Mike’s BBQ Menu and Prices updated 2021


Mike’s BBQ Menu

Mike’s been serving his style of BBQ to his friends and family for years. After opening a successful gastropub in South Philly, he started serving samples of his BBQ to his guests, who clamored for more! With years of practice under his belt, and apprenticeships near and far, he drove to Georgia and picked up a Lang Smoker! The Lang smoker is an old school style “stick smoker”. Now he’s opened up a store front at 1703 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148. Open from 12-sellout (6ish) Saturday-Sunday!

Mike’s BBQ Menu and Prices


Bar-B-Q Pork or Beef $4.88 – $4.50
Big Milk Sandwich $7.45
Chicken $4.88
Beef Link Sandwiches $4.70 – $3.25

Ala Carte

Baked Beans – Potato Salad – Black Eyed Peas – Macaroni Salad – Cole Slaw – Greens $1.37 – $21.60
Bar-B-Que Sauce $6.00
is available for purchase

Pork or Beef Slabs

Pork or Beef Full Slabs $18.50
Pork or Beef Half Slabs $9.25


Sweet Potato Pie $3.00
Peach Cobbler $3.00
when available


Beverages $1.15 – $1.45

Meats by the Pound

Rib Tips – Shoulder – Beef Brisket $8.50

Family Packs

includes two large side orders and bread
Pork Shoulder or Beef Brisket $17.55
Chicken $16.60
Pork Ribs (Slab) $22.00
Beef Ribs (Slab) $22.00
Rib Tips $22.00

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