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King Fish Restaurant Menu

KingFish is immensely proud of its 70-year history as a locally owned and run business. Come join us in one of our two Riverfront Stores to celebrate!

In Kentucky and Southern Indiana, excellent seafood and KingFish Restaurants have become associated since 1948. We’ve earned a reputation for quality in our dining rooms and delivery depots by providing a wide choice of foods, courteous service, and notably low rates. A reputation that the KingFish family works hard to uphold every time we feed hungry people like you, seven days a week, with the best fish available.

KingFish has reduced its activities in recent years in order to focus on creating the two surviving sites Ohio River tourist destinations. At both the Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana sites, the restaurants provide live entertainment, banquet rooms, special events, and outdoor dining. KingFish is happy to be a family-owned and operated fish restaurant in the community.

King Fish Restaurant Menu and Prices

Great Starters

Shrimp Sampler $9.99
sshrimp served four ways gently fried mini, round, coconut butterfly and tasty cocktail shrimp
Coconut Shrimp $5.99 – $9.99
sweet, fried crisp, served with leapin lizard sauce or honeymustard
Shrimp Cocktail $6.29 – $9.99
chilled shrimp with our tangy sauce
Frog Legs $6.29
a real delicacy
Rolled Oyster $1.99
as uunique to the area as the louisville slugger
Rings, Wings and Things $9.49
a generous sampling of our favorites
Sweet Homemade Onion Rings $3.99
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $4.99
Boat Yard Cheesy Fries $4.99
a plateful of our great fries, topped with a blend of cheddar and monterey jack cheese and and real bacon pieces, add chili for $1.00
Paddle Wheel Blossom $6.49
a real flowering onion
Buffalo Wings $5.99
crisp and tender, served with celery and ranch or bleu cheese dressing

From the Garden

our house dressings are homemade thousands island and bleu cheese, we also have ranch, honey french, honey mustard, fat free ranch, fat free italian and vinegar and oil
Deluxe Garden Salad $5.99
cold, crisp iceberg lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage, tomato wedges, fresh mushrooms, egg, bacon bits, a blend of monterey hack cheeses and croutons
Tuna Caesar Salad $7.99
romaine lettuce tossed with caesar dressing topped with grated parmesan cheese and grilled albacore tuna
Grilled, Fried or Buffalo Chicken Salad $7.69
delicious chicken strips, cold iceberg lettuce, tomato wedges, purple onions, eggs, black olives and a blend of cheddar and monterey jack cheese with your nchoice of dreesing
Caesar Salad $5.99
Shrimp Salad $7.99
tender gulf shrimp, iceberg lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage, tomato, egg and lemon wedges with your choice of dressing
Crab Seafood Salad $5.99
light and tasty crab seafood pieces, celery bits, green onions and a special dressing served on a bed of lettuce

Soups, Etc..

New England Clam Chowder $2.79
a kingfish legend
Cajun Gumbo $4.99
delicious seafood gumbgo over rice
Seafood Gumbo $3.89
try a hearty bowl
Oyster Stew $4.99
fresh chesapeake Bay Oysters seasonal
Soup of the Day $2.69
Texas Style Chili $2.99
with or without pasta, topped with cheddar cheese

Side Dishes

Side Dishes $1.99
cole slaw, frenhch fries, apple sauce, baked potato (loaded add $1.00), cottage cheese, side salad, green bean, sweet homemade onion rings, hush puppies, simply sweet corn cobbette, fresh vegetable

For the Kids

ages 12 and under. includes french fries and a soft a soft drink
Fish Strips, Popcorn Shrimp, or Chicken Tenders $3.99
Hamburger or Mini Corn Dogs $2.99
Grilled Cheese $2.49
Bowl Cheese $2.49
Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese $2.49


Coca Cola, Diet-Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Orange, Lemonade, Tea or Coffee $1.59
free refills
Hot Chocolate $1.89
Stewart’s Root Beer $1.99

Succulent Grilled Seafood

served with two sides and a hot hush puppy
Seafood Medley $12.99
shrimp, scallops and salmon pen sauteed in a honey mustard glaze served in a skillet
Shrimp and Scallop Skillet $11.99
tender shrimp and canadian sea scallops pan sauteed in our own special scampi sauce, topped with grilled tomatoes and scallions
Sea Scallops $10.99
delicious, with juicy grilled ntomatoes and scallions
Cajun-Grilled Whitefish $10.49
if you like cajun you’ll love this selection
Cajun Shrimp Skillet $12.49
cajun harbs and spices with succulent shrimp covered with our red pe((er saice over rice
Grilled Tuna $7.99 – $11.99
a delightful albacore steak served with a lemon dill sauce. cooked medium unless otherwise requested
Grilled Salmon $11.49
citrus – flavored fillets grilled to perfection
Lemon-pepper Grilled Trout $9.99
it’s bigger and better, ldaho’s fovorite, great taste
Shrimp Stir Fry $8.49
green and red peppers, fresh mushrooms and onions over rice witrh tender, plump shrimp. also available with grilled chicken

