India Express Menu and Prices updated 2021


India Express Menu

Indian Express is a casual Indian restaurant franchise that is one of The Song of India’s many brands.

The Indian Express Restaurant & Bar specialises on casual “fun eating” with a twist.

For a delightful dining experience, an extensive selection of popular liquor labels, wines, and beers are paired with great tasting food. Indian Express creates mouthwatering flavours that are delightfully light and nutritious at cheap rates by using authentic herbs, spices, and the best ingredients. Let the unique Indian Express cuisine titillate your taste buds with local favourites like Kebabs, Biryani, Curries, and fresh hot Naans. There’s going to be a flavour explosion.

India Express Menu and Prices


Samosa $2.86
Vegetable Pakoras $2.86
Samosa Chat $5.95

Indian Entrees Combo

Regular Size
1. Chicken Curry $6.50
with one veggie entree and rice
2. Chicken Tikka Masala $6.50
with one veggie entree and rice
3. Lamb Masala $8.95
with vegetable
4. Chicken Curry $6.95
5. Two Samosas & Four Pakoras $5.52
6. Choice Of Two Veggie Entrees And Rice $5.52
7. One Veggie Entree $5.95
with plain nan
7+. One Chicken Entree $6.42
with plain nan
8. Two Veggie Entrees $6.67
with plain nan
8+. One Chicken And One Veggie Entree $6.95
with plain nan
16. Chicken Curry & Chicken Tikka Masala $7.95
with rice (or nan)
16. Lamb Curry And One Veggie Entree $8.95
with rice (or nan). six pieces of lamb only
SP. Lamb Curry And One Chicken Entree $9.95
with rice (or nan)

Fresh Bread

Plain Nan $1.99
Plain Roti $1.99
Onion Nan $2.38
Garlic Nan $2.38
Aloo Nan $2.38
Chicken Nan $3.10
Bhatura Chena $5.95
Puri $3.10
Cheese Nan $3.10

Special Of The Day

jira allo or green bean allo
balihgan bhartha
allo cabbage
curry with vegetable pakora
bean masala or okra masala
chef’s special
chef’s special

Chef Special Everyday

Malai Paneer
Shahi Paneer
Saag Paneer
Mutter Paneer
Chicken Tikka Masala
Hot Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken Saag
Chicken Karahi
Chicken Do Plaza
Chicken Jalfrezi
Lamb Curry
Lamb Saag
Lamb Mushroom

Lunch Special

Palak Saag
Channa Masala
Dal Punjabi
Mix Vegetable
Chicken Curry
Chicken Tikka Masala
Lamb Masala Or Lamb Korma

Cold Beverages

Lassi Sweet Or Salt $2.25
Mango Lassi $3.25
Mango Milkshake $3.25
All Juices $1.67
Small Drink $1.19
Large Drink $1.67
Bottled Drink $1.67
Water $1.19
Soda Cans $1.00
Masala Tea $1.99

Desserts $2.25

Kheer Rice Pudding
Ras Malai
Gulab Jamun

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