Istanbul Park Menu and Prices updated 2021


Istanbul Park Menu


Istanbul Park Menu and Prices

Lunch Specials


Lunch Special $10.95
Lunch Special
lunch special side option: lentil soup, shepherd salad, stuffed grape leaves, eggplant salad, humus, sauced eggplant, babaghonush, sautéed spinach, haydari
Lunch Special
main course: gyro (doner), adana kebab, kofte kebab, manti, chicken shish kebab, chicken chops, chicken adana, vegetable casserole, spinach entrée, okra, falafel plate dinner with hummus, salmon shis



1. Mercimek Corbasi $4.50
lentil soup.



3. Shepherd Salad $6.95 – $10.50
(coban salatasi) fresh tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, parsley and dressing.
4. Mediterranean Salad $7.50 – $10.75
fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, corn and red cabbage topped with feta cheese mixed with olive oil lemon juice dressing.
5. Mixed Green Salad $7.50
mixed green salad, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and carrots topped with olive oil lemon juice.

Cold Appetizers


6. Stuffed Grape Leaves $5.95
(yaprak sarmasi) grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, carrots, fresh parsley and mint.
7. Eggplant Salad $5.95
(patlican salatasi)charcoal grilled eggplant flavored with garlic, herbs and parsley.
8. Humus $5.95
chickpeas mashing into a paste with lemon juice and flavored with tahini.
9. Sauced Eggplant $5.95
(soslu patlican) small piece of eggplant in moderately spicy sauce of fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions and garlic.
10. Babaghonush $5.95
mixed with eggplant, tahini, yogurt, garlic, oil, dill and walnuts.
11. Haydari $5.95
mixed with creamy yogurt, garlic, dill and walnuts.
12. Sautéed Spinach $5.95
fresh spinach with dill, white onions, garlic and olive oil.
13. Cacik $5.95
14. Mixed Appetizers $11.50 – $15.95
mixture of some cold appetizers.

Hot Appetizers


15. Sigara Boregi $5.95
delicate filo dough wrapped with feta cheese and parsley, pan-fried.
16. Fried Liver Cubes $8.50
served with onions.
17. Zucchini Pancakes $6.95
mixture of zucchini, feta cheese, dill, flour, egg, pan-fried and served with garlic yogurt sauce.
18. Falafel With Humus $6.95
chickpeas mashed with onions, parsley and garlic, pan-fried.
19. Fried Calamari $6.95
20. French Fries $4.50 – $3.50
21. Side Order Of Rice $5.50 – $4.25

Sandwiches & Wraps


43. Doner Sandwich $6.00
43. Doner Sandwich $7.00
wrap, homemade
44. Chicken Adana Sandwich $6.00
44. Chicken Adana Sandwich $7.00
wrap, homemade
45. Adana Sandwich $6.00
45. Adana Sandwich $7.00
wrap, homemade
46. Shish Kebab Sandwich $7.00
46. Shish Kebab Sandwich $7.50
46. Shish Kebab Sandwich $8.00
47. Chicken Shish Kebab Sandwich $7.00
sandwich, wrap, homemade
48. Kofte Sandwich $6.00
48. Kofte Sandwich $7.00
wrap, homemade
49. Falafel Sandwich $5.00
49. Falafel Sandwich $7.00
wrap, homemade

Vegetarian Entrées


35. Vegetable Casserole $11.95
a fine mixture of potatoes, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, white onion, red/green peppers, and garlic sautéed with light tomato sauce. served with rice.
36. Sautéed Spinach $11.95
spinach sautéed with dill, onions, garlic and oil, topped with tomato and garlic yogurt sauce.
37. Falafel Plate Dinner With Hummus $10.50
38. Okra $11.95

Chicken Dishes


22. Chicken Shish Kebab $8.75 – $13.75
tender chunks of chicken marinated with chef`s own blend of herbs and spices.
23. Chicken Chops $8.50 – $13.50
marinated chicken thighs grilled to your taste.
24. Chicken Adana $8.50 – $11.95
chopped grilled on skewers chicken flavored with red bell peppers, gently spiced with paprika, and garlic.
25. Sautéed Chicken $14.50
a delicate combination of chicken breast sautéed in onions, green peppers, tomatoes and garlic.
26. Sultan’s Delight With Chicken $14.50
smoked eggplant puree with kashar cheese and heavy cream topped with chicken cubes.

Meat Dishes


27. Gyro (Doner) $8.75 – $12.25
layers of marinated ground meat, wrapped around the large vertical split and grilled in front of an ingenious herd of charcoal fire.
28. Lamb Shish Kebab $15.25 – $9.25
special marinated cubes of baby lamb grilled to delight on skewers.
29. Adana Kebab $12.50 – $8.75
ground lamb flavored with red bell peppers slightly seasoned with paprika and grilled deliciously on skewers.
30. Kofte Kebab $8.75 – $12.25
ground meat mixed with bread, onion, parsley and garlic.
31. Sautéed Lamb $14.95
tender pieces of lamb sautéed with fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers and seasoned with blend of herbs.
32. Sultan’s Delight With Lamb $14.95
smoked eggplant puree with kashar cheese and heavy cream topped with lamb.
33. Mixed Grill $20.95
assortment of shish, adana and gyro.
34. Manti $12.00
light dough stuffed with ground lamb and onions, served with seasonings and garlic yogurt sauce.



39. Branzini $18.95
exoti flaky, white sweet meat. ordered as a whole. reccommended char-grilled.
41. Salmon Kebab $17.25
cubes of char-grilled salmon.
42. Shrimp Kebab $17.25



50. Baklava And Kinds $5.00
sweet pastry made of extremely thin sheets of phyllo dough layered with chopped nuts and honey syrup baked with butter and cut into diamond shapes.
51.Small Baklava $2.95
sweet pastry made of extremely thin sheets of phyllo dough layered with chopped nuts and honey syrup baked with butter and cut into diamond shapes.
52. Rice Pudding $4.95
pudding prepared with milk, rice and sugar.
53. Kazandibi $4.95
brown top milk pudding
Kadayif $5.00
kadayif is a traditional turkish dessert made from shredded wheat with nuts and honey syrup.



54. Bottle Of Ayran $2.50
55. Uludag Gazoz $2.50
plain, orange
57. Iced Tea $2.25
56.Canned Sodas $2.00
coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, seltzer, fanta

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