Kaelin’s Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Kaelin’s Restaurant Menu

The urban legend is that the owner, Carl Kaelin, invented the cheeseburger shortly after the restaurant opened in 1934. … The story of how Kaelin, a Swiss-American man, opened the family restaurant with his wife Margaret and created the cheeseburger, is poetically illustrated in print. “A lot of folks are starting restaurants with a flash-in-the-pan concept — a New York, L.A., Chicago concept that has one amazing dish that brings in the audience, but it doesn’t endure,” Fenton said. “What people aren’t creating, though, are family eateries.” They’re also not bringing back the eateries that helped Louisville get to where it is now.”
From the lobby’s original mirror sign, written in Carl Kaelin’s handwriting, to Col. Harland Sanders’ flour table, which has been repurposed as a hostess stand, Fenton and his business partners, Bill Dubourg and Matt Staggs, have incorporated the legacy of Kaelin’s into the current incarnation of the Louie.

Kaelin’s Restaurant Menu and Prices

Tempting Beginnings

Mini Cheeseburgers $5.25 – $8.95
a visit to kaelin’s is not complete without a cheese burger try our famous minis!
Frickled Pickles $3.29 – $4.95
breaded dill pickle chips, deep fried and served with our own horseradish-ranch sauce.
Chicken Fingers $5.75
tender strips of chicken, fried to a golden brown, served with our own special sauce.
Poppers $5.75
mild green jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese. lightly breaded and deep-fried to perfection.
Cheesesticks $5.75
batons of mozzarella deep-fried and served with a tangy dip
Sampler $6.50
a sample of any two of the following cheesesticks chicken fingers poppers onion rings
Bbq Baby Back Ribs $6.75
one half slab with chef mike’s special sauce

Homemade Soups

Chicken Noodle $2.60 – $3.50
Been with Ham $2.60 – $3.50
Vegetable $2.60 – $3.50
Chili $3.45 – $4.15


Onion Rings $3.85
Hash Browned Potatoes $3.25
Kaelin’s Golden French Fries $2.25
Mashed Potatoes $2.25
Baked Potato, Butter and Sour Cream $2.25
Daily Vegetables $2.25


Kaelin’s Chef’s Salad $6.25
cubes of ham, turkey and cheeses atop fresh crisp greens, vegetable bits, garnished with tomato slices and wedges of hard-boiled egg with your choice of dressing.
Tomato Burst $6.10
a red-ripe tomato overstuffed with your choice homemade chicken or tuna salad.
House Salad $2.25 – $3.25
a cool, refreshing mixture of fresh greens and vegetables.
Three-Way Salad $2.85
creamy cottage cheese, sliced tomato and slaw resting upon a crisp lettuce leaf.
Fruit and Cottage Cheese $2.85
served with your choice of pears or peaches.
Slaw or Potato Salad $2.10
Kaelin’s Fried Chicken Finger Salad $7.45
tossed salad, chicken fingers, croutons, hard-boiled egg and grated cheese.


Soup and Half Sandwich $5.50 – $6.40
choice of soup with one half sandwich of turkey, ham, chicken salad or tuna salad
Soup and Salad $5.50 – $6.40
choice of soup with house salad
Salad and Half Sandwich $6.25
one half sandwich of turkey, ham, chicken salad or tuna salad with a house salad
Vegetable Plate $7.75
choice of four daily vegetables, potato or small salad.
Fruit Split $5.95
half peach and half pear surrounding a scoop of cottage cheese and topped with a variety of other fruits. served with half of a chicken salad or tuna salad sandwich.

Specialty Of The House Since 1934

all burger platters are served with kaelin’s golden french fries and creamy slaw. lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise available at no extra charge.
Kaelin’s Original Cheeseburger Platter $7.15
an all-beef patty covered with a sliced of rich american cheese, served on a toasted, buttered bun.
Double Cheeseburger Platter $9.25
two all-beef patties with tow slices of american cheese.

Classic Features

Swiss Hot Brown $9.25
sliced turkey on toast points layered with tomato slices, crisp bacon, swiss cheese sauce and parmesan cheese. oven baked and served with a house salad
Fish ‘N Chips $7.50
bite-size pieces of whitefish atop french fries, served with slaw, tartar sauce and hot biscuits.
Chicken Basket $9.50
three pieces of golden chicken served with french fries, slaw, hot biscuits and gravy
Chicken Basket All White Meat $9.95
2 breasts and wing
Pasta Primavera $8.25
penne pasta with sauteed vegetables in a garlic butter sauce. served with salad and toast.
Pasta Primavera-With Chicken $9.50
Pasta Primavera-With Shrimp $9.95
Chicken Stir Fry $9.25
strips of white meat of chicken sauteed with fresh seasoned vegetables, served over rice with a house salad.
Substitute Shrimp For The Chicken $9.70
Pork Barbecue Platter $7.95
tender chunks of pork barbecue on a toasted buttered bun. served with french fries and slaw.
Hot Roast Beef Platter $7.95
home-style roast beef sandwich ladied with savory brown gravy. served with mashed potatoes and slaw.
Croissant Sandwich $6.75
a flaky croissant stuffed with your choice of chicken or tuna salad. served with fruit cup and chips.