Enticing Entrees

served with two sides and a hot hush puppy top any steak with sauteed mushrooms $1.00
Broiled Seafood Platter $14.99
whitefish fillet, scallops, cajun and cocktail shrimp and a stuffed crab
Lobster Tail
our most expensive offering and worth every penny
Alashan King Crab Legs
sweet red king crab from the north pacific, one oro two pounds
Broiled White Fillets $9.99
delicately prepared cod fillerts – a great choice
Broiled Wharf Boat $7.99
you asked for it and the captain delivered, a whitefish fillet gently broiled for that seafood lover
The Pilot House Favorite $11.99
a thick 10 oz ribeye, specially seasoned and grilled to your liking
Aussie Sirloin $4.49
a petite sirloin, marinated perfectly and grilled to your liking
Make it a Steak Combo $3.49
combine either the pilot house fovority or the aussine sirloin with cajun – grilled or fried shrirmp add
Make it a Steak Combo $4.49
commboine either the pilot house fovorite or the aussine withy grilled salomon add
Make it a Steak Combo
combine either the pilot house fovorite or the aussine sirloin with lobster tail add
Flame – Grilled Chicken $8.49
two seasoned chicken brerast filets

Specialties of the house

Fish ‘N Chips $5.89
one piece of our original whitefish, served with french fiies and a hush puppy
AlaskanBasket $8.49
nearly a pound of golden fried alaskan whitefish strips with fries, coleslaw and two hush puppies add slaw for a buck
Oyster Flats $8.99
Chesaoeake bay oysters rolled in a secret kingfish breading served with two sides
Chicken Tenders $7.49 – $9.49
hand-bread and lightly fried chicken tendeers, served with two sides and honey mushared sauce
Beer Basket $8.99
our delicious icelandic cod in a great beer batter, a generious portion over a basket of fries served with coleslaw and two hot hush puppies


all pasta dishes served with a deluxe garden salad or caesar salad
Seafood Lasagna $9.49
a perfect combination of shrimp, crab meat and whitefish stuffed between noodles and topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese
Pasta Alfredo or Marinara $8.99
grilled chicken or sirloin steak with vegetables over pasta
Seafood Pasta $11.99
linguine tossed with lobster and crab pieces, sweet sea scallops, tender shrimop, diced tomatoes and scallions in an alfredo sauce topped with parmesan cheese

Shrimply the Best

shrimply the best platters served with your choicfe of two sides and a hot hush pyppy
Shrimp Feast $9.99 – $13.99
tender shrimp, hand-hand – breaded and golden fried
Fantail Shrimp $12.49
eight delicious butterfly shrimp and three cocktail shrimp
Shrimp Boat $8.99
five jumbo fried shrimp and three tasy cocktail shrimp
Minishrimp $6.29
bite – sized shrimp, fried to perction
Cocount Platter $12.99
ten sweet and crispy butterfly shrimp with our honey mustered or leapin lizared sauce

Great Fried Seafood

served with two sides and a hot hish puppy
Lobster Tail
lightly breadeed and fried really different
Fried Whitefish Fillets $9.99
two generous fillets of tendericelandi brand whitefish
Frog Legs $9.49
a real decicay – fried to a golden perfection
Sea Scallops $10.99
lightly breaded and perfectly fried, you’ll love em
Jack Salmon $10.49
a fish lovers meal from the northernlakes
Wharf Boat $6.99
one gently – fried whitefish fillet
Captain’s Combination $11.99
cocktail and fried shrimp, a whitefish fillet, scallops and a catfish finger
Clams $5.29
sweet, tender clams, served with two side
Seafood Platter $14.99
a heaping platter of all best from the deep. cocktail and fried shrimp, a whitefish fillet, sea scallops, oysters, a oairi of frog legs and a crab cake
Pan Fried Oyster $9.99
a platter of tender , breaded fried oysters
Mississippi Farm – Raised Catfish $6.99 – $9.99
whole or fingers
BUild Your Own Combination $9.99 – $14.49
choose any two or three different gently fried items, whitefish fillet, clams, shrimp, scllops, oysters, crab cakes, catfish fingers, chicken tenders or frog legs served with two sides

Sandwiches – Icelandic Whitefish

add french fries and tangy cole slaw for $2.29
The Big King $7.99
only for those with a hearty appetite. nearly a pound of our famous whitefish on a bun
Gently Fried $4.29
since 1948, our most popular offering, a north atkantic boneless fillet
Oven Baked $4.59
a very popular selection, baked to perfection
Cajun -Grilled $4.99
perfectly spiced
Grilled Tuna $5.29
aibacore tuna, lightly seasoned on a grilled bun, served with aspecial sauce cooked meduym unless otherwise specified
Oyster Sandwich $5.49
Bacon King Burger $4.99
our answer to the super sandwich – half lb ground beef with two strips of bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnise
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $4.49
topped with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise

Sweet Endings

Derby Pie $2.99
Kentucky Silk Pie $2.99
Key Lime Pie $3.99
Cheesecake $3.99
Dessert of the Day
ask your server obout today’s selection
Hot fudge Brownie $1.49
Ice Cream $0.89 – $1.39

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