I love Sushi & Steak Menu and Prices updated 2021


I love Sushi & Steak Menu

I Love Sushi is a family-owned business dedicated to providing the highest quality goods to our consumers. We like serving traditional sushi meals to our clients as well as innovative and fun dishes that we have created using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The real essence of dazzling Japanese cuisine and dining is captured through honourable ingredients and service. Come join us for supper today!

I love Sushi & Steak Menu and Prices


Edamame $3.50
stemed soybeans
Japanese Prawn Tempura with Wasabi Dipping $5.95
deep fried prawna with wasabi dipping sauce on the side
Fish Cutlet $5.95
snapper breaded and fried
Agedashi $3.50
deep fried control tofu served with vinegar dipping sauce
Cold Tofu $3.50
raw tofu served with special vinegar sauce
Steamed Clam $5.50
clams steamed with white wine
Steamed Shrimp $5.50
shrimps sheamed with white wine
Melted Cheese on Shrimp and Scallop $5.95
baked shrimp and scallop kabobs served with melted cheese on top
Salmon Kama $8.50
grilled salmon collar
Yellowtail Kama $9.50
grilled yellowtail collar
Baked Oyster $3.95
half-shelled oyster baked then served with a special cream sauce
Dynamite $5.95
shrimp, onion and various seafood topped with a creamy sauce and baked
Oyster Shooter $5.95
raw oysters served with a glass of white wine
Uni Shooter $6.95
raw uni egg served with a glass of white wine
Quail egg shooter $3.95
raw quail egg served with a glass of white wine
Soft Shell Crab $8.95
deep fried soft shell crab
Baked Squid $5.95
baked equid with a butter sauce
Calamari $6.95
deep fried squid


Green Salad $2.00
mixed green salad with house dressing
Salmon Skin Salad $3.95
mixed green salad with crispy salmon skin
Squid Salad $3.95
Japanese style marinated squid
Seaweed Salad $3.95
various seeplant marinated in Japanese Style
Octopus Salad $4.50
Japanese style marinated octopus
Cucumber Salad $2.00
thinly sliced cucumber with house dressing
Seafood Salad $8.50
shrimp, scallop and crab with creamy sauce on the mixed vegetables


Tempura Ice Cream $6.00
Green Tea Ice Cream $2.00
Plum Ice Cream $2.00
Chef Special $6.00


Dreamy Shrimp Kabob $13.95
shrimp and vegetables in a Japanese style kabob served with a mustard sauce
Honey-Love Salmon Kabob $12.95
salmon and vegetables served with a honey-firm sauce
Sweetie Sweet Chicken Kabob $12.95
chicken and vegetables served with a sweet ginger sauce
Tantauzing Tuna Kabob $14.95
tune and vegetables served in an oriental spicy sauce
Fiery Pork Kabob $12.95
pork and vegetables served in an oriental spicy sauce
Miss and Sir-Loin Kabob $15.95
top sirioin and vegetables served with barbecue sauce

Sushi Bar Special

Blue Crab Tartar $18.95
blue crab meat with chill and Asian Dressing
Tuna Tartar $12.95
fresh tune with chill and Asian dressing
Usuzukuri $11.95
sliced fluked with scallion and spicy radish
Seared Tuna Tataki $12.95
lightly seared tuna marinated with tangy seasoning in refreshing chilled dish
Seared Albacore Tataki $12.95
Lightly seared albacore marinated with tangy seasoning in refreshing chill dish
Seared Young Tuna Tataki $12.95
lightly seared bonito marinated with tangy seasoning in refreshing chilled dish
Chirashi $12.95
assorted sashimi served over steamed rice
Ankimo $6.95
steamed monk fish liver served with scallion spicy radish ponzu sauce
Smoke Salmon Special $10.95
thinly sliced smoked salmon and roll with vegetable
Tuna Bowl $10.95
fresh tuna served oversteamed rice
Unagi Bowl $12.95
bbq eel served over steamed rice
Mixed 8 Pieces of Sushi $11.95
tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, albacore, masago, snapper and egg
Mixed Sashimi $20.95
chef special


Top Sirloin $20.95
top sirloin marinated Japanese style-ginger, ganic, soy and honey-then grilled
Grilled Herb and Rib Eye Steak $17.95
grilled rib eye steak seasoned with herb
I Love Shrimp Scampi $14.95
seasoned shrimp over steamed rice
Seared Tuna Steak $17.95
fresh tuna lightly seared, thinly sliced and served with vinegar garlic sauce
Rum Marinated New York Steak $17.95
New York steak marinated in rum then grilled
Rum Marinated Pork Steak $15.95
pork steak marinated in rum the grilled
Ginger Glazed Chicken $13.95
chicken breast pan-fried with ginger then glazed with red wine
King Crab Royale $17.95
Alaskan king crab grilled with the shell and served with a garlic butter sauce
Salmon Special $13.95
salmon marinated in miso then grilled
Black Cod Special $15.95
black cod marinated in then grilled
Barbecued Chicken $17.95
grilled chicken with barbecue sauce
Combination Tempura $10.95
prawns and vegetables deep fried and served with a wasabi dipping sauce
Lobster $20.95
grilled lobster served with a garlic butter sauce
Nabeyaki Udon $9.95
shrimp tempura, chicken, vegetables and egg with hot noodles soup
Yakisoba $13.00
shrimp, scallop, mussel and vegetables with stir-fried noodle


Ahi Tuna $3.75
Big Eve Tuna $4.50
Bluefish Tuna $5.50
Tuna Belly $5.50 – $10.00
White Tuna $3.95
Yellowtail $3.95
Fluke $3.95
Snapper $3.50
Salmon $3.50
Smoked Salmon $3.95
Shrimp $3.50
Sweet Shrimp $4.50
Fresh Water Eel $4.25
Sea Eel $3.50
Octopus $3.50
Squid $3.50
Mackerel $2.95
Real Crab $4.25
Surt Clam $2.95
Gient Clam $6.00
Scattor $3.50
Sea Urchin $6.50
Ineri $2.50
Salmon Roe $3.50
Smelt Roe $2.95
Herrins Roe $3.95
Jormelet $2.50
Quait Egg $1.00


I Love Sushi Special Roll $6.95
spicy salmon inside-served with shinty sliced lemon and tune
Romantic Roll $7.95
tuna and vegetables wrapped in cucumber topped with ginger dressing
Passionate Roll $9.95
mozzarella cheese in deep-fried roll topped with spicy tuna and tomato
Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.50
deep-fried shrimp with avocado, cucumber and crab, re-wrapped in soy bean paper
Soft Shell Crab Roll $7.95
soft shell crab, deep-fried with avocado, cucumber and crab, then re-wrapped in soy bean paper
Dragon Roll $7.95
California roll topped with eel
Rainbow Roll $8.95
California roll topped with assorted fish
Caterpillar Roll $7.95
eel and cucumber inside topped with avocado and sweet sauce
Tantalizing Roll $9.95
California roll topped with shrimp and baked scallop in a creamy sauce
Exquisite Roll $7.50
deep-fried shrimp with cucumber, avocado, crab, cream, cheese and masago then re-wrapped in soy bean paper
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.95
spicy tuna with cucumber and avocado
California Roll $5.50
crab, cucumber and avocado
Tuna Roll $4.25
fresh tuna
Philli Roll $5.95
smoke calmon, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado
Temptation Roll $6.95
eel, cream, cheese, avocado and crab in a deep fried roll, served with sauce
Alaskan Roll $6.50
spicy crab and avocado topped with fresh salmon
Lobster Roll $14.95
lobster tail baked with creamy sauce

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