Classic Sandwiches

Club Sandwich $6.95
turkey breast, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, our homemade 1000 island dressing on three slices of club bread and served with chips.
Chicken Salad $5.75
tender morsels of chicken combined with crunchy celery, a with creamy dressing and served with chips
Homemade Tuna Salad $5.75
white albacone tuna, served with chips
Grilled Cheese, Served With Chips $4.25
Blt $5.75
the traditional, served with chips
Chicken Fillet Sandwich $5.75
boneless breast of chicken breaded and deep-fried on a toasted bun with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and chips.
Baked Ham $5.75
thinly sliced, stacked high and served with chips.
Turkey Sandwich $5.75
thinly sliced, served with chips
Fish Fillet $8.10
fillet of flash breaded, deep fried, garnished with tomato, lettuce, onion sauce and served with chips
Grilled Reuben Served With Chips $8.26
Kaelin’s Original Cheeseburger $3.35
Double Cheeseburger $5.50


entrees served from opening until one half hour before closing.
Golden Fried Chicken $9.50
three pieces of light and dark meat
Golden Fried Chicken-All White Meat $9.95
2 breasts and wing
Broiled Breast Of Chicken $8.10
a tender, juicy, boneless breast of, served with rice
Fried Breast Of Chicken $9.25
a whole chicken breast split and fried to golden perfection.
Salmon Croquettes $9.35
two croquettes of prime, pink salmon fried and topped with creamy white sauce.
Fried Whitefish Fillet $9.75
delicate fish fried to fork-tender flakiness. served with tartar sauce and lemon wedge.
Roast Beef $8.25
slowly roasted to seal in the natural juices and served with brown gravy
Smothered Steak $9.35
lean chopped sirloin smothered with mushroom gravy and sauteed onions.
Bbq Baby Back Ribs $10.75
succulent and ‘fall off the bone’ tender. one half slab served with two sides. basted with mike’s special bbq sauce.
Breaded Veal $7.45
a veal patty lightly breaded and deep-fried to full flavor. garnished with fruit and mushroom gravy.
Country Ham $13.60
center cut and served with homemade red-eye gravy
Filet Mignon $17.95
the ‘king’ of steaks.
Baked Whitefish Filet $9.75
lightly seasoned, delicately flavored baked fish, garnished with creole sauce upon request.
Country Fried Steak $7.45
served with chicken gravy.
Pan Broiled Chopped Steak $8.25
lean chopped sirloin with au jus.

For Seniors and Others White A Smaller Appetite

includes a smaller portion with your choice of two entree sides, biscuit and ice cream for dessert.
Roast Beef and Mushroom Gravy $7.75
slowly roasted to perfection
Fillet Of Whitefish $8.35
whitefish fillet fried to crispness
Kaelin’s Fried Chicken $5.75
one piece-thigh, leg or wing
Large Breast $6.75
Baked Whitefish $8.35
fillet of whitefish baked to a delicately flavored flakiness
Salmon Croquette $7.75
one croquette of prime, pink salmon fried and topped with white sauce


ask your server for kaelin’s complete wine list.
Martini $3.85
Screwdriver $3.85
Manhattan $3.85
Old-Fashioned $3.85
Whiskey Sour $3.85
Bloody Mary $3.85
Pina Colada $4.75
Frozen Margarita $4.75
Frozen Daiquiri $4.75

Finishing Touches

ask your server for seasonal dessert specials.
Fresh Strawberry Pie $4.00
delicious ripe strawberries nestled in a flaky crust, richly glazed and topped with rich whipped cream served in season
Homemade Pies $3.25
cherry, apple or pecan
Homemade Pies-Ala Mode $4.40
Brownie Delight $4.75
dark, rich brownie crowned with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream and a cherry
Biscuit Pudding $3.95
our own creation with bourbon sauce and whipped cream-a taste of louisville!
Kentucky Silk Pie $3.95
the name says it all!
Derby Pie $3.95
a kentucky tradition
Sundaes $3.95
chocolate, strawberry or hot fudge
Ice Cream $1.15
chocolate, vanilla or rainbow sherbet


Pink Lemonade $1.40
Tomato Juice $1.40 – $1.95
Pure Orange Juice $1.40 – $1.95
Coffee, Free Refills $1.40
Hot Or Iced Tea, Free Refills $1.40
Hot Chocolate $1.40
Milk $1.65 – $2.00
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Cherry Coke $1.40
Chocolate Milk Shake $3.25
Dreamsicle Shake $3.25
Chocolate Malted Milk $3.25

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