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Lion’s Choice Menu

Marv Gibbs had two aims when he started Red Lion Beef in Ballwin, Missouri: provide the best top round beef and create an atmosphere where customers could enjoy a wholesome dinner with friends and family.

Soon after, the restaurant was renamed Lion’s Choice, a play on an ancient idiom that indicated you got the finest of anything. It was a huge hit right away. The second site debuted in Creve Coeur, MO, in 1969, followed by a slew of others around the St. Louis area.

Lion’s Choice Menu and Prices

Soups And Salads

We serve a variety of hot and tasty soups and chili made from the highest quality ingredients. Broccoli cheddar and chili are served every day. A variety of other soups such as potato bacon, chicken noodle, or clam chowder are available on a rotating or


Side Salad
complete your meal by adding soup or a side salad to your sandwich.
Or Try Our Chef Salad
the chef salad is a nutritious combination of lettuce, broccoli, tomato, cheese, ham, and turkey.



In case you didn’t know, we also serve delicious bbq beef, bbq pork, turkey, and lean pit smoked ham. plus, when you need a hot dog, we have that, too.


Real Roasted Beef
roasted beef is our specialty. when you order, we pile juicy, tender, hot slices of lean roast beef on a toasted bun. you tell us how you want the beef, seasoning, and toppings from cheese to sauce
hot, fresh, thin sliced turkey breast on a toasted bun. add a piece of cheese and some of our sauces for a satisfying and nutritious meal.
Pit Smoked Ham
if you like ham, our hot, thin sliced, lean, smoked ham, on a toasted bun is perfect for you. it is a taste sensation.
Hot Dog
when you can’t make it to the ball park and want a hot dog, visit lion’s choice. our dogs are great! add some chili and other toppings to make it a special dog.



we offer value combos to meet your taste and nutrition needs. combos include a sandwich, side, and drink. lion size the combo to get a large fry and large drink. another favorite is our soup and sa


Healthy Kids Meals

Kids love lion’s choice for the taste. Dads love lion’s choice for the beef. Moms love lion’s choice for the nutrition. Yes, we have something for the whole family. Our kid’s meal choices include a sandwich, side, drink, and dessert. It’s fun making choi


Healthy Kids Meals
lion’s choice is the best place for a cub size combo. kids can select a sandwich, side, dessert, and drink. there are tons of sandwich options. roast beef, turkey, ham, cheese, or a hot dog! fries
A Cub Sandwich
lean roast beef, turkey, ham, cheese, or a hot dog.
fries or veggie sticks and dip.
milk (including chocolate), apple juice, or soda.
a cookie or lion’s choice small ice cream cone (we even dip them in chocolate. the cone that is).



Pepsi, Milk, Coffee
we are proud to serve pepsi and dr pepper products. we also have iced tea…and our famous sweet tea. milk (chocolate, too). and coffee.
Crushed Ice
we have the best crushed ice in town! people love our ice. it is so soft on your teeth and refreshing.

Fries And Sides


Premium, Skin-On, Natural Cut Fries!
we think they are the best and so do many of our customers. we leave the skin on and cook in canola oil. no worry about transfats. we serve them hot, fresh, and salt free. if you like, we will add
Baked Potato
feel like a baked potato? steamy, hot, and loaded with butter, chives, cheddar, bacon bits, broccoli, chili, or any combination of items. experiment with different toppings and let us know your favo
Sides And Veggie Sticks
we also have a variety of sides and veggie sticks with low-fat ranch dip to compliment your sandwich.

Ice Cream & Desserts


Frozen Custard
we are known for our mini-cone. kids and adults alike smile when they see that little cone. it’s just enough if you need a taste.
Orange and Lemon Freezes
a unique lc offering. blend orange or lemon with shake mix and you get a special treat. tastes just like a dreamsicle!
what flavor sounds good. hot fudge, chocolate, or strawberry?
are also a favorite. pick your flavor and we’ll make it so thick you can stand on your head and it won’t spill.
Rootbeer Floats
an lc original made with our famous frozen custard. a must! just ask for a brown cow.
freshly baked in each store.

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