Happy House Menu and Prices updated 2021


Happy House Menu

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Happy House Menu and Prices


Ja Jang Myun $5.95
noodles served w/vegetables, pork & black bean sauce.
Jam Bong $7.95
noodles served w/seafood & spicy soup.
Ja Jang for Two $12.95
design for two people, noodles served w/vegetables, pork, seafood & black bean sauce
Nack Ji So Myun $7.95
stir-fried octopus w/vegetables in spicy sauce & noodles.
Jol Myun $7.95
cold thick noodles mixed vegetable & hot sauce.
Udong $6.95
thick noodle soup w/fish, ake, vegetables & egg.
Udong & Roll $6.95
udong & roll.
Ramyun $5.95
spicy noodles soup.
Seafood Ramyun $6.95
spicy noodle soup w/seafood.
Chicken Yakisoba $7.95
stir-fried Japanese noodles w/chicken & vegetables.
Beef Yakisoba $8.95
stir-fried Japanese noodles w/beef & vegetables.
Shrimp Yakisoba $9.95
stir-fried Japanese noodles w/shrimp & vegetables.


Choung Ha
Baek Sae Ju
Bok Beun Ja
Red Wine
Soft Drink


Kimchi Fried Rice $7.95
kimchi & vegetables fried rice.
Shrimp Fried Rice $8.95
shrimp & vegetable fried rice.
Omelet Rice $7.95
vegetable fried rice wrapped in egg omelet.
Don Katsu $8.95
tender pork cutlet w. katsu sauce.
Rainbow Rice $6.95
rice, beef & vegetable w/spicy sauce.
Dolsot Bibimbap $8.95
rice, beef & vegetable w/spicy sauce in hot bowl.
Gam-Ja Tang $8.95
potato & pork w/spicy soup
Bul Go Gi Don $7.95
grilled korean B.B.Q. beef on the top of rice.
Octopus Don $7.95
stir-fried octopus w/vegetable on the top of rice.
Bul Go Gi $10.95
grilled korean B.B.Q. Beef served w/rice.
Spicy Squid $10.95
stir-fried octopus w/vegetable serve w/rice.
Spicy B.B.Q. Pork $10.95
grilled spicy korean B.B.Q. pork served w/rice.
Chicken Bul Go Gi $10.95
stir-fried chicken w. vegetable serve w.rice.
Chicken Teriyaki $10.95
broiled chicken breast w.teriyaki sauce.


Picnic Roll $5.50
crab, egg & carrot.
Bul Go Gi Roll $6.50
korean B.B.Q. & egg, carrot.
Kimchi Roll $6.50
kimchi, egg & carrot


Gyoza $4.95
fried beef & vegetable dumpling.
Shumai $4.95
fried shrimp dumpling.
Ika Tempura $4.50
caramari lightly fried.
Tang Soo Yook-Small $6.95
small platter of crispy beef in sweet and sour sauce.
Tang Soo Yook-Large $12.95
large platter of crispy beef in sweet and sour sauce.
Thuck Bok Gi $6.95
rice cake w/vegetable in spicy sauce.
Ra Bok Gi $7.95
rice cake & noodle w/vegetable in spicy sauce.
Goong Joong Thuck Bok Gi $7.95
beef, rice cake w. vegetable in mild soy sauce.


Soondae-Small $10.95
Soondae-Large $13.95
Stir-Fried Soondae $12.95
Soondae-Platter $12.95
Soondae-Soup $6.95

House Special

Bosam $17.95
broiled pork, oysters & cabbage w/kimchi stuffings.
Jokbal $17.95
steamed pig feet serve w/dipping sauce.
Combination $27.95
soondae & bosam combination,
Nack Ji So Myun for Two $14.95
large platter of stir-fried octopus w/vegetable in spicy sauce & noodle.
Mak Gook Soo $14.95
large platter of noodles & vegetables w/house special dressing.
Gam-Ja Tang Jun Gol $23.95
potato & pork w/vegetable in spicy sauce.

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