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J B Scoops Menu

Kitchen utensils manufactured from the container to form an ice-cream into a slightly rounded or a spherical ball, which is placed in a cone, in a bowl or on a dessert. ice cream Anybody with hunger and desires can prove that a succulent and creamy pleasure is almost unwavering while staring at a cone of an ice cream. And not just because our bodies and tastes have developed to be craving normal sugar, but also because the ice cream isn’t that attractive to you. Vanilla may be America’s most popular ice cream flavour, but those who are planning a new research from ¬†filled their carts with rocky, green tea, coffee and birthday cake.

J B Scoops Menu and Prices:-

Ice Cream Flavors

*Contains nuts.


Vanilla Bean
Chocolate Chocolate
Butter Pecan Perfection*
Very Berry Strawberry
Mint Chocolate Chip
Pralines and Cream*
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough


Pistachio Perfection*
Rocky Road Rapture
Cherry Chocolate Chip
Cinnamon Swirl
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Macadamia Nut with Caramel*

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