Tofu Skins $13.50
(aburage), shiitake mushrooms and spinach.
Smoked Trout $15.50
spinach and enoki mushrooms.
Braised Beef Shoulder $15.50
spinach and takuan.

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