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Kabob House Menu

Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine at Kabob House Restaurant.
In 2014, the company was founded. We first opened our doors in October of 2014. Azzam B. is the company’s owner. With restaurants in Ellensburg, Richland, and Spokane, as well as one under development in Pasco, owner Ahmed Baqer is building a dynasty. In the next five years, he plans to establish 20 to 25 more sites in Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and he may pursue franchising.

Tender, succulent meats are combined with exquisite cheeses and crisp vegetables obtained from local farmer’s markets in our meticulously created Mediterranean cuisine. Our globally inspired meals are a delectable mash-up of Greek, Arabic, and Mediterranean classics.

Kabob House Menu and Prices


A great way to start off meal.
Mast-O-Museer $3.95
a refreshing blend of yogurt and shallots to be enjoyed with bread
Mast-O-Khiyar $3.95
A cool crisp dip of yogurt, mint and cucumbers.
Torshi $3.95
A variety of delicious vegetables, pickled and aged in vinegar.
Hummus $4.95
Grape leave stuffed bean, tahini and garlic topped with olive oil and a touch of lime juice.
Dolmas $4.95
Grape leave stuffed with rice and herbs. served cold on a bed of lettuce and a cucumber dip.
Panner- Sabzi $6.95
Fresh herbs served with a feta cheese to be enjoyed with our fresh baked bread.


Ask your server to see what is cooking today.
Khoresht-E-Gheymeh $13.95
A tomato stew with yellow split peas, beef, sun dried limes and a hint of cinn.served with saffron basmati rice.
Persian Aash $4.95
A great choice for vegetables! a mouth watering blend of spinach garlic, on assortment beans and flour noodles which is all dressed with a unique yogurt.
Khoresht-E- Ghomesabzi $13.95
A parsley based stew with leeks, sun dried limes and chunks of beef. served saffron basmati rice.


All dine in orders receive a sides tossed green salad.
Shrimp $15.95
Lemon and saffron flavored prawns, broiled garden vegetables and a melted butter sauce served with saffron basmati rice or salad.
Fish $15.95
Charbroiled king salmon with broiled garden fresh vegetables and lime wedge served with saffron basmati rice or salad.


All dine in order receive a side tossed green salad.
Zereshk Polo $16.95
A bed of saffron basmati rice topped with a skewer of chicken barg.
Baghali Polo And Lamb Shanks $13.95 – $18.95
A mixture of fava beans, dill and saffron basmati rice, served with melt in your mouth lamb shank..(may be ordered in a full or a full or half portion).


A sweet way to end your stay.
Zulbia- Bamiyeh $4.95
A rose water and honey flavored fritter.
Baghlava $5.95
Homemade pistashio filled filo dough flavored with rose water and cardamon. simply a must.
Halvardeh $3.95
A delight sesame seed soft candy.
Persian Ice Cream $5.95
A refreshing rose water flavored ice cream in two flavor, plain or pistachio. oh so good.
Faloodeh $5.95
A persian slushy. rice noodles coated in rose water, topped with a touch of lime juice and sour cherry syrup.

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