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John’s Incredible Pizza Menu

The John’s Incredible Pizza Company was created by John Parlet in 1997 as an American all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant and entertainment company. The firm has 15 headquarters on the West Coast of the United States. The headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, California is its corporate office.

Each branch of John’s is around 60,000 square feet and has, according on the locations, five or six themed dining rooms. Cabin Fever is an atmosphere similar to that of Lake Tahoe with pine seats, wood walls and a fireplace. TV cartoons (either Cartoon Network’s Boomerang or Disney Juniors’ programming depending on locale) and projection screens are performed in the toontime theatre (or FUN-Ology) around the room. The Hall of Fame resembles an on-screen TV sports bar featuring team remembrance and games. The Vertical Room is a sports room where you may enjoy cycling, extreme golf, surfing, snowboarding or Disney XD.

John’s Incredible Pizza is also renowned for its themed venues that include various arcades, scheduled games and children’s activity. This is the ideal spot for children to party and to spend a weekend with the entire family.

Kayla Simpson, 13, is expecting to have fun with pals on Monday, Feb. 13, when she visited John’s Incredible Pizza in Riverside. But the day became a terrible event as a railway-related tour failed and halted abruptly, forcing the faces of its passengers to slam in the front of their train vehicles.

John’s Incredible Pizza Prices:-




Ages 13+
Ages 55+
2 & Under
with paying adult
Ages 3-6
Ages 7-12

Weekday Lunch Special

Monday – Friday, Open – 3pm

Adults $8.99
Seniors $7.99


All You Can Drink (Soft Drinks • Iced Teas • Coffee • Espresso • Lattes
Cappuccinos • Hot Chocolate)
Beer (regular) $6.99
Beer (large) $8.99
Wine (By The Glass) $9.49
Margaritas $7.99


Gluten-Free Pizza 10″ $3.99
Vanilla or Chocolate Cake (plain) $21.99
Vanilla or Chocolate Cake (birthday) $23.99
Express Entrance (Skip the line – online purchase only) Extra $5.00 per person
John’s Incredible Annual Pass
1 Visit each month for 12 months.
Includes our All You Can Eat Buffet + Unlimited Beverages
$65.00 per person
Late Night Play Only
Friday & Saturday, 10:30pm – Close
Includes Admission & $10 FunCard
$10.00 per person

Food & Fun Value Combo

ncludes our All You Can Eat Buffet
+ Unlimited Beverages + FunCard Package

Walk-In Party Pack ($20 FunCard Each Guest) Price For 8 $200.00
Additional Guest After 8 Guests  



Johns Incredible Pizza Goes Virtual in order to appeal to a new audience… only to prepare meals for the take-out and delivery model.more menus are available on our website,which you are welcome to share with your friends.keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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