Lee’s Sandwich Shop Menu and Prices updated 2021


Lee’s Sandwich Shop Menu

Chieu and his eldest son, Minh, created a brand-new Lee’s Sandwiches idea in 2001. They intended to provide Euro-style sandwiches, freshly baked baguettes, croissants, and a wide range of beverages, including Lee’s Coffee, in addition to the typical Vietnamese banh mi choices. The family banded together to promote the new concept, and the first shop in Southern California opened on Bolsa Avenue in Westminster at the same time.

Lee’s Sandwiches began expanding stores throughout Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma as a result of the popularity of this innovative idea. Lee’s Sandwiches now has over sixty locations around the country, with ambitions to expand further.

Lee’s Sandwiches is the product of family, tradition, and hard work. It would not be here today without the support from an amazing community. Lee’s Sandwiches has been grateful to be able to attract a diverse crowd and offer a unique dining experience for everyone.

Lee’s Sandwich Shop Menu and Prices

Lee’s Gourmet Coffee

Lee’s Cafe / Ca Phe Sua Da $2.20
iced filtered coffee w/ condensed milk, French style
Iced Filtered French Coffee $2.20
Iced Coffee Mocha $2.50
Hot Filtered French Coffee w/ Condensed Milk $2.20
Hot Filtered French Coffee $2.20
Hot Coffee Mocha $2.50
Hot Chocolate $1.75
Lee’s Cafe 64 oz. $16.00

Flavored Iced Drinks

Taro Drink $1.95
Honeydew Drink $1.95
Passion Fruit Drink $1.95
Strawberry Fruit Drink $1.95
Pennyworth Drink $1.50
Thai Iced Tea $1.95
Honey Chrysanthemum Tea (Hot) $1.50
Honey Chrysanthemum Tea (Cold) $1.50
Soy Bean Milk (Hot) $1.25
Soy Bean Milk (Cold) $1.25
Lipton Tea (Hot) $1.25
Lipton Iced Tea $1.25
Iced Mint Milk $1.50
Iced Mint Milk Grass Jelly $1.75

Fresh Juice

Fresh Carrot Juice $2.50
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $2.50
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $2.50


pepsi, diet pepsi, mug rootbeer, cherry pepsi, mountain dew, pink lemonade, raspberry iced tea, sierra mist, brewed iced tea
Sodas $1.25 – $1.50

Italian Sodas

banana, cherry, coconut, cranberry, kiwi, lemon, mango, mint, orange, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, tropical, vanilla, watermelon.
Italian Sodas $1.95


Avocado $2.75
Strawberry $2.75
Durian $2.75
Soursop $2.75
Jackfruit $2.75
Taro $2.75
Papaya $2.75
Peach $2.75
Pineapple $2.75
Sapodilla $2.75
Cantaloupe $2.75
Apple $2.75
Kiwi $2.75
Mint $2.75
Orange $2.75
Banana $2.75
Coconut $2.75
Honeydew $2.75
Passion Fruit $2.75
Green Bean $2.75
Red Bean $2.75
Mango $2.75
Raspberry $2.75
Carrot $2.75
Cranberry $2.75
Lychee $2.75
Grape $2.75
Watermelon $2.75
Thai Tea $2.75
Orange Banana $3.25
Pennyworth, Green Bean $3.25
Mocha $3.25
Custom Made (Mix at your choice) $3.25
Add Whipped Cream $0.25
Add Grass Jelly $0.25


Pork & Shrimp Egg Rolls (5 Pcs) $2.50
Hot Wings (5 Pcs) $2.50
Hot Wings (20 Pcs) $9.00
Shrimp & Pork Spring Rolls (2) $2.25
b.b.q. pork, shrimp & mixed green
Vegetarian Rolls (2) $2.25
Pork & Egg Steamed Bun $1.25


