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Jack and Giulio’s Menu

Authentic Italian dining in the heart of Old Town San Diego. This family-owned and operated restaurant offers many homemade pastas, veal, poultry, beef, and seafood specialties.

We proudly served the “Best Scampi” since 1961. Come enjoy our patio, full bar, and selection of fine wines.

Jack and Giulio’s Menu and Prices

Antipasti (Salads and Appetizers)


Dinner Salad $3.95
Romaine, gorgonzola with choice of Italian or blue cheese dressing.
Brutus Salad (Caesar) $6.95
Chicken Brutus $9.95
Antipasto Salad $9.95
J and G Special Salad $6.95
Romaine, chopped walnuts and Parmesan, topped with a special house dressing.
Insalata Caifornia $9.95
Romaine, avocado, Roquefort, bacon with oil and balsamic dressing.
Insalata Di Spinacci $7.95
fresh spinach, goat cheese, and olive oil.
Insalata Cuore di Palma $8.95
heart of palm, mixed greens, tomato, avocado, and olive oil vinaigrette.
Caprese $8.95
tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, and basil.
Marinated Olives $5.95
Antipasto Classico $12.95
some of this and some of that, all of this and that wonderful.
Sautéed Mushrooms $5.95
Garlic Bread $3.95
Garlic Cheese Bread with Sauce $6.95
Bruschetta $6.95
toasted bread with tomatoes, basil, olive, oil and garlic with melted cheese.

Zuppe (Soups)


Minestrone $3.95
Shrimp Bisque $6.95
Zuppa Di Clams $14.95
fresh clams in tomato broth: delizioso! upon request, steamed clams


Pasta Fatti in Casa

made fresh daily in house


Tortelloni Verdi $17.95
homemade spinach pasta stuffed with cheese and spinach, served in a porcini mushroom sauce.
Tortelli Piacentina $15.95
bow-shaped pasta filled with cheese and spinach in pesto, Bolognese, alfredo, or mediterraneo.
Ravioli Vegetariano $13.95
spinach and cheese, with marinara, or meat sauce.
Cannelloni alla Toscanini $14.95
crepes filled with spinach, Swiss chard, Parmesan cheese, with bechamel or marinara.
Swallow’s Nest $12.95
rolled pasta with ham, cheese, and tomato sauce.
Lasagna Della Casa $13.95
nyo-key, della casa, delicate potato dumplings
Imperiali $13.95
with mushrooms, light cream sauce.
Con Porcini $13.95
porcini, shitaki, and cremini mushrooms in light tomato sauce.
Pappardelle $12.95
delightful ribbon noodles with your choice of mediterraneo, Alfredo, or pesto.
Tagliarin alla Jack $12.95
tah-lya-reen, delicate noodles with fresh tomato, mushroom, onion, and smoked bacon.



imported Italian pasta with our homemade sauces


Spaghetti or Rigatoni $9.95
marinara or meat
Spaghetti $14.95
with meatballs
Angel Hair Mediterraneo $10.95
fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and garlic.
Fettuccini Alfredo $10.95 – $14.95
Spaghetti al Pesto $10.95
Spaghetti alla Carbonara $10.95
our version of this popular classic with smoked bacon, parmesan cheese, egg, and peas.

Pasta Con Pesci


Linguine Vongole $17.95
with red or white fresh clam sauce.
Spaghetti New Orleans $16.95
a medley of seafood with mushrooms in a white sauce.


40 – Year Favorites

three generations have enjoyed these house specialities. when you try them, we are sure you will be bringing your grandchildren to have them too!


Scampi Giulio $24.95
a bounty of shrimp butterflied and sautéed, with mushrooms, white wine, and served with pasta or vegetable of the day.
Scampi Oreganata $24.95
sautéed in white wine topped with bread crumbs and oregano, served with pasta or vegetable of the day.
Scampi al Pesto $24.95
sautéed with our famous pesto sauce, served on a bed of pasta.
Scampi Fra Diavolo $24.95
in a spicy tomato sauce served on a bed of pasta.
Veal Valdostana di Vitello $22.95
the finest milk-fed veal stuffed with porcini mushrooms, ham, and cream cheese, served with pasta or vegetable of the day.
Filet Mignon in Cognac $26.95
a great cut of beef with fresh rosemary and a rich cognac sauce. Upon request, filet in vermouth. Served with pasta or vegetable of the day.
Filet Mignon in Vermouth $26.95
in vermouth with green peppercorns and green olives.
Veal Parmigiana $19.95
Veal Scallopine Picatta $19.95
milk-fed medallions with fresh mushrooms and lemon, served with pasta of the day.
Veal Scallopine Marsala $19.95
milk-fed medallions with marsala wine and fresh mushrooms, served with pasta of the day.



all poultry served with side pasta


Chicken Piccata $16.95
fresh mushrooms and lemon.
Chicken Marsala $16.95
marsala wine and mushrooms.
Chicken Cacciatore $16.95
hearty home style recipe of tomatoes and mushrooms.

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