Harriet’s Kitchen Menu and Prices updated 2021


Harriet’s Kitchen Menu

Harriet’s Kitchen on Amsterdam Avenue between 84th and 85th Streets, a famous hole-in-the-wall takeout and delivery spot, has closed. “On Monday, the Marshal and the landlord were there,” said Carmine Mitroni, owner of Celeste, the Italian restaurant next door. “The crew was in tears. I don’t believe they were given much notice.” The abruptness of the departure and the presence of a City Marshal imply it was an eviction, although this has yet to be confirmed. The restaurant’s telephone numbers have all been disconnected.
Mitroni explained, “The landlord claimed Don (the owner) just couldn’t make it.” “He spent 32 years there.” Time Equities Inc.’s Francis Greenburger is the landlord.

Harriet’s Kitchen Menu and Prices

Lunch Specials

Soup & Salad $7.95
soup of the day and house salad with dressing on the side.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.50
served with small soup of the day.
Pulled Pork Sandwich $8.25
served with small soup of the day.
Grilled 1/4 Chicken $8.50
served with cornbread and choice of soup or salad.
1/2 Sautéed Lemon Chicken Breast $9.95
with linguine and a house salad.
Our Famous Texas Chili $8.95
served with rice.
Beer Battered Cod Filet Sandwich $8.50
Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich $8.50
served with french fries.


Chilled Gazpacho $7.25 – $9.95
Grandma’s Restorative Chicken Noodle Soup $10.25 – $4.50
Homemade Soup Of The Day $6.75 – $10.95
Chowder Of The Day $10.95 – $4.95
Our Famous Texas Styled Chili $4.95 – $8.50
Zucchini Sticks $7.95
with horseradish sauce.
Mozzarella Sticks $8.85
with marinara sauce.
Chicken Tenders $8.50
with honey mustard sauce.
Buffalo Chicken Wings $9.95 – $17.95
with blue cheese dressing.

Main Course Salads

Mixed $13.95
sliced roasted chicken, apples, walnuts, swiss cheese and crisp salad greens.
Giant Caesar $9.95
Classic Cobb With Roasted Chicken $13.95
avocado, crisp bacon, tomato, fresh greens and blue cheese dressing.
Chopped $13.95
served with grilled shrimp, avocado, crisp greens, cucumber, tomato, corn and red onions.


Grilled Chicken $7.95
served with lettuce, tomato and grilled onion.
Ultimate Chicken $8.95
lite, crisp chicken cutlet with american cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and house mayonnaise.
Beer Battered Cod Filet $8.95
served with lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.
Joe Bob’s Pulled Pork $8.50
lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.
Genuine Cape Cod Shrimp Roll $8.50
served with lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.

Our World Famous Burgers

Grilled 8oz. Ham $7.50
Grilled 8oz. Cheese $8.25
Grilled 8oz. Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheese $9.50
Turkey $6.95
Turkey With Cheese $7.45

Chicken Entrées

1/2 Chicken $9.95
1/2 Chicken (White Meat – Two Breasts) $13.95
1/4 Chicken (White Meat) $8.95
1/4 Chicken (Dark Meat) $8.25


Everyone’s Favorite Chicken Parmigiana With Linguine $12.95
Eggplant Parmigiana With Linguine $9.95
Harriet’s Famous Chicken Pot Pie $12.95
Grandma’s Homemade Meat Loaf With Mashed Potatoes $11.95
Sautéed Lemon Chicken With Linguine $12.95
Beer Battered Cod Fish & Chips $12.95
with homemade coleslaw and malt vinegar.
A Mess O’ Shrimp $12.00
10 beer battered shrimp with tartar sauce.
Shrimp And Chips $14.95
Chicken Tenders $11.95
with your choice of french fries or mashed potatoes.
Linguine Marinara $8.75
Harriet’s Whole Roasted Chicken $17.95
herbal roasted chicken, down home fried chicken or grilled skinless chicken.
Harriet’s Whole Roasted Chicken Meal $24.95
with three sides and two pieces of cornbread.

Chicken Meals

1/2 Chicken $12.95
1/2 Chicken (White Meat – 2 Breasts) $16.95
1/4 Chicken (White Meat) $11.95
1/4 Chicken (Dark Meat) $10.95

Side Dishes

Mrs. Hubbard’s Real Mashed Potatoes With Gravy $4.50 – $7.95
Double Cooked Hand-Cut Fries $3.95 – $7.25
our french fries are hand-cut daily from fresh idaho russets and double cooked.
Sweet Potato Fries $4.50 – $7.75
Onion Rings $3.95 – $6.50
Homemade East End Cole Slaw $2.95 – $5.50
Long Island Summer Potato Salad $2.95 – $5.50
Santa Cruz 3-Bean Salad $3.95 – $6.95
Green Beans & Carrots Sautéed With Garlic $4.50
Fresh Blanched Broccoli $4.50
quick tossed with olive oil and lemon zest.
Perfectly Wilted Baby Spinach With Garlic $4.75
Herbed Kernel Corn $3.95
Macaroni & Cheese $5.25
Homemade Boston Baked Beans $4.95
Rice Pilaf $2.95
House Salad $3.95
italian, ranch, blue cheese, caesar

Fresh Desserts

Summer Key Lime Pie $5.75
Mississippi Mud Pie $5.95
Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie $5.75
Strawberry Peach Pie $5.75
Apple Sauce Carrot Cake $5.75
Real New York Cheesecake $5.95


Canned Soda $1.50
coca cola, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, root beer, ginger ale
Snapple $1.95
lemon, diet, peach, kiwi strawberry
Bottled Water $1.25
poland springs.
Boylan’s Soda $2.79
root beer, black cherry, cream soda, diet root beer

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