Mike & Tony’s Gyros Menu and Prices updated 2021

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Mike & Tony’s Gyros Menu and Prices


Dressings: gyro sauce, ranch, creamy greek, vinegar and oil, and french.
Greek $4.00 – $2.50
Gyro, Chicken, Souvlaki, & Steak $7.25


Gyro $4.30
Italian Gyro $4.30
Steak $4.30
Chicken $5.00
Souvlaki $5.00
Fish $4.00
Hamburger $2.25
Cheeseburger $2.50
Grilled Cheese $2.25


Italian, Steak, & Chicken $4.00 – $7.00


Gyro Plate $5.50 – $7.50
Souvlaki Plate $7.00 – $8.25


The above specials come with fries and a 16oz fountain drink.
Gyro, Italian Gyro, & Steak $6.08
Chicken & Souvlaki $6.54


Gyro Sauce $0.50
Nacho Cheese $0.75
Dipping Sauce $0.50
Dressing $0.50
Pita $0.65
Hot Peppers $0.50
Feta $1.00
Lettuce, Tomato, And/Or Onion $0.35
American/Provolone Cheese $0.25
A slice.
Extra Meat On Sandwiches/Salads – Gyro And/Or Steak $2.00
Extra Meat On Sandwiches/Salads – Chicken And/Or Souvlaki $2.50

Side Orders

French Fries $1.45
Pierogies $5.25
Pierogies With Small Greek Salad $6.75
Chicken Fingers With Fries $4.50
Wings With Fries $4.50
Baked Spinach Pie $3.00
Rice Pilaf $1.25
Baklava $1.50
Onion Rings $2.25
Mushrooms $2.25
Provolone Sticks $2.25
Hummus $2.50


Fountain Drinks $0.75 – $1.40
Small 12oz, medium 16oz, large 32oz.
Bottles $1.31

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