Imperial Seafood Restaurant Menu and Prices updated 2021


Imperial Seafood Restaurant Menu

Chinese imperial cuisine is inspired from a number of regional culinary techniques in China, primarily from the Shandong and Jiangsu provinces’ cuisines. The style evolved from the kitchens of different Emperors and Empress Dowagers, and it is comparable to Beijing cuisine, which it significantly inspired. Emperors, their empresses and concubines, and the imperial family were the principal recipients of imperial cuisine. The complex cooking methods and rigorous selection of raw ingredients, which are sometimes highly expensive, uncommon, or difficult to prepare, are hallmarks of Chinese royal cuisine.

Imperial Seafood Restaurant Menu and Prices:-

Sample Menu

Shark’s Fin Soup
Bird’s Nest Soup
Egg Rolls $4.25
Barbecued Spareribs $5.95
Boneless Spareribs $5.95
Fried Chicken Wings $4.95
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp $6.95
Chicken Fingers $5.75
Deep Fried Scallops $9.95
Golden Fried Wontons $4.50
Peking Ravioli $4.75
Stuffed Crab Claw $3.50
Fried Shrimp Ball $6.50

Famous Dishes

Lobster Sauce $6.25
Shrimp and Lobster Sauce $8.95
Hung Sue Gai $8.50
Ho Yu Gai Poo $7.95
Butterfly Shrimp with Vegetables $9.50

Sweet and Sour

Pork $7.95
Chicken $8.25
Shrimp $9.50
Imperial Pork $7.95
Imperial Spareribs $7.95

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