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Jaan Restaurant Menu

Jaan has witnessed a series of chefs go on to head restaurants welcomed by the Michelin Guide’s very first Singapore edition, from its rebirth as Jaan par Andre under the direction of Taiwanese chef Andre Chiang to its current one-Michelin-star accreditation. We spoke with executive chef Robert Stirrup of the Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The Stamford to learn more about the hotel’s proven formula for nurturing outstanding talent. Not every restaurant can offer everything, but Jaan comes very close. The Swissôtel The Stamford’s new French restaurant, located on the 70th level, helped to launch the careers of chefs

Jaan Restaurant Menu and Prices


Pakora $4.00
a favorite starter made with gram flour, spices and vegetables.
Chicken Pakora $5.00
tender pieces of chicken wrapped in spicy batter and deep fried
Mushroom Pakora $4.00
freshly selected mushrooms wrapped in spicy batter and deep fried.
Mixed Pakora $5.00
selection of vegetable, mushroom and chicken pakoras
Onion Bhaji $4.00
onions coated in spicy batter and deep fried very popular
Mixed Platter $9.00
selection of pakoras and samosas.
Spiced Mushrooms $4.00
freshly selected mushrooms cooked with well balanced spices, garlic and corlander
Soup $4.00
lentil, dall, chicken or mushroom
Samosa (Vegetable) $5.00
trangular shaped savoury filled with spicy vegetables.
Garlic Chicken; Prawn or Mushroom $5.00
cooked with fresh garlic, fresh cream, spices and spring onions
Breaded Mushrooms with Garlic Dip $5.00
freshly selected mushrooms corapped in bread crumbs, served with a delicious garlic, dip
Garlic King Prawns $9.00
cooked with fresh garlic, fresh cream, spices and spring onions
Chicken, Prawn or Mushroom Puree $5.00
cooked with spicy or sweeet and sour sauce
Chicken, Aloo or Chana Chat $5.00
cooked with medium hot spicy green herb sauce
King Prawn Butterfly $9.00
seasoned with spices, wrapped in breadcrumbs; and deep fried

Tandoori Starters

marinated in yoghurt, spices and cooked in a tandoori clay oven
Chicken Tikka $6.00
Lamb Tikka $6.00
Tandoori Chicken $6.00
Sikh Kebab or Shami Kebab $6.00
Tandoori King Prawn $9.00
Tandoori Mix $8.00
chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sikh kebab

Traditional Specialties

Tikka Massala $14.00 – $10.00
a very mild dish cooked in a specially made tandoori massala sauce, coconut milk, herbs, spices and single cream a most popular dish in tandoori restaurants delicious
Pasanda $14.00 – $10.00
a mild dish cooked in yoghurt, coconut cream, mango chutney fresh cream and topped with almond flakes.
Nawabi $14.00 – $10.00
a mild dish cooked with ground cashew nuts, fresh cream, sun dried fruits and topped with almond flakes favourite dish of the Indian emperors.
Jalfrezi $14.00 – $10.00
hot and spicy, mouth watering bhuna dish cooked with diced onion, green pepper, green chilli, coriander and authentic spices
Karahi $14.00 – $10.00
a medium to hot dish cooked with green pepper, onion, coriander and spices. cooked and served on a cast iron karahi added garlic makes it superb.
Achari $14.00 – $10.00
a strong spicy dish, slightly sour, cooked with tangy pickle fresh green chilli and coriander
Chasni $14.00 – $10.00
a tangy sauce, sweet and sour and creamy
Rogan Josh $14.00 – $10.00
a subtle blend of spices with onion and plenty of tomatoes.
Shakuti $14.00 – $10.00
a fiery hot curry with lemon and lime leaves, fresh green chillies, creamed coconut, herbs and spices.

Biriyani Dishes

special fried rice with tomatoes, sultanas and almonds comes with medium hot vegetable curry.
Chicken Biryani $15.00
Lamb BIryani $15.00
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biryani $16.00
Prawn Biryani $16.00
King Prawn Biryani $17.00
Jaan Special Biryani $18.00
Vegetable Biryani $12.00

Popular Indian Cuisine

Korma $14.00 – $10.00
very mild prepared with fresh cream and coconut cream
Ceylonese Korma $14.00 – $10.00
prepared with coconut cream and milk
Kashmiri Korma $14.00 – $10.00
prepared with fresh cream and fruits.
Mirchi Korma $14.00 – $10.00
creamy but spicy with green chillies and green peppers.


