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A lazy Susan is a turntable (spinning tray) that may be put on a table or countertop to help with food distribution. Lazy Susans come in a number of materials, but the most common are glass, wood, and plastic. They are round and placed in the centre of a table to make it easier for people to share food. The lazy Susan is a Western innovation, despite its popularity in Chinese eateries.  Due to the nature of Chinese food, particularly dim sum, they are widely available at official Chinese restaurants on both the mainland and overseas. They are known in Chinese as (t.) (p cnzhu zhuànpán) or “dinner-table turntables.”

Lazy Susan’s Menu and Prices


Soup de jour with Bread $1.25 – $2.95
Awesome Chill & Cornbread $1.25 – $2.95


all salads served with a slice of your favorite bread and butter, and your choice of dressing: our own pink poppy ranch italian oriental bleu cheese 1000 island
Teriyaki Chicken Salad $5.95
tender strips of marinated and grilled chicken breast served on a bed of fresh garden salad.
Mcgregor’s Garden Salad $4.75
a generous helping from the best of the garden.
Cashew Chicken Salad $5.95
cashew chicken salad on a bed of fresh greens.
Albacore Tuna Salad $4.95
our special tuna salad over a bed of fresh salad.
Chef Salad $5.95
honey roasted ham, honey roasted turkey, on a bed of fresh greens with cheeses and a boiled egg.
Quiche de jour $5.75
fresh baked quiche served with garden salad, and your choice of bread and dressing.
Side Salad $1.95
salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, and red onions.
Half Sandwich and Soup $4.95
half of any sandwich and a cup of soup.
Half Sandwich $3.75
half of any sandwich, kosher pickle and gourmet chips.


the choices listed below are available so we can make your sandwich the way you prefer. all sandwiches come with a kosher pickle and gourmet chips. potato salad may be substituted on request.
country white potato white sour dough 9-grain sunflower wheat dill onion rye tomato basil
provolone swiss cheddar american
lettuce tomato cucumber sprouts red onion
mayonnaise yellow mustard dijon mustard
Classy Gobbler $4.95
slices of honey roasted turkey with all the above choices.
Harvest Ham $4.75
slices of honey roasted ham made to your specifications.
Knight’s Roast Beef $4.95
slices of well seasoned roast beef accented with your requests.
Colossal Club $5.75
turkey, ham, roast beef, and bacon piled so high, it takes two hands to hold it.
Cashew Chicken $5.95
featured in the media…crunchy cashew chicken salad with your choice of bread and veggies.
Albacore Tuna $4.75
our special tuna salad with your choice of bread and veggies.
Veggie Fest $4.95
avocado, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, sprouts, red onions, and your choice of bread, cheese and condiments.
Pocahontas $5.25
another media favorite…lightly toasted cranberry walnut bread layered with cream cheese, honey roasted turkey, and whole cranberry sauce.
Mr. John Smith $5.25
lightly toasted blueberry pecan bread layered with cream cheese, honey roasted ham, and whole blueberry sauce.

Main Sandwiches

Reuben of Your Dreams $5.50
also in the media, this mouth-watering corned beef sandwich with tangy sauerkraut and swiss cheese on dill onion rye includes our secret sauce.
Grilled Gobbler $5.25
honey roasted turkey grilled to perfection on your choice of bread and cheese with peppered maple bacon.
Grilled Knight’s Roast Beef $5.25
classic roast beef grilled with your choice of cheese on your favorite bread.
Traditional BLT $4.75
sort of traditional, we let your choose the bread, veggies, and condiments.
Old Fashioned Hamburger $4.95
a full third pound burger, specially seasoned, (all meats are cooked to medium well, unless requested otherwise.)
Barbecue Chicken Sandwich $5.75
specially seasoned bbq chicken on a bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.
Barbecue Beef Sandwich $5.75
specially seasoned bbq beef on a bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.
Patty Melt $5.25
a specially seasoned burger on grilled dill onion rye, with swiss cheese and sauteed onions.
Tuna Melt $5.25
our special seasoned tuna salad on grilled sour dough bread, with melted cheddar cheese.
Philly Cheese Steak $5.75
swiss cheese melted over specially seasoned roast beef with sauteed onions and green peppers on a philly bun.
Kielbasa Grill $5.25
kielbasa grilled to perfection and covered with swiss cheese on a grilled philly bun.

Delectable Desserts

free refills
Dessert Special $2.95
pie and coffee
Assorted Fresh-Baked Pies By the slice $2.75
cookies and brownies fresh from the over
Cookies $0.75
Brownies, Pecan, & Lemon Bars $1.25
All Beverages $1.25
Coffee $0.95

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