La Villa Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


La Villa Restaurant Menu

We bet on quality, delicious cuisine, sincerity, and the best value for money in a world in flux and a country in transition… At LA VILLA, I will continue to provide an inventive, seasonal French cuisine based on local ingredients throughout the year. Tasting meals are also offered by reservation for foodies… Michel Christmann is a chef.

The menu is small, but rich in flavours, colours, and textures that will change with the seasons, as we aim to provide you with the highest quality of fresh and local goods. Fine china, antique silver silverware, crystal, and other natural materials will improve your sharing and relaxing experience over a wonderful meal.

La Villa Restaurant Menu and Prices

Desayunos / Breakfast


Desayuno Especial / Special Breakfast $3.50
Huevos, papa cocida, jugo de naranja, tostadas and cafe eggs, boiled potatoes, orange juice, toast and coffee
Calentada, Huevos Revueltos and Arepa $4.50
Mixed rice and beans, scrambled eggs and corn cake
Huevos Revueltos Con Arroz $3.50
Scrammbled eggs with rice
Calentado, Carne Asada and Arepa $5.50
Mixed rice and beans, grilled meat and corn cake
Arepa Con Queso $2.00
Corn cake with cheese
Sandwich De Jamon Y Queso $3.50
Ham and cheese sandwich

Ademas/ Caprices


Chorizo $2.50
Empanada $1.00
Morcilla $2.00
Pastel De Pollo $1.50
Chicken pie
Torta De Chocolo (3) $1.00
Cafe Con Leche $1.25
Chocolate $1.50


Ordenes Adicionales

Side Orders


Arroz $1.50 – $3.00
Frijoles $2.50 – $5.00
Maduro (3) $2.00
Fried sweet plantain
Tostones (4) $2.00
Fried green plantain
Yuca Frita O Sudada (3) $3.00
Fried or boiled cassava
Papa Frita $3.00
French fries
Papa Cocida (3) $1.80
Boiled potato
Aguacate $2.00
Ensalada $2.50 – $5.00
Arepas (3) $1.00
Corn cake

Entradas / Appetizers


Ceviche De Camarones $8.95
Shrimp cocktail
Coctel De Camarones $9.75
Shrimps cocktail
Aguacate Relleno De Camarones $10.75
Avocado stuffed with shrimp

Pollo / Chicken


1 Pollo Asado Completo $8.00
1 whole rotisserie chicken
1/2 Pollo Asado $5.00
1/2 rotisserie chicken
1/4 Pollo Asado $2.50
1/4 rotisserie chicken
Filete De Pollo Con Champinones $9.75
Chicken fillet with mushrooms
Bandeja De Pollo $8.55
Frijo, arroz, ensalada and papas; chicken plate, beans, rice, salad and potatoes
Arroz Con Pollo $7.65
Rice with chicken
Crema De Pollo $5.75
Chicken cream

Carnes / Meats


Carne De Res Asada $9.95
Arroz, frijoles, ensalada y maduro; grilled beef, rice, beans, salad and sweet plantain
Lomo De Res Encebollado $12.55
Arroz, frijoles, ensalada; sirloin in onion sauce, rice, french fries and salad
Lomo De Cerdo A La Plancha $12.75
Arroz, frijoles, ensalada; grilled pork sirloin, rice, french fries, salad
Chuletas Empanizadas $11.95
Arroz, ensalada, papas fritas; breaded pork chops, rice, salad and french fries

Platos Tipicos / Typical Dishes


Bandeja Tipica $12.65
Arroz, frijol, carne asada, chicharron, huevo, maduro, aguacate, ensalada. Typical Colombian plate – rice, grilled beef, crackling, egg, sweet plantain, avocado, salad
Mini Bandela $8.55
Arroz, frijol, carne asada, chicharron, huevo, maduro, ensalada; mini tray- rice, beans, grilled beef, crackling, egg, sweet plantain, salad
Sobrebarriga A La Criolla $12.65
Arroz, papa cocida, yuca y ensalada; top flank steak in creole sauce, rice, potato, cassava, salad
Bistec A Caballo $12.65
Arroz, frijol, papa frita, ensalada; beef steak topped with fried eggs, rice, beans, french fries, salad
Lengua Sudada $12.65
Arroz, papa cocida, yuca, ensalda; stewed tongue, rice, boiled potato, cassava, salad
Higado Encebollado $10.95
Arroz, frijol, ensalada; liver in sauteed onions, rice, beans and salad

Comida Peruana / Peruvian Cuisine


Jalea $17.65
Lomo Salteado / Arroz, Papa Frita $10.95
Parihuela $15.95
Ceviche Mexto $12.95
Ceviche De Pescado $9.95
Chupe De Canmarones $12.95
Arroz Chaufa $11.95
Mariscos Al Ajillo $15.00


Pescado Y Mariscos / Fish and Seafood

Seved with rice, salad and fried green plantain


Crema De Camarones $11.95
Shrimps cream
Filete De Pescado A La Marinera $17.95
Filete De Pescado A La Plancha $12.85
Grilled fillet fish
Filete De Pescado A LA Milanesa $12.95
Bread fillet fish
Trucha Frita O A La Plancha $13.65
Fried or grilled porgy
Pargo Frito $15.95
Fried red snaper
Camarones Empanizados $13.95
Breaded shrimps
Mojarra Frita $13.95
Cazuela De Mariscos $17.65
Seafood casserole
Arroz Marinero $16.95
Seafood rice
Arroz Con Camarones $13.95
Rice with shrimps
Asopado De Mariscos $21.95
Seafood combination
Viudo De Pescado $15.95
Red snapper in typical sauce

Para Picar / Caprices


Hamburguesas $4.95
Perros Calientes Con Salchicha O Chorizo $3.00
Hot dog with pork sausage or spanish sausage
Salchipapas $4.00
Naugets De Pollo $5.45
Chicken nuggets
Picada Paisa $17.95
Mixed meat paisa style

Postres / Desserts


Flan De Leche $3.00
Milk custard
Cheese cake $3.00
Brevas Con Queso $2.50
Figs with cheese
Arequipe Con Queso $2.50
Caramel with cheese
Maamorra $2.00 – $3.00


Jugos Naturales

Natural Juices


Mango $3.00
Naranja $3.00
Guanabana $3.00
Sour Soup
Mora $3.00
Papaya $3.00
Lulo $3.00
Tomate De Arbol $3.00
Guayaba $3.00
Zanahoria $3.00
Maracuya $3.00
Passion Fruit



Coca-Cola $1.00
Sprite $1.00
Manzana $1.00
Colombiana $1.00
Pony Malta $1.25
Jugos Postobon $1.25





Heineken $4.00
Corona $4.00
Budweiser $3.00
Modelo $4.00
Coors Light $3.00

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