cooked with spinach healthy and tasty.
Chicken or Lamb Palak $15.00
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Palak $16.00
Prawn Palak $16.00
King Prawn Palak $18.00
King Prawn Chili Garlic Palak $18.00
Mushroom Palak $10.00
Potato Palak $10.00


well spiced medium hot cooked with chopped onion, corionder, tomatoes and a thick curry sauce
Chicken or Lamb Bhuna $14.00
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Bhuna $15.00
Prawn Bhuna $15.00
King Prawn Bhuna $18.00
Vegetable Bhuna $10.00


medium spiced curry, cooked with onion and green pepper
Chicken or Lamb $14.00
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka $15.00
Prawn $15.00
King Prawn $18.00
Vegetable $10.00


sweet, sour and slightly hot, cooked withl lentils, herbs and spices
Chicken or Lamb $14.00
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka $15.00
Prawn $15.00
King Prawn $18.00
Vegetable $10.00

Madras and Vindaloo

madras is a fairly hot curry with strong spices. vindaloo is very hot with potato to cool it down.
Chicken or Lamb $14.00
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka $15.00
Prawn $15.00
King Prawn $18.00
Vegetable $10.00

Tandoori Dishes

marinated with yoghurt and authentic spices served with salad, mint sauce and curry sauce
Chicken Tikka Shashlick $16.00
Lamb Tikka Shashlick $16.00
Chicken Tikka $15.00
Lamb Tikka $15.00
Tandoori Chicken $15.00
Tandoori Mixed Grill $18.00
Shish Kebab $15.00
Tandoori King Prawn $18.00

Jaan Specialties

barbecued chicken, lamb or king prawn, cooked with mushroom, green pepper, onion and herbs
Jaipuri Chicken or Lamb $15.00
cooked with yoghurt, coconut; green chillies, fresh cream, herbs and spices hot and creamy
Jaipuri King Prawn $18.00
cooked with yoghurt, coconut, green chillies, fresh cream, herbs and spices hot and creamy
Chicken Tikka and Prawn Goanese $15.00

Massala Dishes

Garlic Massala $15.00 – $12.00
medium bhuna style curry with plenty of garlic.
Chilli Garlic Massala $15.00 – $12.00
hot dish with green chilli and plenty of garlic.
Ginger Massala $15.00 – $12.00
freshly chopped ginger in a medium thick sauce.
Garam Massala $15.00 – $12.00
is made from ground carroway seeds, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns and coriander in a medium to hot curry sauce.

Authentic Balti Dishes

baltis are suzzling spice dishes they are individually prepared with fresh ingredients and throughly blended mixtures of authentic spices and herbs baltis are cooked and served in the balti pan, a fascinating utensil which locks the aromatic flavour and t
Chicken or Lamb Balti $15.00
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Balti $16.00
Prawn Balti $16.00
Vegetable Balti $12.00
King Prawn Balti $18.00
Balti Lemon Chicken $16.00

Other Curries

Chicken or Lamb Curry $14.00
Chicken or Lamb Kashmiri Curry $15.00
medium hot spicy curry with fruit
Chicken or Lamb Mushroom Curry $15.00
Chicken or Lamb Prawn Curry $15.00
Chicken or Lamb Patia $15.00
medium hot, sweet and sour curry
Vegetable Curry $12.00
Prawn Curry $15.00
King Prawn Curry $18.00

Side Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Curry $5.00
fresh mixture of peas, cauliflower, beans, carrots and potatoes
Mushroom Bhaji $5.00
mushroom with fresh herbs and spices.
Cauliflower Bhaji $5.00
cauliflower with fresh herbs and spices
Saag Bhaji $5.00
spinach cooked with fresh garlic and coriander
Brinijal Bhaji $5.00
auberjine with fresh herbs and spices
Saag Aloo $5.00
spinach and potato cooked with fresh garlic and coriander
Aloo Gobi $5.00
potato and cauliflower
Bombay Aloo $5.00
spicy hot potatoes
Aloo Chana $5.00
potato and chick peas
Aloo Dall $5.00
lentils with potato
Tarka Dall $5.00
lentils with garlic
Dall Samba $5.00
sweet, and sour hot mixed vegetables with lentils


we use the finest basmati rice for these dishes
Boiled Rice $4.00
Pilau Rice $5.00
Fried Rice $5.00
Vegetable, Egg or Mushroom Pilau $6.00
Jaan Special Pilau $6.00
Peas Pilau $6.00

Indian Breads

traditional flat breads are the perfect compliment to any dish
Naan $3.00
unleavened punjabi white bread.
Garlic Naan $3.00
topped with garlic.
Peshwari Naan $3.00
filled with raisins, almonds and coconut
Cheese Naan $4.00
with cheese.
Keema Naan $5.00
filled with minced lamb
Onion Kulcha $3.00
refined flour bread filled with onion and herbs.
Chapati (Plain or Tandoori) $2.00
wheat flour dough rolled flat and fried on a griddle
Paratha (Plain or Tandoori) $3.00
unleavened multi layered whole wheat bread
Keema Paratha $5.00
filled with minced lamb
Vegetable Paratha $4.00
filled with mixed vegetables.
Popadom $1.00
plain or spicy
Raita $2.00
onion, cucumber or mixed
Plain Yoghurt $1.00
Green Salad $2.00
Onion Salad $1.00
Spiced Onion $1.00

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