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New Rivers Menu

Bruce and Pat Tillinghast launched New Rivers on the first day of Spring in 1990 in the old Cogdon and Carpenter Iron Merchant warehouse along the Providence River. Beau and Elizabeth Vestal are now at the helm, continuing to keep New Rivers’ mission alive and well in its 31st year.

In the year 2000, Beau and Elizabeth joined the kitchen crew, and in 2009, Elizabeth joined the team. Beau stayed at the stoves while Elizabeth moved to the front of house after the couple married and bought the restaurant in 2012. The restaurant has been and continues to be a trailblazer in the local farm to table movement, sourcing seasonal bistro fare from local farmers, dairies, fisheries, vineyards, and brewers.

New Rivers Menu and Prices

Charcuterie & Offal

Served with breads, pickles and condiments.
Pork Belly $7.50 – $34.00
Peppercorn, fennel and molasses smoked bacon.
Chicken Liver $7.50 – $34.00
Creamy chicken liver mousse, cognac, quatre epics.
Jagerwurst $7.50 – $34.00
Smoked german pork sausage with ginger and nutmeg.
Lardo $7.50 – $34.00
Salted & air dried fat back, shaved thin, warm toasts.
Coppa $7.50 – $34.00
Marinated and air dried pork neck ham, sliced thin.
Lonza $7.50 – $34.00
Pork loin, orange, wine, air dried, sliced thin.
Merguez $7.50 – $34.00
Lamb shoulder sausage, warm spices, mint, orange peel.
Lamb Heart $7.50 – $34.00
Rhody lamb heart, bacon cure, hickory smoke, sliced.
Tongue Pastrami $7.50 – $34.00
Wagyu beef tongue, brined, peppercorn crusted, smoked.
Pancetta $7.50 – $34.00
Belly, juniper, peppercorn, rolled, tied, sliced, crisped.
Rillettes $7.50 – $34.00
Classic pork shoulder rillettes, duck fat, pate spice.
Tasso $7.50 – $34.00
Spicy southern style smoked pork shoulder ham, griddled.
Duck Ham $7.50 – $34.00
Pekin breast, molasses madeira brine, hickory smoke.
Trout $7.50 – $34.00
Quick brown sugar cure, applewood smoke.
Pork Belly Pastrami $7.50 – $34.00
Long brine, spice rubbed, smoked, sliced, griddled.
Arctic Char Confit $7.50 – $34.00
Citrus cure, slow olive oil poach.
Bresaola $7.50 – $34.00
Cured, air dried, thin sliced beef eye round.
Char Lox $7.50 – $34.00
Citrus rubbed, fennel tops, salt, sugar, pressed, sliced thin.

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