Large Baguette $1.00
Mini Baguette $0.25
Baguette End in Bag $1.00
French Creamy Baguette $1.75
Butter Baguette $1.00
Garlic Baguette $1.00
Butter Croissant (Small) $0.50
Butter Croissant (Large) $1.00
Ham & Cheese Croissant $1.25
Coconut Raisin Croissant $1.25
Almond Croissant $1.25
Danish $1.25
French Ham $1.00
Chicken Pate Chaud (Small) $0.50
Pork Pate Chaud (Large) $1.00
Chicken Pate Chaud (Large) $1.00
Muffin $1.25
Coconut Waffle $1.25

Delimanjoo Cake

freshly baked cream cake
Gift Box (24 pcs) $6.00
Handy Box (12 pcs) $3.00
Bag (4 pcs) $1.00

Ice Cream

our gourmet ice cream is made fresh daily by lee’s sandwiches
Cone $1.49 – $1.99
Small Cup $3.09
w/ 1 topping of your choice
Medium Cup $3.39
w/ 1 topping of your choice
Large Cup $3.79
w/ 1 topping of your choice
24 oz. To Go $4.95
w/ 1 topping of your choice
Waffle $0.49
Additional Topping $0.49
avocado, banana, cantaloupe, durian, ginger, green bean, green tea, honeydew, jackfruit, lychee, mango, mocha, orange, coconut, papaya, passion fruit, pistachio, pineapple, raspberry, red bean, sapod

European Sandwiches

include: lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, American cheese / Swiss cheese / provolone on the side: pickle, pepperoncini, red onion & mustard.
Ham & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Cheese (Extra) $0.50
Bacon (Extra) $0.90
Turkey & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Ham, Turkey & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Avocado (Extra) $0.90
Pate (Extra) $0.50
Roast Beef & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Salami & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Meat (Extra) $1.00
Jambon & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Lee’s Club: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese Croissant $4.20
Ham, Turkey, Salami & Cheese Croissant $4.20
BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Croissant $3.70
Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Tuna Almond Croissant $4.20
Jambon, Pate & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Veggie Avocado Croissant $3.70
Turkey Club Croissant (turkey plus bacon) $4.20
Turkey, Salami & Cheese Croissant $3.70
Ham & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Turkey & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Ham, Turkey & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Roast Beef & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Veggie Avocado Baguette $3.70
Turkey Club Baguette (turkey plus bacon) $4.20
Tuna Almond Baguette $4.20
Turkey, Salami & Cheese Baguette $3.70
BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Baguette $3.70
Jambon, Pate & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Salami & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Jambon & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Ham, Turkey, Salami & Cheese Baguette $4.20
Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese Baguette $3.70
Lee’s Club: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheese Baguette $4.20

Asian Sandwiches

include: house pickle (daikon, carrot), onion, jalapeno, cilantro, house mayonnaise, salt & pepper, soy sauce
Lee’s Combination Sandwich $2.20
sliced jambon, headcheese & pate
Special Combination Sandwich $2.70
sliced jambon, headcheese, pork roll & pate
Pork Roll Sandwich $2.20
sliced pork roll
Cured Pork Sandwich $2.20
sliced cured pork
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $2.20
Grilled Pork Sandwich $2.20
B.B.Q. Pork Sandwich $2.20
sliced Chinese bbq pork
Meatball Sandwich $2.20
Vietnamese style pork meat boll w/o mayonnaise
Shredded Pork Sandwich $2.50
shredded pork skin w/ special sauce w/o mayonnaise
Sardine Sandwich $2.20
sardine, onion, tomato sauce w/o mayonnaise
Cured Pork & Pork Roll Sandwich $2.50
sliced cured pork & pork roll
Asian Veggie Sandwich $2.20
fried tofu, vermicelli, bean curd, yam, carrot, house pickle, jalapeno, cilantro, slat & pepper, soy sauce
Pork Roll & Pate Sandwich $2.50
sliced pork roll & pate
Pate Sandwich $2.20
Jambon & Pork Roll Sandwich $2.50
sliced jambon, pork roll & pate
Cured Pork & Pate $2.50
Avocado (Extra) $0.90
Pate (Extra) $0.50
Meat (Extra) $0.75

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