Kona Ice Menu Prices (Updated: February 2023)


Kona Ice Menu

Ice is now a franchise for ice shaved trucks with numerous places in the United States. Kona Ice menu offers a personalised experience for consumers, with 10 distinct tastes, which allows customers to select how much syrup they want and blend flavours.

This is a sophisticated ice truck that clients may tailor their own tastes. However, they don’t only offer frozen sweets; they are proud to provide an experience in which to combine your encounter with a lovely colourful truck and tropical breeze music.

It has been incredibly successful since then and is still growing today. In 2012, the Kona Mini was launched to sell within the snow cones. It was included in 2013 as one of the fastest-growing firms in America by Entrepreneur magazine in Franchise 500. In 2014, it was included among the finest 8 franchise companies in the United States. Kona Ice is also strongly focused on returning to the community. The firm united in 2014 and set up an internship programme with its home-city neighbour, Northern Kentucky University, and also gave $2,000 to one of NKU’s corporate department. The Make-A-Wish Foundation was also partners one year later.

This rusty ice truck is a separate race of vehicles for ice cream. There are a number of tastes to pick from, and customers may combine numerous tastes with the Flavorware, as much they like. Customers can also get vanilla ice cream scoops and flavoured ice condensed milk. Some consumers claim that the ice isn’t always shaved, but crushed, so that the texture and experience might be different. Kona Ice elevates its nutritional worth above most other frozen or ice cream treats. Kona Ice has many kinds, such as the Classic Blend, the Vita-Blend, the Isotonic Blend and the Sugar Free, of which some have vitamins C and D or D.

Kona Ice Prices


Shaved Ice Cups

Kowabunga and Color Changing Cups Receive $3.00 Refills

Cup Regular $3.00
Cup King Kona $4.00
Cup Kowabunga $5.00
Color Changing Cup $5.00

Birthday Package

Birthday Package 24 Cups $110.00
Each Cup Over 24 1 Cup $2.50


Kona Ice frequently attends gatherings, whether it is a birthday celebration for children or a business meeting. During the event, Kona takes the truck, not the other way around, because it is a mobile business. They utilise Kona Mini not only, but also to provide for the occasions.

Prices from the Kona Ice Menu are very inexpensive. The lowest cup on the Kona Ice Menu Prices is 8 oz, still large for about $2, while the “Kovabunga” is just about $5 for a stunning 22 oz (and a frozen brain). 12 ounces and 16 ounce choices are also available. Kona Ice gives you lots of taste and ice at a low price.more menus are available on our website,which you are welcome to share with your friends.keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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