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Johnny Rockets Menu

Ronn Teitelbaum of the Los Angeles, Calif., created on June 6, 1986, and ‘created’ the vintage vintage malt of the 1940s as a ‘nongimmicky’ re-enactment.

It will finish in September 2020 and expand FAT branding to include more than 700 franchisees and business-owned restaurants worldwide, with system-wide annual sales of $700 million north. “We see much synergy and are looking for new levels for the brand with Johnny Rockets and our current concepts for restaurants. 1986,In Los Angeles in 1986, Johnny Rockets was established.The 48 year-old Santa Monica luxury clothes dealer Ronn Teitelbaum visited the dining rooms of Santa Monica as a kid in the Second World War.Founded in 1986 on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Johnny Rockets was famed for its 1950s restaurant, burger and ice cream shakes.

But their restaurant design, with life-size carboard drawings of ladies in World War II costumes, red vinyl sitting and jukeboxing stations, is even more famous than their food. Prices of Johnny Rocket are like the rest of the fast-paced burger sector.A rocket of Johnny’s is a rocket of Johnny. Hamburgers and fries are quite nice, but shakes are excellent. The menu is restricted, however the food is perfectly prepared. Once you were in a restaurant, though, you were very much there.

Johnny Rockets Menu Prices:-



The Original $4.59
The #12 $5.19
The Houston $5.59
Smoke House Single $5.99
Smoke House Double $7.09
Route 66 $5.69
Rocket Single $5.19
Rocket Double $6.29
The Streamliner® $5.19
Bacon Cheddar Single $5.99
Bacon Cheddar Double $7.09

Chicken, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs & Salads

Chicken Tenders 6 Pc. $5.89
Chicken Club Sandwich $6.29
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $5.69
Tuna Salad Sandwich $5.19
BLT Sandwich $5.09
Hot Dog $3.19
Chili Cheese Dog $4.39
Grilled or Crispy Chicken Club Salad $6.29
Garden Salad $4.09

Rocket Melts

Patty Melt $5.89
Tuna Melt $5.99
BBQ Chicken Bacon Melt $6.79
Grilled Cheese $3.99

Philly Cheese Steaks

Philly Cheese steak $6.09
Chicken Philly Cheese steak $6.09

Rocket Kids

Includes Kids American Fries & Kids Beverage

Kids Mini Hamburgers Meal 2 Pc. $5.09
Kids Chicken Tenders Meal 3 Pc. $5.19
Kids Mini Hot Dog Meal 2 Pc. $4.99
Kids Grilled Cheese Meal $4.89

Shakes & Floats

Original Shakes & Malts $4.29
Deluxe Shakes & Malts $4.69
Super Deluxe Shakes & Malts $5.09
Floats $3.69
Kids Original Shakes & Malts $3.09
Kids Deluxe Shakes & Malts $3.19

Starters & Shareables

American Fries $2.19
Onion Rings $3.29
½ Rings & ½ Fries $3.19
Sweet Potato Fries $3.39
Chili Bowl $3.39
Cheese Fries $3.29
Chili Cheese Fries $3.49
Bacon Cheese Fries $3.49


Soda Pop & More $1.79
Milk $1.79
Other Beverage $1.59
Flavor Shots $0.39


Vanilla Ice Cream $1.59
Super Sundae $3.59


INTERNATIONAL POPULAR restaurant chain offers a modern yet classic dining experience.
Johnny Rockets offers smart and comfortable rooms combining classic, iconic style with pop culture along with a commitment to constantly fresh ingredients for traditional favourites, such as 100% beef burgers, hand-cut fries, and hand-held shakes. In more than 350 franchises and enterprises, Johnny Rockets served a distinct modern nostalgia.more menus are available on our website,which you are welcome to share with your friends.keep an eye on our website for more menus.

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